A while back I ordered a box of things from Zoya. I think of all the online places to purchase from, nail polish and makeup etailers or just the company website themselves, Zoya’s has to be my favorite.
The site itself is very clean and easy to navigate and they always give you free stuff when you order. A lot of times when you purchase a certain amount, a company will either give you a free gift or free shipping.
On Zoya’s site? If you order over $55 then you get free shipping AND if you order over $30, $50 and then $100 you get a free gift. It’s awesome.
Most of the time the free gift is a single sized Remove+ Nail Polish Remover (seen above in the purple liquid filled bottle), or a lemon salt scrub. And A LOT comes in the scrub. They also give out swatch samples of collections, which is what those nail samples are above.
Colors are all $7 each and there are so many to choose from, traditional and non traditional. They always come packed very well so there’s no threat of anything breaking or leaking in the mail.
Standard shipping is never more than $8, and the items come quick.
Photos and swatches after the jump!

Kelly PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Nice gray creme. For some reason, gray is hard for my camera to photograph. It’s not a dark green gray, like the nail swatch photos turned out, and it’s not as light as the bottle photo turned out. In between, but closer to the bottle color. Very opaque, and lovely. 2 coats to full opacity. Part of Wicked & Wonderful.


Wine bottle green creme. Has a weird slightly matte finish, as you can see. It’s also opaque in 2. It has a very smooth formula, slightly on the watery side though. There are some little… bits? in the polish that give it a weird texture. It’s not shimmer, but it’s the same little bits that Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow by OPI has. Like texture pieces.


Very pretty cremey murky green. It’s funny because I’d never think I’d use “Pretty” and “Murky” in the same sentence, but it’s pretty because of it’s murkiness. It’s opaque in 3, and the formula is smooth. It doesn’t get sticky at all. Part of Wicked & Wonderful


Ink blue base with gold and green shimmer. When I say “Ink blue base” though I mean as it gets layered, the ink blue goes away and it transforms into a dark green. It’s very hard to describe. I love that Zoya named half of the colors from Wicked & Wonderful after the professional dancers on Dancing With The Stars (I don’t remember whether “Wicked” or “Wonderful” had the shimmers or the cremes).


From Fire & Ice, which was their winter collection this year. This is an icy blue with small gold flakey glitter in it. It’s very unique. At first it’s quite sheer but it builds well to 3 coats, which is definitely enough to be opaque. In Fire & Ice there are 2 distinct types of shimmer, foily and just shimmery, and this is more foily. It’s because along with the gold flakey bits, there are also very small silver microglitters.


Also named after one of the DWTS dancers, and is from Wicked & Wonderful. It’s an inky purple with brighter purple and gold and green shimmer. The purple glitter really are the only ones that show up on the nail though. It’s pretty similar to Mimi from Zoya’s Sparkle collection, just a little deeper and slightly more complex. More mysterious than… happy? lol. Opaque in 3.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketI believe Casey is one of Zoya’s most popular colors. It’s one of those colors that a lot of brands make and will always be popular. It’s a dark, winey purple. As it’s base it has a nice warm toned purple, almost a plum, and when you build on it it becomes that deep dark purple color. It’s almost jelly like, but still for me a creme. Opaque in 3.

Glowy. Embery actually. It looks like there are warm embery fires underneath the purple. This is from Fire & Ice. It’s a purple plum with red, gold and purple shimmer mixed in. Opaque in 2. I love this one to death. It’s very complex and looks different in different lighting – it’s depth is very unique. It’s more of a sparkle, whereas Crystal is more of a foil.


There were 2 shimmery reds from Fire & Ice and this one is the deeper of the two. Among the last couple of collections from OPI, China Glaze, Mac etc there have been shimmery reds from all the brands, which makes this one less standout than it normally would be. It’s not exactly the same as the others but it still sort of blends. Especially when compared to some of the OPI Burlesque polishes, especially Ali’s Big Break. It’s very pretty though. And if you prefer Zoya to OPI, or you can’t get your hands on any of the OPIs it’s worth checking this one out. 

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketSalmony melony pink with gold foil glitter. From Fire & Ice. Wasn’t initially one that I wanted to purchase then as I examined it more, I started to like it more. It’s opaque in 3. Not much else to say about it because I’m still warming up to it.
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketFrom Wicked & Wonderful. It’s a semi-foil shimmery red. Not too spectacular. Pretty though. It’s a nice twist on your standard shimmery red. I think it’s a great Christmas color. Great for night parties and such… Good for a little bit of pizzazz if you like reds but are bored with the simple red cremes.
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketIt’s an interesting color. Reminds me of root beer. Not of cola, root beer. I feel like root beer tastes more red than cola because of that weird flavor root beer has. Anyways, it’s a cola like brown with red glitters in it. Interesting color. I’m not the biggest fan of browns in general, but this one I feel like I can work with. Opaque in 2 coats.

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