PhotobucketSo a while back, Rescue Beauty Lounge had their 50% off sale. At regular price they are $18, so I literally couldn’t wait to order them during the 50% off sale. Yes, I had heard many, many great things about these polishes. That they were pretty much the best nail polishes EVER. But I was still hesitant to buy them because, well, 1 RBL polish is between 2 and 5 OPIs and 7 and 10 China Glazes. I’m SO happy I did purchase them though, and then a few more at regular price, because they really are the best polishes ever.They come packaged in a nice little box, very professional looking, and to tell you the truth, it makes a huge difference. There’s something nice about buying a polish and having it presented to you the same way a higher end cosmetic would be treated. After all, I did pay $18 for them, right?

To start, they’re all very pigmented. 2 coaters, all of them. They’re smooth and creamy like… butter. I didn’t understand what “like butter” meant in terms of nail polish until I used my RBLs. The colors are all very specific as well. Not necessarily unique, but specific. They have a whole range of cream colors, neutrals, bold reds, and all the other standard nail polish colors. But the thing is they aren’t just the standard colors, they’re specific. For example, one of the colors I purchased “Dead Calm” is a primary blue creme. There are plenty of companies that make a primary blue creme, but this one is such a specifically perfect primary blue. I ended up loving them so much that after the sale I went back and purchased the ones that weren’t available during the sale, all from the Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty collection. I’m in love with them, and all of the RBL polishes and yes, they are pricey but are totally worth it.



This was clearly named after the Blogger. There were 3 bloggers that all got the chance to make colors with RBL and they were all very unique colors. This one spoke out to me the most though. It’s a purple with a beautiful and very fine turquoise shimmer. It’s been said to have been inspired by beetles wings. The purple base is a warm purple.
It can easily be 2 coats but I did 3 anyways to be consistent with the rest of my swatches. It’s gorgeous and probably going to be one of my go to spring colors. Love!


No More War PhotobucketPhotobucket

Very creamy olive green. I think the idea of it was to be an army/camo green color? Regardless, it’s a very creamy, very rich olive green.
2 coats was sufficient.



White creme. Best, most pigmented, non cool white creme ever. Most of the white polishes I have are cool toned, this one is warm toned. It makes it look creamier I think. It was opaque in one coat. 
Why did I purchase a white nail polish? SayAnythingBr00ke had nothing but rave reviews for it and it isn’t something I ever had, a truly wonderful, easy to use white nail polish. Most whites go goopy or are way too runny. I have no clue why they’re all so difficult to use but this one is amazing.



Medium, warm gray creme. Sidenote, is the correct spelling of the color “grey” or “gray”? Anyways, it’s a very soft gray. Not delicate, but soft and thick. Not difficult to use at all when I say thick, the color is just thick. I love it.
2 coats to opaque.


I really don’t know where the swatches for this went… but the thing is the color you see in the bottle is the color you’re going to get, as is with all of the RBL polishes. 
This one is a pure, rich teal creme. Nothing about it is too blue or too green. It’s quite wonderful. Opaque in 2 coats. And you all know my relationship with the color teal, I have to purchase it in every form possible because teal happens to always look good. No matter what texture, if it’s matte, shimmer, glitter, creme, gloss, anything teal always looks gorgeous.

Dead Calm PhotobucketPhotobucket

The bottle colors for this are a tad light. It’s a primary blue creme though and very much one of my favorite nail polishes.
It is opaque in 2 coats (as with pretty much all of the RBL polishes). It’s also not as dark as the swatch photos below, it’s somewhere right in between the two. 


Under The Stars PhotobucketPhotobucket

This is an inky blue indigo base with a very pretty turquoise shimmer in it. Stunning in the bottle. I think it really needs a top coat or else you get this gross stipply texture (that I hate). It’s gorgeous with a top coat though. The glitter definitely shows up – some finely glittered nail polishes don’t deliver quite as well and the glitter gets lost. 


Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty Photobucket
Catherine H., Catherine, Anne, Jane

To preface this part, I absolutely love the show The Tudors, so that totally sold me on these colors before I researched swatches for them. Then when I saw them, I totally correlated the colors with the characters in the show and the totally made sense!
Catherine Howard, the young plaything of the very old king would totally be a fun yet dusty blue with purple duochrome. Catherine, named for Catherine of Aragon, is a regal purple with a very delicate gold shimmer to it. Perfect for the dignified daughter of Kings. Anne, after Anne Boleyn, is a mysterious and captivating olive green with an interesting and almost strange pink and purple shimmer duochrome to it. Beheaded for being a witch, this color really reflects the sort of evil, proud, but intelligent woman behind the very beautiful person she was. And Jane, after Jane Seymour, the only wife Henry considered his “true wife” is the perfect conservative nude, with slight gold shimmer, to reflect her as a conservative, clean, and proper housewife. 
In other words, I die for the show and I LOVE these colors.


I recently had these on my nails, so I’ll just show you what it looks like on my nails (NOTW post soon).
Cool nude color that can be a bit difficult for some skin tones to wear. It has the most slight gold shimmer to it that makes it really quite pretty. 



I just started re-watching The Tudors from the beginning and whoa-man is Anne conniving. She’s gorgeous, intelligent, and has a lot of weight coming down on her from her family, especially her father, but she was very much as responsible for her actions as her family was. She was evil, and a bitch, but at the same time very vulnerable. 
Love that this color sort of sums all of her as a character on the show up for me. Granted I should probably try and look at these colors and base my opinions off of the REAL people they were inspired by, but oh well. 
Dark, grayed olive with a gold and pink and purple duochrome. So pretty.



I for one, feel SO BAD for Catherine of Aragon. But that’s just… a whole different story. I absolutely love this color, it’s a royal purple with a slight gold and green shimmer in it.
2 coater for sure.


Catherine H PhotobucketPhotobucket

This is a dusty blue, like the sky after a storm, with a pink and purple shimmer. It’s quite lovely. Very young, like Catherine Howard was. One of the colors I got top compliments on when I wore it out.


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