I would like to formally post about ads and “Amazon Associates”. I have yes, decided to insert ads into my blog as well as become a member of Amazon Associates. It’s not to get “totally rich and yeah” from what I do because I truly do love beauty products and such. I don’t have thousands of followers on this blog either and I don’t have thousands on my YouTube so really, I can honestly tell you all it’s not to make tons of money.
It’s just a way to start getting more stable, and if anybody else is out there with 3 jobs and is a student, you’d all know that every little bit helps.
If I’m going to have a blog, why not have a few ads mixed in?
I also do plan on reviewing products that you can actually purchase on Amazon and it seemed like an easy way to do so by having both linked to my blog.
By no way am I trying to “sell out” or anything. I’m not sponsored, paid, or affiliated with any specific companies and don’t review products falsely because that’s stupid.

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