This is the first of many long overdue posts for a lot of haul videos that I’ve posted. I’m sorry this is late – so late that you’re probably not going to be able to purchase most of these items anymore.
But I did say that I’d post the photos and swatches of everything, so here they are.
In case you don’t watch my videos, I got sick, and then I had my non-internet life to deal with. So yeah. Thats why activity has been so low here. I also broke my pinky. So typing isn’t easy right now lol.
Anyways, here they are! (Well, after the jump)

 First, I have some non Tartan Tale stuff (lol as always).
These are all products that are permanent that you can purchase everywhere Mac is sold, so really, they’re the most useful parts of this post haha.
Oh! P.S.: I asked my Mac girl, when you back-2-Mac eye shadow pots, if you depotted your eye shadow, all you need to make sure is that the plastic is all there. So the plastic piece that pops out with the actual pan itself needs to be put back, but you don’t need the metal pan.
Mac Viva Glam V

This is pretty much the most talked about Mac nude lipstick. It’s apparently the perfect shade of nude. I agree, mostly. 
I love that it has a finish… it’s a lustre. I didn’t realize that the Viva Glam lipsticks had finishes… I personally think the lustre and glaze finish lipsticks are the most wearable becuase they act more like a stain and you don’t get a bright pink lip or overly nude lip.
Like every Viva Glam product, all the proceeds go to the Mac Aids Fund. So not only does the finish of the lipstick make it a very wearable lipstick, it doesn’t make me feel bad for spending the money to buy it.
The color is a pinky nude, not a straight brown nude color. It is extremely neutral in the sense that you can put it on and not be worried that your lips will disappear, because of the pinkiness in it.
If you’re not a fan of wearing a gloss, then the lustre finish provides just the slightest glossiness.
Because it acts like a stain, and because the lipstick isn’t as opaque as most nude lipsticks, I’m going to say that it’s not the best nude lipstick out there. Yes, it’s really wearable and it looks good on pretty much everybody. I just have this image in my head that nude lips are supposed to be pretty opaque, and well obviously nude. On me, this color is closer to my natural color and doesn’t make my lips look nude.
Here are the swatches:

 Flashpoint Lustreglass
Last time I went to Mac, I went in knowing that I only wanted another 217 brush and a Green Smoke Eyeshadow. Instead, I saw this lipgloss, and I forgot all about the eyeshadow (I bought the brush though).

Perhaps it was that the Mac I went to was brand new (a new Mac store just opened in a mall like 5 mins from where I live) and so all the products available to swatch were brand new. Or perhaps it was because I was in a glitter phase and this is glittery. Idk. But I love it!
It’s a warm, strawberry pink color with gold and pink glitter in it. In terms of the different types of glosses they have, I basically think of it as Dazzleglasses, Cremesheens, Other aka super sparkly, creamy and non sparkly, regular gloss.
This falls in regular gloss. Basically it’s a sheer color base with high gloss.
I’ve been layering it over Viva Glam V though and have been getting a really nice, slightly tinted, high gloss lip (aka my favorite).
This has probably become one of my favorite glosses though.

 3-D Silver Glitter

So let me be honest. I’m NOT obsessed with glitter. I think it has it’s time and place, but in general? It can be a BITCH.
I did see this though and had to have it. HAD TO. Look at it! LOOK!
It’s a rainbow holographic glitter. Fairly large, circular pieces. True glitter, not a shimmery powder. It definitely needs something to adhere to though. Just alone, it will flake off. As a swatch (above) it goes on patchy and really won’t stick to anything but your finger, and will then just fall off after a few minutes.
I took photos at different angles, and a blurry photo (above) so you can see how truly multidimensional it is.

Platinum Pigment

So when this got shipped to me, it was everywhere. I don’t get a lot of Mac’s permanent products shipped to me, but I figured that this was silver. And there weren’t very many chances that it would be anything different. The limited edition stuff I always get shipped to me because I get the ones I like when I see them on Temptalia or wherever, and if I end up not liking them, I give them to my friends. And as for the other colors? If I don’t like them as a swatch on Karlasugar or Temptalia’s sights, then 99% of the time I’m not going to like them. It’s proven every time I see them, then go to my local counter or store to see if I’d like them and I never do.
So that being said, I decided to get this shipped to me and I have no clue what happened. The cap was on tight and the little lid inside of it was just COVERED in pigment. Which then I guess “leaked” into the box and everything inside it was metallic and pretty lol.
It got all over my hands too. It was pretty. Annoying though. A lot of product was still inside but still, it’s sad when you get something that isn’t completely full because you did pay for it after all.
Like said before, it’s just a silver powder. It’s very smooth and super pigmented. Truly goes on silver and makes your skin look like… a robot haha.

Mac Holiday 2010: A Tartan Tale
So this is Mac’s Holiday stuff for this year. Tartan. Holiday-ish. It was pretty meant to be.
I didn’t actually buy that much about stuff from the collection as I thought I would, because I did purchase a lot from last year’s holiday stuff.

That’s basically what the packaging looks like. Along with the first photo I posted in this post… Different types and colors of tartan, all intertwined. Sort of. Not really intertwined but you get it. That’s the bag that came with the Lash and Line set.

