Mac Cham-Pale ComparisonsLipgelées
Sin-Tillation, Straight to the Head, Bubble Lounge, Luxurevs. Resort Life



Top:Straight to the Head, Bubble Lounge, Sin-Tillation, LuxureBottom:Resort Life (Mac In Lillyland)

Mac Cham-Pale ComparisonsPaint Pots PhotobucketPhotobucket

Chilled on Ice, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selectionvs.Bare Study, Rubenesque

Bare Study

(Permanent) Pearly champagne color. No shimmer in the product, more of a silver undertone instead of a gold undertone.


(Permanent) Peachy gold duochrome. Also pearly based, without any excess shimmer in the formula. In some lights it looks more peach, in some the gold really comes out.

PhotobucketPhotobucketChilled on Ice

(Cham-Pale) Champagne with a gold base, with gold shimmer throughout the product. Most similar to Bare Study, but not really comparable because of the obvious gold undertones in Chilled on Ice.

PhotobucketPhotobucketLet Me Pop

(Cham-Pale) Copper shimmer. Could be similar to Rubenesque if there was a slight duochrome. I think the base colors are very similar, being a warm coppery color, which is what the base of Rubenesque is. Rubenesque just has a pearl to it, making it look slightly peachy as well as a golden duochrome to it. 

PhotobucketPhotobucketVintage Selection

(Cham-Pale) It’s closer to Bare Study than Rubenesque, but not really similar to either. It’s a pink gold color with a silver shimmer in it. It kind of reminds me of “Rage” nail polish by Orly, in terms of color. It’s also similar to “Sin” from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

PhotobucketVintage Selection, Let Me Pop, Rubenesque, Bare Study, Chilled On Ice

PhotobucketPhotobucketAbove are swatches with flash. One on the right is blurry so you can see the glitter particles reflecting in the Cham-Pale paint pots.

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