Mac came out with 2 collections on December 26th, Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours. Stylishly Yours was a big bold collection that really didn’t interest me… I was thinking in terms of wearability and really, when was I going to use all those colors? I have a lot of bolds to go through before I get more. 
Cham-Pale on the other hand was right up my alley. Shimmery, neutral, very pretty. Glowy. 
Both were pretty big collections (and not to mention the 2 collections coming out Jan. 6th/already online) so picking and choosing can be difficult if you have items from both collections you’re eyeing. I luckily wasn’t.
It does remind me a lot of Warm & Cozy from last year, although that collection was slightly bigger and more bronze/brown based. This one is definitely gold based.
Pretty is really the only word to describe this collection. Everything is just so pretty.
Oh and as a sidenote, I’m probably going to get more stuff from this collection, even though I didn’t get them the first time around. Photos will be updated as they come in 🙂

Soirée Nail Lacquer

Mac’s description for the finish is “Frost”. Yeah, I guess. It’s definitely a foil though. Color and effect wise, it’s exactly the same as Orly Rage (sort of a rose gold color).
This one is just way more pigmented. It’s for sure opaque in one coat, and if you’re not a single coat person, then 2 coats is most definitely enough.
Again, Mac Nail Polishes probably had a horrible formula before for the reputation they had when I first started collecting but all of the polishes I have from them are all pretty wonderful.

Chez Chez Lamé Special Reserve Highlighting Powder
My favorite item of the collection. Gorgeous golden highlighting powder. Normally I wouldn’t over highlight my face because I have oily skin. But with the addition of Makeup Forever’s Mat Velvet + foundation (which is my new LOVE) I can’t not use highlighting powders and this one is my new favorite. 
I chose this one over Rose Ole because I thought this one was more unique and because I have warm tones in my skin, I thought the golden tones would look better on me. Rose Ole has a slight pinkiness to it that could also add to cheek color and I wanted a color that was solely to be used as a highlight, not as a blush as well.
To be completely honest though, I’m probably going to end up getting Rose Ole.

One thing I couldn’t figure out though was why it was textured like crinkled paper… what does that have to do with champagne bubbles? Oh well. 🙂

Lipgelées: Sin-tillation, Straight to the Head, Bubble Lounge
The one lipgelée that I didn’t get is very very similar to this one (Luxure), and on the lips I’m pretty sure they’re the same. These lipgelées are very similar to the ones released with the Mac in Lillyland collection from last year, in terms of glittery-awesomeness. These are just PACKED with glitter and they come with more product than the dazzleglasses do, making them worth more for your money. They’re also gel based so they aren’t as sticky.
This one is a light beige/silver with pink glitter. Couldn’t photograph these ones particularly well, by the way, so basically you’re going to see how glossy and glittery they are than what color they come out. The colors are spot on with what they look like in the tube though.

Straight To The Head
Of the 4, this is the most pigmented. It’s not super pigmented or anything, just comes with a little more color than the others. It’s a nice bronze-y brown color, similar to mulch eyeshadow, with pink and gold glitter in it. Very neutral but not neutral at the same time.

Bubble Lounge
This one is the most similar to Resort Life, which was one of the lipgelées from Lillyland that got Repromoted with Venomous Villains. It’s just like one shade darker than Resort Life, but it really doesn’t make a difference when worn.
In the swatch photo, it’s the bottom swatch. Below are more photos where really you can only see how glittery they are, and not really anything else color wise.
Top to bottom/Left to right are Sin-tillation, Straight to the Head, Bubble Lounge. Even between Bubble Lounge and Sin-tillation there is very little difference in how they look color wise.

Paint Pots: Clockwise from Top – Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection, Dangerous Cuvée
Dangerous Cuvée

After the highlight powder, this is the one I was most looking forward to using. It’s very similar to Softwash Grey pigment (which I have a mini one of from the Tartan Tale pigment minis) color wise. It’s a nice blue-toned silver/grey color that can lean purple/periwinkle depending on what color you layer on top. It’s gorgeous.
All of the paint pots from this collection are much more shimmer-packed than the regular paint pots. The paint pots that aren’t just matte colors are very much a pearl finish, whereas these are shimmery. This does make them slightly chunky when trying to apply then and also makes them slightly less impacting when applying. Meaning, it takes a bit of layering to get the full color to appear. Otherwise they’re smooth and like the normal paint pots, set fairly quickly so you have to move quickly with them.

Let Me Pop
This one reminded me quite a bit of Rubenesque but surprise (not) I bought it anyways. They are different, Rubenesque as a bit more of a duochromey peach-gold shift where as Let Me Pop is all bronze-y shimmer. Pretty though. Definitely can wear it on its own.

Vintage Selection
This one is very easy to wear. Light taupey champagne. Easy to wear for every skin tone, in my opinion at least. This is going to sound silly but on Pretty Little Liars in the beginning credits and throughout the show, the characters are often seen with a shimmery all over lid color, and this totally reminds me of it. Very… high school chic lol. It’s a great product for anybody looking for something easy to just swipe on, and nothing too offensive. Great for the beginner or the younger girls because it’s going to last forever and it’s a completely appropriate color. The other two, especially Dangerous Cuvée can be more skin tone specific but I feel like this one is good for everybody. 
That being said, color wise it isn’t completely unique because every brand makes at least a powder version of this. If you prefer creme products then this is probably perfect for you. Otherwise, if you have neutrals galore (almost like I do…) then this could easily be a skip for you. Depends on what you’re into and what you need. 
I know Benefit makes a bunch of creme shadows and has one similar to this. So, depends on what brand you like as well.
Here’s a photo of all 3 next to each other:

And here are just 2 lipsticks I back-2-mac’d as well:

Creme In Your Coffee
Cremesheen. Very neutral, very wearable. Good color for my skin tone since I’m not the palest of the pale. My most recent trip to Mac and my mission when back-2-macing lipsticks was to find a lipstick that was similar to those Paget Brewster wears in Criminal Minds. Her lips are always a satin to matte finish, very neutral but you can tell there’s some color there. It’s not a light coverage either. It’s still professional though. 
I thought for my skin tone and shade these two did the best job of that.
Satin. Darker color, slightly redder. Goes on smooth. I like satin finishes but sometimes they just get so dry. Which is why I didn’t venture into the mattes at all. My lips get super dry because idk… one of my jobs is to talk a lot and the other really involves zero talking. Both don’t give me very much opportunity to reapply lipstick and stuff so I was kind of keen on not finding something that would overly dry out my lips.
Creme In Your Coffee, Verve

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