It’s finally posted!!!!
I’m sorry it took a while to get it up, but here it finally is 🙂
These are the photos and swatches of everything I got from the Mac Venomous Villains collection, as well as my Mac Pro Longwear foundation.
Everything can be purchased at Mac’s website (if it’s still in stock, probably not), or on Nordstrom, Macy’s and other department store websites.
Another great blog with excellent photos is this one. I think she did a great job capturing the colors, and another person’s descriptions might help in seeing and figuring everything out to those who are wondering.
So, without further ado, photos and swatches are after the jump! 

Mac Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation, NC 25

I actually used this for the first time today. I really don’t know what to think about it.
I thought I’d love it right off the bat but really I was… well let’s say I wasn’t expecting it to be so light, texture-wise.
The reason I bought it was because the claim that it lasts flawlessly for 15 hours. Somebody with oily skin like me, who works in a humid indoor pool would obviously be attracted to something that keeps put for a long time.
Today I applied it with my fingers. I do that initially to see what it really feels like on the face and how smooth it is. It felt smooth and surprisingly not sticky. I use the Mac Studio Fix Fluid normally, which has a more pasty (obviously it’s not a paste, it’s just more sticky) feel and dries pretty quickly. It dries matte. The Pro Longwear is much creamier and doesn’t dry as fast. The finish is also not matte. It’s not completely dewey either. It’s definitely closer to dewey but not completely there. Very much like Temptalia described it, it’s a “natural” finish.
It did last quite a while, I applied it in the morning, over the Laura Mercier Primer and then set it with my Studio Fix powder and Bobbi Brown Pale Yellow finishing powder. Throughout the day it was pretty good. It didn’t keep the natural finish, the oil definitely was visible at about halfway through the day. I re-powdered my face and then went to work.
In all fairness, I work at an indoor pool, and during swim lessons, so all the windows, doors and the roof was shut making it ridiculously humid inside. It was also 85˚-90˚ today which made it even hotter inside. I could feel my foundation starting to get a little… sticky on my face. I did check after work and yes, my foundation had moved slightly but it wasn’t bad at all.
Here’s a swatch of the NC25, and then blended out:


Mac Push The Edge Pigment
Dr. Facilier

Nice rich purple with a faint shimmer in it. VERY pigmented. I’ve used it a couple of times and it’s smooth and easy to build up. It’s a bit more of a warm, red purple than a blue purple. It’s hard to photograph because purples are always difficult to photograph. But the true color is in between both of the swatches posted below.
When used wet (which is the left, thick swatch in both pics) it’s much more vibrant then when used dry. Still pretty both ways though. The shimmer shows up much more clearly when used dry. It didn’t really show up at all when used wet (I just use a drop of fix+).


Mac She Who Dares Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo
This is my first mineralize eye shadow and I’m still sort of figuring out the best way to use it. The first time I used it was to actually use just the green sparkle over a dark shadow and it was quite nice. I haven’t used it on it’s own though. 
It’s prone to fall out and being rather on the thin side when used dry. The glitter particles are also difficult to capture when dry so I think using it wet is really the key to these.
The two colors are a very pretty vibrant blue and green, both on a black base. When used wet it’s really pretty and vibrant, but when used dry just the glitter shows up and you can only see it in specific lighting.

The below swatches are the blue and green separately, with the left side of both swatches being used wet, the right side dry.

Here’s a swatch of both together on the left, and from further away so you can how dark they look from afar. On the right there’s a blurry photo with flash so you can see what the actual glitter particles look like, and how much more strength there is in the product when you use it wet vs dry.

Mac Dark Deed Lipstick

One of the purchases that I was most excited for and most motivated about because of fall. I’m really loving and feeling dark lips and this is the best for it.
It’s a nice, deep wine color. It’s an Amplified finish, so the color is really opaque. It’s not drying since it’s not Matte, so there is a bit of a glossiness to it. Not intense though.

I think the packaging for this one isn’t as bad as the other ones. Actually, the whole of the Maleficent ones aren’t as bad as say the Evil Queen ones. Those are bad. More on that later.
Here’s an up close swatch:


Mac Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass

This is a very pretty very unique lip glass. It’s a purple-y fuschia, but goes on very sheer. Very much like a tint on the lips. The swatch is the bottom of the three swatches.

