So these nail polishes from OPI are for their Holiday season this year. They came out… I want to say end of October? 
As a completely unexpected turn from OPI, this collection came with 6 glitters and 6 shimmers. And no cremes. I predicted before that the really finely milled, super shimmery colors would be popular, but not to the extent that OPI would have an entire collection that had absolutely no cremes… And 6 glitters? Unheard of. 
And for them all to be colors that aren’t really “safe” as OPI tends to lean toward is unreal. So, OPI, bravo. I am pleased, as are 100s of other nail polish hoarders (and yes, I am admitting to be a nail polish hoarder now). 
I did watch the movie too. It was a Christina Aguilera vocal showcase (I mean who was going to go see that for the plot and the deep acting brought upon by Cher…). But the whole movie I was thinking how appropriate the colors from the collection were. The glitter and the shimmer were perfect. Yes, a typical red creme would have been great too, but we don’t need another one of those from OPI and the movie was so much more than just a red creme.
Anyways, here are the photos (after the jump). I didn’t get all of them, since I’m not an orange glitter sort of girl and the gold glitter didn’t seem like something I needed. I did get all the shimmers though.

Show It & Glow It!
It’s a magenta glitter with silver glitter dispersed throughout it. It doesn’t have a color base at all, none of them do. So it’s just allllll glittterrrrrr lol. There’s some red, maybe blue and green and gold in there too but it’s barely noticeable. Definitely more of a magenta and silver.

The formula for all the glitters were actually pleasant. In general, I love the way glitters look, but I can’t stand them. I hate using them, I hate that they chip so easily, I hate that they’re a bitch to take off. These weren’t too bad. They weren’t overly clumpy and difficult to deal with. They went on smoothly and really only needed 3 coats to get a full glitter nail, and with 3 coats it wasn’t overly gritty or bumpy.
They still are a bitch to take off though. They don’t chip too badly.
Like always, with my swatches, it goes from 1, 2 to 3 coats (top to bottom) on the nail swatch. So you can see with 1 coat there’s not a whole lot of glitter but with 2 and 3 it makes a huge jump to being full of glitter.


I have no idea where my bottle photo went so you get a name tag photo lol. Really, the bottle photos aren’t that useful… I mean all OPI bottles look the same, and in general, OPI colors look the same in the bottle as on the nail.
I mean, you can kind of see the polish in the bottle in that photo, but I stuck this photo in just to keep with formatting. Actually with the way the image is refracting in the bottle (yeah, pulling out some physics there), you can see the individual colors inside this polish a lot better than in a standard bottle photo.
This one was most compared to “Mad As A Hatter” from the OPI Alice In Wonderland collection (Sidenote: Alice In Wonderland, Shrek, Burlesque… LOTS of movie polishes this year, eh OPI?). In reality, it’s not comparable at all. That one had silver, green, and it was just… different all around. This one is definitely more gold based, and has mainly blue and purple glitters in it. There’s another more gold glitter from this collection, so I’m not going to call this a gold glitter. But, I mean it sort of is.

Shimmer & Simmer

This one was compared to the other Alice in Wonderland collection polish, but in reality this one is totally different as well. I don’t have Absolutely Alice because I… didn’t need it. I’ve seen that this one is much lighter in color though.
It’s a nice sky blue with pink, orange… maybe silver and gold in there? Idk, you tell me lol. It’s mainly blue though.

Glow Up Already!

This one, in the promotional images, was supposed to be a nice spring or grass green. It’s really not. In real life it’s more of a celery green. It’s unique, in that it’s a green glitter, but it leans towards gold so I feel like it could have been so much better 😦
P.S., most of these photos’ color quality goes away when I post onto blogspot. Does that happen to anybody else? It’s like blogspot washes them out slightly…
There’s definitely a red glitter, maybe some blue and obviously a gold glitter dispersed throughout the green.

 Ali’s Big Break

This one only has 2 photos because at a different angle, there wasn’t anything different that you could see than just with the 1 swatch photo.
It’s a nice holiday red with gold shimmers in it. Like all the shimmers in this collection, the shimmer is very finely milled and the polish is very full. It’s the closest to Smitten With Mittens from last year’s Holiday Collection, and that was my FAVORITE from last year. They’re not the same though. This one is more pink than Smittens was.

 Tease-y Does It

I have no clue why the swatch has that green cast on the left side of it…
But anyways it’s a dark inky purple with little ember like orange shimmers in it. Lovely.
Smooth and pigmented, just the way nail polish by OPI should be.
It isn’t the most unique of colors but I do love it.

 The Show Must Go On

If there was a polish that was the most comparable to the Mac Bad Fairy polish from Venomous Villains, this would be it. Too bad it’s not really comparable. I mean it’s close, but not dupe-worthy.
It’s a sheer red with an orange and gold shimmer in it, and easily a 2 coat nail polish.
It’s the only polish that has that slight duochromey characteristic that the other shimmer packed polishes have had this year.

 Let Me Entertain You

This one is a magenta sparkle and is a dupe for Alegra from Zoya’s Sparkle Collection. They’re essentially the same… slightly sheer magenta packed with lots of pink and maybe gold micro-glitter/shimmers. Beautiful, very festive. For those who don’t ike red shimmers but want a good pink, this is it.

 Rising Star

This was my Thanksgiving nail color this year… it’s foiled quality and the rich sort of pumpkiny color made me all warm and fuzzy feeling during dinner.
This and Take The Stage (Below) are the only ones that are more foiled than just a shimmer. Between the two, this is the lighter, more yellow toned one.

 Take The Stage

This one reminded me of Venice. I went to Italy in between 7th and 8th grade and was all about the Venetian Glass. And this one totally took me back to that place.
It’s a more red/bronze than Rising Star, but still an orange foil.

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