PhotobucketI realized I don’t do as many reviews as I thought I should, especially around makeup items so I’m going to try and start to do more.First one I have for you is a palette I absolutely love, and it’s the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette. I’ve used it in a couple of tutorials and I’ve had it for about a month and a half now, which I guess is more than sufficient in terms of time to play around with it and the colors and such.PhotobucketThere’s a picture of everything it comes with… it’s the insert that comes in the box so you can get a peak of what you’re buying at the store. I got mine at Sephora, (and it was a Sephora Exclusive I believe…) which unfortunately doesn’t have them in stock anymore. It was $49 and considering you get 15 eyeshadows, 2 full sized products, a blush and a bronzer, it’s a total steal. Although the palette itself isn’t in stock anymore, the reason I’m reviewing it is so you guys can get my opinion on the individual items that comes within the palette (shadows, Shadow Insurance, lip gloss etc).

First off, I think the packaging is absolutely adorable. I guess Too Faced’s new thing is all fairy and pixie related. Which is fine, because that means everything becomes dazzled with glitter detailing. It’s adorable! Not only is the packaging adorable, but it’s convenient:
Photobucket  Photobucket
It’s set up like an Urban Decay Book of Shadows, where the top lifts open and you get the products within the actual fold out. Too Faced’s is different though. The photos above show how the products come inside the “booklet”. The top part opens up and you get some eye shadow looks in the cards, tucked away into the left side (seen in the left photo where it says “Enchanted Glamourland”). You get a nice forest pixie scene, and on the right hand side are the face products. Then underneath that the eyeshadows and the gloss and Shadow Insurance completely pull out of the palette. They don’t just live in a drawer like the UD Book of Shadows, but it’s a completely separate part that pulls out. It’s convenient when using and it makes for less clutter.
Then I guess with all Too Faced palettes or box sets, this one comes with some “look cards” that have little written out tutorials based around the palette. I think it’s a good idea, especially if you were buying this as a starter palette for somebody.
It makes learning where to put things simple and the looks themselves are harmless. Not necessarily what I’d do with the colors but it’s a good place to start learning how to put makeup on.
The face products that come with this palette are “La Vie en Rose” blush and “Snow Bunny” bronzer. Personally, both are far too shimmery for me. I don’t think I’d ever get that shiny with my face products, just because for my everyday life it’d be a little much. I also like to concentrate on my eyes so it’d just be SO much shimmer on my face if I used them. They’re both very pigmented and soft though. Depending on how you look at it, that’s great because you don’t have to use as much, but it makes it very easy to use too much because so much can be collected onto the brush.
La Vie en Rose blush
Warm pink with gold shimmer in it. It’s clearly frosty, so again, I don’t know if I’d want that much shimmer on my face, especially because I have an oilier skin. Since I normally highlight only the back of my cheekbones, and minimally at that, I wouldn’t use this blush on a daily basis because of the shimmer that’s packed into it. It seems to be a universally flattering shade though because even though it’s a warm pink with a warm shimmer, I think it doesn’t stray too warm so that cooler skin tones couldn’t wear it. I think it’d look gorgeous on a darker skin tone as well because the golden shimmer would come through more and it’d make you look very healthy, especially if you have a drier skin.
Snow Bunny bronzer
This one is also very frosty. I actually considered using it as an all over lid color because it’s actually a nice shade of bronze for the eyes. Considering that the only time I ever use bronzer is to contour, this would just not work for me as a bronzer. The swatch is of all four colors blended together. I guess you could use each color individually, especially the lighter one to highlight because of the shimmery properties it has. The two pinks on the side could also be used as a highlight or as a blush depending on how light your skin is.
I guess in the summer when my skin gets darker, I could use this more and combine it into my highlight, but for now I’m sticking with my non-shimmery or minimally shimmery bronzers. The Mineralize Skin Finishes by Mac are by far not as metallic as this one is. I think it’s because the particles in the MSFs are much finer than this one. This one really does come out looking like a frost finish eye shadow.
This is what the pull out drawer comes with. The gloss and the Shadow Insurance are at the top, and then the 15 eye shadows are underneath it. 
The palette comes with a full sized Glamour Gloss and a full sized Too Faced Shadow Insurance. That alone makes it worth getting this palette in my opinion. I’ve been wanting to try Shadow Insurance for a while, and getting that color gloss is always good because it’s such a wearable color. 

Pillow Talk Glamour Gloss

Pillow Talk is a pinky nude with a slight gold shimmer in it. The gloss isn’t too sticky and doesn’t have a scent. The brush it came with it was all messed up, but it seems like mine wasn’t the only one that came like that. To be honest I feel like when the brush gets messed up, it’s not that big of a deal because you press it onto your lips anyways, and since I have full lips, precision isn’t that necessary. It doesn’t come with a strong scent, and it’s fairly pigmented. I’ve used it a couple of times, on it’s own and over a lipstick and it’s got a pretty good staying time and looks very wearable.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

The famous Shadow Insurance. And famous for a spectacular reason. You all know I love my Primer Potion, but recently I’ve been reaching for my Shadow Insurance much more. It’s because it’s so much easier to use. I also feel like it works better. Unfortunately, UDPP has failed me before. I mean, it was REALLY hot that day and I was at work at the indoor pool, but still UDPP failed. Shadow Insurance however, hasn’t failed on me. We’ve had one pretty hot day, but I was running around a lot because I was at daycare, and then afterwards I went to the pool and my shadow stayed all day. The thing I like most about Shadow Insurance is that it is so much easier to control how much product you use compared to UDPP. I think the main upside to UDPP is that there are different colors you can get for it. If Shadow Insurance did that it’d probably win overall in my opinion. I am so far very happy with Shadow Insurance as just a transparent eye shadow base.
There are 15 eye shadows that come in the palette. I believe most of them are permanent, and then there are some that are labelled “Exclusive” which are all secret limited edition shades. None of them are particularly unique, since there are brands that make colors very similar to the ones in the palette. They’ve all got a very soft, very pigmented formula though that make them very easy and pleasing to work with.

