The main color in this is “The One That Got Away” from OPI’s Katy Perry collection. It’s a reddish magenta packed with glass fleck microshimmer. It’s very much like the OPI Burlesque shimmers. The polish itself is almost exactly like “Let Me Entertain You” from OPI Burlesque, but “The One That Got Away” is a shade darker and a shade more pink.
Over top of it I layered “Teenage Dream” also from Katy Perry to give it an ultra glittery layer of fun lol. On it’s own, “Teenage Dream” is a pink jelly with lots of different glitter in it. I layered it because at one coat, “Teenage Dream” is just glitter. I love it. 
I used 3 coats of “The One That Got Away” and 1 coat of “Teenage Dream”. Both were fine, although with multiple coats, “Teenage Dream” can probably get annoying because it’s a glitter.
Base coat I used was Zoya Anchor, and then I used both Zoya Armour and Seche Vite top coats. Again, may seem like overkill but my nails last so much longer when I use both.


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