Mac came out with more collections right after Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours came out on December 26th. Peacocky and Mickey Contractor were both released on January 6th… Peacocky was available to everybody but Mickey Contractor was more exclusive, only being released to specific Mac locations, or online.
Mickey Contractor didn’t interest me at all. They had some cool products, I guess, but nothing I really “needed” or wanted.
Peacocky came out with 2 new products, the Mega Metal Eyeshadows and the Kissable Lipcolours. Both are fantastic.
I loved the Peacocky collection, and didn’t care for the Mickey Contractor collection. I thought it was just funny that it was the exact opposite for me with Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours. I loved Cham-Pale, the neutral and “pretty” and wearable of the two collections that were released. That being said, I (of course) had to go pick up a few more things from Cham-Pale just to “finish the set”. I got the remaining lip gelée, paint pot and special reserve highlighting powder.
Then I just picked up some limited edition/discontinued items online and have the swatches and photos here as well.

Mac Cham-Pale Collection

Chilled On Ice Paint Pot, Rosé Olé Special Reserve Highlight Powder, Luxure Lipgelée
PhotobucketPhotobucketChilled On Ice Paint Pot It’s pretty similar to Bare Study Paint Pot, but a more true shimmer and has gold in it. Bare Study is more of a pearl finish, with a silver sheen. This one is very wearable and blends out very well. Alone, the gold glitter can be a little intense when blended out completely. When worn pretty thickly, it’s actually very beautiful, I think I prefer it thicker than blended out.PhotobucketPhotobucketRosé Olé Special Reserve Highlight powderVery similar in color to the By Candelight Mineralize Skin Finish from last year’s Warm & Cozy collection, but I feel a bit more shimmery and has a slight difference in shade. It’s really quite beautiful when worn on the apples of the cheeks over a darker blush. I’ll probably use it like that more than as a highlight. It’s got quite a smooth application, and feels very much like the mineralize skin finishes.PhotobucketPhotobucket
PhotobucketPhotobucketLuxure LipgeléeIt’s actually quite similar to Sin-tillation lipgelée, just a touch lighter. On the lips it’s really quite the same, glitter wise. They are discontinuing the lipgelées which is another reason I picked this up, so that I’ll really never run out of lipgelées. Again, they’re so much better in terms of price to product amount. The ones in this collection especially are really wearable (not bright pink or orange) so really they can be used all the time.PhotobucketPhotobucket

Mac Peacocky Collection Photobucket

Kissable LipcoloursStrut Your Stuff, So Vain, Super, Temper TantraPhotobucketPhotobucketTemper TantraNice terracotta/brick red mixed into a nude color. Very wearable, even if slightly dark. I do love colors like this. The formula for all of these lipcolours is just pleasant all around. The formula itself is kind of thick… like a pasty lipgloss or a mashed out lipstick, making it truly a mix between lipgloss and lipstick. When applying, it goes on completely smoothly and not too opaquely but not sheerly at all. It stays on pretty much all day, even through eating, talking and drinking. They don’t really feather either. They finish is a little shinier than a satin, there’s a definite sheen just not an outright gloss like lipglosses have.PhotobucketPhotobucketSuperFor me, this is just the perfect nude color. Because of the sheen it has it doesn’t look like “my lips but better” but it definitely is one of the best nudes I have. I loooooove this one. PhotobucketPhotobucketSo VainA corally nude color. Very springtime, in my opinion. Definitely something I’m going to wear more in the spring than let’s say now, in midwinter. In general, I don’t LOVE corals on me but when paired with a coral gloss on top it’s really quite nice. Very spring/summer. PhotobucketPhotobucketStrut Your Stuff

It’s a very creamy, tomato-soup red. Bright and fun. I tend to always buy the bright red lip product no matter if I wear it or not. I just like red lip colors. 

Temper Tantra, Super, So Vain, Strut Your Stuff

Mega Metal EyeshadowsPhotobucketPhotobucketNoir PlumDark bluish purple. The formula for these are just fantastic. Soft, smooth, easy to blend, pigmented, not over the top frost. Although the more bold colors are probably easily dupable, I think you’re better off getting these because you get so much more product wise than a normal eye shadow from Mac. Yes, you’re paying more, but these are just simply fantastic. There are neutral shades offered as well as the more bold shades. I do love these smokable purple and blues so of course, I’m going to get them. That and teal. You all know how I am with teal.PhotobucketPhotobucketDandizetteNavy with shimmer. Very pretty 🙂PhotobucketPhotobucketOdalisqueTeal with a slight golden shimmer. Beautiful. Another easily dupable color but still, I got it. PhotobucketPhotobucketDallianceVery pretty cool golden yellow shimmer. Almost has a slight green/gray shimmer to it which makes it quite interesting and unique. In terms of neutrals I don’t really have a color like it in my stash. So, it was a very pleasant surprise.Photobucket

Noir Plum, Dandizette, Odalisque, Dalliance

Misc. Mac Haul PhotobucketThe rest of these products are limited edition/discontinued items.

As of right now, I do believe the Shadesticks are being discontinued. Ladyblush is also being discontinued. Superglasses and Dare To Wear Lipglasses were limited edition so they are now officially on the discontinued list online, after it being about 6 months since it was originally released. The Viva Glam Cyndi and Gaga lipglasses as well as lipsticks are going to no longer be available in February, so purchase them while you can!


Ladyblush Blushcreme
Very lovely slightly dusty pink rose color. Similar to the Nyx creme blush in Rose Petal. I had never used a Mac Blushcreme before but to the touch it didn’t feel too sticky or oily, and blended out pretty nicely. Can’t wait to use this one.

PhotobucketPhotobucketSharkskin ShadestickSo I originally saw this product here. Probably the best spoof makeup video ever. Not ever, it’s actually hard to choose between the ones she’s made. But I love her. Anyways, I saw the video and actually like the product but had put off purchasing it for so long because it was permanent. I actually finally bought it because it was discontinued. Besides the Warm & Cozy shadesticks, I had never tried the permanent Mac shadesticks so I was very happy with this one when I first tried it. It’s smooth and not greasy at all. The color is very much just a shimmery gunmetal, with a silver shimmer that really stands out on the dark base. Very good for a smokey eye.
PhotobucketViva Glam Cyndi LipglassOf the Viva Glam Cyndi and Gaga products, I preferred the Cyndi colors. I think it’s just more wearable, especially for me. I’m not a big cotton candy pink person. So, I was thrilled to get this one. It’s essentially the same color as the Cyndi lipstick. The gloss is pretty opaque. PhotobucketPhotobucket

PhotobucketViva Glam Gaga Lipglass

Cotton Candy pink. Pretty pigmented. Same color as the lipstick. Wasn’t toooooo crazy about it but got it because it benefits the Aids foundation, and can be layered over a nude to be less PINK and more wearable for me.


Ban This! Dare To Wear Lipglass

Super fun, glittery, pretty opaque dark fuschia purple lipgloss. LOVE. Not an everyday color, but an appropriate going out color for me. Love the way this one looks. I have two other Dare To Wear lipglasses and I don’t wear those as often as I think I’d wear this one.


Fab Frenzy Superglass

I really love this one. I think the color is quite nice because it’s not too opaque. It really tints the lips more than colors them. It’s got the nice super chunk glitter that the superglasses have as well. Very fun and great for a night out.

Photobucket Fab Frenzy Superglass, Ban This! Dare To Wear Lipglass, Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass, Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

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