I absolutely LOVE Rescue Beauty Lounge (swatches of all the ones I have is in a recent, maybe even the one right before this?, post). They have the best formula ever.
This one is from The Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty collection that just came out this fall. They’re based on 4 of the 6 wives of Henry VIII of England.
This one is after Jane Seymour and is a pretty and rather gray and dark (shade wise) nude color. It has a slight gold shimmer to it, which you can see in both photos.
This was used with Zoya’s Anchor base coat, and a coat of Zoya’s Armor top coat and then a final layer of Seche Vite. I find using two top coats really seals in the polish and gives it the best shine ever. The Zoya top coat I use to seal, and the Seche for the shine, as well as it’s fast drying properties.
I’ve actually been doing that with all my manicures recently (and I know, I need to get better at photographing and posting them here), and my polish has lasted pretty much 7 days with no chipping or wear on them. They stay shiny longer and look great longer. It’s awesome.

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