There’s a bit of a shimmer in it but it doesn’t show at all when on the lips. It’s one of the best neutral makeup glosses because it really isn’t super pigmented so it just tints. It does give your lips a bit of color with a nice gloss so you don’t look sick. It’s basically lived in my purse everyday since I bought it. 
Here’s more photos below to see how glossy it is as well as the tiny bit of shimmer in it:


Mac Hot House Lipglass
Evil Queen

So. I HATE the packaging on these. These just look cheap, ugly and like tourist gifts from Disneyland. They look like they paid $0.50 for the product itself to be designed. I know they could have done so much better on the Evil Queen and it makes me sad that this is the final product that happened.
Anyways. The color is an opaque magenta with a sparkle to it. It’s not glitter. It’s sparkle.
It goes on the lips pretty opaque, not like a tint like the previous gloss. It’s very bright and not a fall color like I would normally assume fall colors to be.


Mac Wicked Ways Lipglass
Cruella De Vil

This is a nice, pigmented red gloss. Very glossy and has the slightest shimmer but otherwise is just a straight, bright, bold, red.
I’m planning on pairing it with my OCC NSFW Lip Tar.
My ultimate goal was to achieve the perfect red lip. I have a red lip tar, a red lip stick, and 2 red glosses (one sparkly, one not) and am almost there. I’m still searching for the perfect combo though.
That was the original reason as to why I purchased this, because I don’t really have a bright red gloss. There was the Dare To Wear gloss but that has so much glitter in it that when I want just a plain red gloss, that wasn’t the one I would ever reach for. I’d end up just mixing a red eye shadow and a clear gloss and putting it on my lips.
It’s not like super opaque either. It can go on sheer if you only use a little bit of it but it will make your lips red. Don’t expect it to tint like the first gloss.


Mac Heartless Lip Stick
Cruella De Vil

This one is also an Amplified lipstick. It’s a bit more of an orange red than a true, primary red. It’s still the most bold, red lipstick that I have though.
I am liking the Amplified lipsticks… I never paid much attention to finishes, unless it was matte because that’s the most obvious one. The other ones to me sort of… blended together I guess. But the pigmentation in the Amplified lipsticks are quite nice. The tiniest bit of sheen that they have also make it nice because they aren’t drying.

Mac Bite Of An Apple Blush
Evil Queen
This is probably the worst packaging of all of them. I hate this one. It’s so cheap looking!
The product is really unique in terms of my collection though. It’s a matte, pretty reddish pink. It goes on very strong but can also be blended out.
Below there’s one swatch on top, which was just a quick swipe on the hand. The swatch underneath that was the product really built up. I always thought matte blushes would be really sheer and chalky but this one isn’t at all. It’s smooth and pigmented.

I’m definitely going to have to make a look based on this blush soon because it’s so pretty.


Mac Briar Rose Beauty Powder
In terms of the function of a beauty powder, it’s become slightly clearer when Tiffany D said that it makes your face look… glowier and nicer. I have noticed that the powder is very tightly packed so the particles you get are much smaller and make your face look nicer. Loosely, I think that’s what it’s supposed to do anyways.
Otherwise, to me it’s just a different finish of a blush, packaged with a mirror to make it more expensive. I think they’re slightly larger as well.

To be honest, I bought this one for the name and was glad to see when it came in the mail that it was a very pretty warm pink color that would pretty much look good on anybody.
The vibe that I got from all of these products, besides the purple lipglass, is that they’re colors and products that a Barbie or Princess would wear. Bright red blush? Pigmented pink blush? Yeah. Princess colors. Not villain colors.
This one is probably the most pigmented of the beauty powders I own as it goes on pretty strong. The pink really shows up if you build it up. The other ones really don’t build up to the color that they appear to be.
It’s hard to see the single swipe swatch below but I promise it’s there!
On the bottom half of the swatch you can see where I really built it up, and you can see how pink it turns when you do build it.


Mac Bad Fairy Nail Polish

I think the finish they described it as was “Pearl”. Which I guess loosely describes what it is.
The other nail polishes have exact dupes of them in the Orly Cosmic FX Collection, but this one didn’t so hence, it’s mine! lol.
It’s got a red, almost magenta base with flashes of gold, orange, red and yellow sparkle in it. My nail swatches, as always, go from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 swatches from the top of the nail swatch to the bottom so you can see how it builds up.
This one is easily a 3 coater but I did 4 just to see what it would do. At first coat it’s just sheer but it builds up pretty quickly.
The formula on this is great. It’s not clumpy, sticky or anything. The other 4 colors I have from Mac are also great so I’m really not getting the whole “MAC POLISHES SUCK” thing. Maybe I’m just entering during a good wave of Mac polishes? I don’t know. But this one worked great for me so really, I have no complaints at all.
Here are more photos and angles of the swatches to see the different dimensions of it:

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