This year China Glaze came out with 12 polishes for their Holiday Collection. I only bought 6 of them, since the other ones didn’t seem that unique to me, or seemed like colors that wouldn’t look good on me.
There was a good mix of glitter, shimmer and creme, which is always expected of China Glaze. They’re not afraid to mix it up a bit, when comparing to brands like OPI or Essie for example (I swear Essie hasn’t ever had a glitter, right?). They always manage to have bright colors too. Plus they’re way inexpensive when you compare on standard prices (aka not etailers). 
So, here they are (after the jump)! Photos and swatches as always:

 Sugar Plums
Unlike the standard dark plum, vampy red color that will always get released with a fall/holiday collection in every category of beauty products, this one has a ton of tiny, holographic, silver microglitter dispersed throughout it. It’s similar to the nail polish by Pa that I own, the baby blue one with the holographic glitter in it.
The base color is just your standard shimmery metallic vampy plum red. It’s the glitter that makes it unique. You can see in the photo of the left that there’s a ton of it, and that it does dry slightly gritty. In order to get a nice finish with it, a top coat is definitely needed.
I think it’s a 3 coater, just to get the depth that the color can offer. It’s not at all a fussy nail polish either.

 Party Hearty
This is probably the most talked about polish in the collection. It’s a completely clear base with a bunch of glitter packed in it, making it just a true, glitter polish. It has bigger, hexagonal red glitter, smaller circular green glitter, tiny square silvery gold glitter and then really tiny silver microglitter. It’s very unique.
It can be a little difficult to work with since it’s just a glitter polish. And a top coat is definitely needed to make it smooth on top. It also needs a lot of coats just to make it a solid glitter, making it evident that it was clearly used to layer on top of other colors.
I would personally use it alone though, and just layer on coats. I love the look and super festiveness it has.
 Mistletoe Kisses
This is by far my favorite of the polishes in this collection and in the whole lot of polishes from all of the holiday collections this year.
It’s a nice, cool green polish, that’s quite sheer and is packed with a silver microglitter. It, to me, is the perfect pair to OPI’s Smitten with Mittens, which is a warm red packed with gold glitter. Together, those are the best holiday colors ever. I’m absolutely in love with this polish… it’s almost like you can feel the cool, crisp winter breeze, can smell the fresh pine and can feel the snow falling. 
Formula was great with this one. And it’s a 3 coater, since it’s on the sheer side.

This is one of 2 whites in the collection. The other was a white creme. This one is a white pearl shimmer with a silver microshimmer in it. 
It’s a pretty sheer polish so in order to use it alone a lot of layering will need to be done. I do think it’s a bit too opaque to layer with other colors. Its definitely more opaque than OPI’s Happy Anniversary, which can be easily used to layer.
It very much reminds me of snow though. 🙂

 Peace On Earth
Olive green shimmer. To me, it’s exactly the same as Nars Mash and OPI At Your Quebec And Call. Color is the same, shimmer is the same, same amount of coats needed, this one is just way cheaper than the other two lol so I completely suggest buying this one.

 Little Drummer Boy
Navy blue shimmer. Not too exciting… I thought it’d be a lot more unique before I got it then I got it and now I’m not too impressed with it.
Most outstanding thing about it is that it’s very opaque. 2 coats easily suffices.

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