Glamora Castle Tartan Tale Eye Shadow
The main reason I bought this is because it has the tartan pattern on it. I mean… that was the point of this collection, the tartan packaging. Then I thought further into it and realized that I had all the other colors that this patterned eye shadow came in, so I would just get the gray one. And then I got it and realized that I rarely wear gray eye shadow. But oh well, here it is, and since I rarely wear it, I’ll have it forever, and won’t need to every buy another one (or so that’s what I’m telling myself now. You all know how that’s going to end up).
The product itself is pretty soft, and goes on pretty pigmented. It’s got a slight sheen to it. And the pan is bigger than the standard Mac eye shadow. It was also more expensive though. At this point, by the way, I’m not even going to post the prices because I have extremely high doubts that you can even get them anymore, since the launch dates for all the countries have long passed.
The blue doesn’t show up at all in the shadow, since there’s so little of it and so much gray. I also think that the blue is going to go away with the rest of the tartan printing as you continue to use the product.
The gray itself turns up as a mid toned cool gray color.
Teal Pigment (Permanent), Noble Knights Lash & Line Kit
The picture on the left is more color accurate, the picture on the right shows the frostiness of it.
It’s a permanent pigment that I had always wanted. I mean… it’s teal. Duh.
The fact that Mac was releasing a full sized pigment and fluid line with their lash and line kits made me super excited because they had a pigment I had always wanted and I had never tried the fluidlines before. And the fact that value wise if you were like me and had a pigment you had wanted and hadn’t tried a fluidline before, than the lash and line kits were an amazing deal.
This is a color I had used before, since I got a sample of it and had pressed it. You’ve seen me use it before as well, so there isn’t very much explanation for this. Standard frosted finish pigment. No chunkiness, or difficulty with the product, and it’s very pigmented.
Definitely is much more vibrant when used wet.

Later. Pigment (Repromote from Alice + Olivia)

When this first came out with Alice + Olivia, I didn’t plan anything out and ended up not being able to get it because it was sold out before I could buy it. I was super bummed. It looked gorgeous, especially when used wet.
I was SO happy to know they were repromoting it with Tartan Tale.
It’s a blackened inky purple base with flashes of blue and purple and some reflects pearl like particles. The pigments that were released in the color portion of the Tartan Tale collection were actually all blackened bases with colors flashing through them. Family Crest, which was the one I didn’t get, was a blackened base with bronze running through it, and Moonlight night was a blackened base with green flashing through it. I just thought that was interesting, seeing as that I don’t really think smokier colors as a Scottish makeup trait.
Anyways, I loved this pigment from the beginning. Even when used dry, it’s still gorgeous. It’s pretty pigmented and the glitter really does show up. It is very dark though so it’s never really going to be a color I use on it’s own on the lid.
The color itself is closer to the picture on the right, but the inkiness as well as the depth of shimmer is more easily seen in the photo on the left.

Moonlight Night Pigment

So, as said before, this is a blackened base with a green shot through it, making it seem like a really really dark teal. It’s beautiful.
Color is more accurate with the picture on the right, shimmer is more visible with the photo on the left. It’s pretty pigmented, slightly chalkier than Later. but much more shimmery. Swatches below:

Teal, Later., Moonlight Night

Mac Blitz & Glitz Fluidline, Noble Knights Lash & Line Kit
So I think this is supposed to be a black base with a gold shimmer in it? Making it look sort of… sort of super dark brown looking? I don’t know. It’s just black to me. But then I guess that makes Blacktrack make way blacker? So it’s a good thing?
I love it though. It’s much smoother, and outrightly pigmented than the black gel liner I have from Buxom, called Leatherette. I believe it comes with more product per $1 as well. 
Photos below, on the left you can see the shimmer in it, on the right you get a more color accurate photo.
Mac Zoom Lash Mascara, Noble Knights Lash & Line Kit
I don’t have much to say about it. I haven’t used it. Because I have so many little mascaras I have to use, and to be honest, Mac mascaras have a bad reputation. Then again, I feel like the bad reputation of their mascaras might not have 100% truth to them because the Mac polishes I’ve tried are pretty fantastic. 
So whenever I do use this, I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Cool Thrillseekers Pigment & Glitter Set
This came out with Part 2 of the collection. I hadn’t bought the pigment sets last year but money for value this is the best deal you’re going to get. 
The other 2 were smokey, and warm colors. I have so many neutral and smokey colors I decided to get this one. I also wanted Reflects Pearl even though it’s permanent, and this came with 3 limited edition/repromote colors. The other is a Pro shade.
Cheers My Dear, Mauvement, Softwash Grey, Silver Fog, Reflects Pearl
Reflects Pearl, Silver Fog, Softwash Gray, Mauvement, Cheers My Dear

Cheers My Dear Pigment

It has a very… packed brown sugar sort of feel to it lol.
It’s a very gentle, frosty, cute pink color. Isn’t the most pigmented of colors… quite sheer. But very cute none the less. Like sugar.
Frosty and pink. Probably the most girly product I own.

Mauvement Pigment

This is a re-promote from Fabulous Felines… It’s a slightly chunky but still very workable shimmery mauve color. It looks more foil like than the standard shimmery pigment.
This is one of my favorites currently… great fall color as well as a good amount of sparkle to make it festive and cute.

Softwash Gray Pigment

Probably my favorite of the pigments in the set. It’s a blue/lilac gray. Very pretty.
Almost like a darkened periwinkle.
It was definitely the most pigmented of the pigments inside, as well as the smoothest.

Silver Fog Pigment
This is a pro color, I believe.
It’s a cool silver that leans a little blue. Also slightly darker than the average silver. Has shimmery particles in it, in stead of simply just being a frosted silver color like Platinum Pigment is.

Also very smooth and pretty pigmented.
Below, on the left, is Silver Fog next to Softwash Gray. On the right are the 4 pigments all together.

Reflects Pearl Glitter
This was the main reason I bought this pigment set. Sam from Pixiwoo stated this as one of her favorites and I had seen her use it multiple times. It had the prettiest and most delicate shimmer but also very noticeable shimmer. It’s shimmery like snow. Love it 🙂

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