Guess who feels silly right now?
I’ve never tried face cleaning strips before but thought I’d try them when they were on sale at CVS today.
I wet my face (as I had washed it right before) and applied the strips to my face.
They were soft when you applied and they felt sort of cooling on the face. It wasn’t like minty but it was nice.
It dried pretty fast and got to the “paper maché” texture pretty quickly, I’d say 15 minutes. I may have waited longer, just to make sure that it was perfectly dry.
Removing the strips were SO painful. It was pulling too hard and it stung so much. I ripped off the second and third strip like a bandaid so that it would hurt less. The nose strip especially hurt. My eyes were tearing. My face was tingling in a bad way. It hurt so much!
Afterwards I looked at the strip and I saw more tiny hairs being ripped off than things in my pores coming out.
Something to take care of when doing these next is to really press in the strips and get them into the curves of my nose would be key.
The second time around I did press them in all the way and then removed them before the full 15 minutes and yes it hurt less, but still hurttttttt. 😦
I did look on the strips after and yeah my pores were clean. It was pretty gross, seeing all the stuff that comes out of your face. I then used my Clinique face wash and my face felt SO clean.
Like every time that you exfoliate and especially clean your skin, with facials or whatever, my skin did break out just a little bit.
I did like them I guess. It works and they’re not expensive. I know CVS and other brands make comparable products so maybe I’ll try those out as well some day.

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