PhotobucketThere are 3 distinct finishes in the palette. A frosty/metallic, a duochrome with glitter and matte.The frosty colors are very easy to thick, and are very much like the Urban Decay frosts, which are soft and very shiny. Some of the Mac frosts aren’t as foil like as these are. The duochromes are also very pigmented, very much like the Mac Pigment duochromes. These come with glitter inside them though, which sometimes show up on the eye, sometimes don’t. Depends on the color. The mattes are amazing in this palette. Not chalky or sheer at all, and are extremely soft. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Colors range from neutral to bold, with some brighter pinks and such in between. The first row has the five lightest colors: In The Buff (matte), Exclusive (matte), George & Weezie (frost), Velvet Revolver (matte), Honey Pot (frost). I apologize for taking the photos after I swatched them, normally I photograph first then swatch. I just… absentmindedly touched them before I got to photographing them. Photobucket
PhotobucketIn the Buff is a very light yellow cream matte color. Extremely soft, very easily blended. Great highlight color for the brow. I use this one the most of the colors actually. It’s not chalky at all which is the best part of these mattes. It builds very well also. You can go from a sheer matte to a very thick cream color in just a little bit of building the color.PhotobucketThis is a more pink skin tone color. Also very pigmented and soft, not chalky. There’s probably a dupe in the Mac permanent line to this, maybe Mylar, but they’re not as pigmented as this one is.PhotobucketI never understood what “buttery” was in terms of eye shadows until this came along. It’s coincidentally a buttery, shimmery yellow color, but it goes on buttery and smooth. Super blendable. It’s gorgeous. Reminds me a lot of Easter. Great lid color as well as highlight color. I think because it’s so pigmented, it’d show up on deeper skin tones as well.PhotobucketMatte, skin toned tan color. Sort of the same color as Hoola by Benefit, which is a matte bronzer. It’s got the same formula as the other mattes in the palette. I feel like the name doesn’t fit in with the rest of the palette but oh well. Terrific transition color.PhotobucketWarm gold frost. Very similar to Half Baked by Urban Decay. It’s definitely more orange than the standard gold shimmer, which would make it beautiful against blue eyes. This isn’t that spectacular of a color since it’s similar to Woodwinked by Mac as well. Very pigmented though.PhotobucketPhotobucketIn The Buff, Exclusive, George & Weezie, Velvet Revolver, Honey PotSwatches with no flash (left), and flash (right).
PhotobucketSecond row has the jewel toned colors, for the fun bright lids. These would also be colors that people with deeper or tanner skin tones might gravitate towards. These are also colors that are more common in many different brands like Mac, Nars, some drugstore brands like L’Oreal Hip etc. 
PhotobucketMatte tan, about two shades darker than Velvet Revolver. I used this in the crease just to sculpt out the eye before and the blendability of it made it so it didn’t look like I was wearing too much makeup. It would be a good transition color for some as well.PhotobucketIt reminds me of a lighter version of Contrast by Mac, slightly more purple as well. Has a slight lighter blue iridescence to it. PhotobucketSlightly more orange than Swish by Mac. Frost finish. The frost in this has a little hint of gold to it. It’s not a color that I would regularly use at all, because I really don’t use pink that often.PhotobucketPeach with a gold shimmer shot through it. Good lid color, the gold shimmer doesn’t show up as much as I’d hoped it would though.PhotobucketProbably my favorite color of the set, just not very unique. Almost the exact same color as Teal pigment by Mac, just less pigmented. I would hope the pigment is more pigmented though since it’s a pigment. Frosty finish.PhotobucketPhotobucketTeddy Bear, Exclusive, Boy Toy, Peach Fuzz, ExclusiveSwatches on left with no flash, swatches on right with flash.

Third row has the smokier colors. All darks, or frosts made for the perfect smokey eye. These were all pretty fantastic and it was easy to find a way to use them.

PhotobucketAnother name that just doesn’t seem to fit with the palette but oh well. It’s a dark brown with a very strong teal duochrome. Inside there’s a rainbow sparkle that’s gorgeous. The sparkle isn’t as strong when applied but sometimes you can see it’s really there. It’s very much like Blue/Brown pigment, just the duochrome is more teal. Sort of like Club eyeshadow by Mac. Club isn’t as pigmented. Very cool, very unique. Probably the most unique color of the bunch.PhotobucketFrosted rose gold color. Reminds me a lot of Rage nail polish by Orly. It’d make a very cool lid color for not the standard smokey eye. You could also use this as a lid color for just a neutral lid. PhotobucketDark plum with a gorgeous blue/purple duochrome shot through it. Has some fine micro glitters as well. The duochrome in this isn’t as strong as Label Whore, which is lame because if this were as strong then it’d be awesome. It’s a wonderful crease color though.PhotobucketProbably the most strong, pigmented foiled silver shadows ever, aside from Platinum pigment by Mac, which is again, supposed to be like that because it’s a pigment. It goes on very strong, and doesn’t flake at all. It’s so smooth though. And it goes on so strong. It’s amazing.PhotobucketVery strong, neutral matte black. Not chalky. I say neutral because it’s not warm or cool. It’s just neutral. It doesn’t stray towards dark gray either. You can build it easily so it doesn’t just go on straight black to begin with. Blends will too so you don’t just have a patch of black on the eye. And I love the name. PhotobucketPhotobucket
Label Whore, Glamazon, Exclusive, Ooh & Aah, StilettoSwatches without flash on the left, with flash on the right.
Swatches of all of them together:

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