Just some school time photoboothing. 😀
Used my Coastal Scents Warm Palette, and made a goldish purple lid. Then did some dark green liner underneath the lash line, using Mac’s Undercurrent and set it with just a dark green shadow (the one from my Sleek Storm Palette). Then did a darker berry lip with Nars’ Strawberry Fields.
It’s not supposed to rain today but it’s still cold out. I’m super excited for it to be actually fall though and it makes me so happy!
Sidenote: changed my nails again today/last night because it’s the week before halloween and I have a quick nail tutorial coming up with ideas for halloween nails.
If you’re somebody like me and the whole dressing up thing is just not the thing for you anymore (I don’t think I even have plans for halloween this year…) then you can just do the standard festive orange and black nails. Which is what I’m probably going to do. I’m going to be at work anyways so it’s not like I’m going to dress up.
That and I’ll probably be watching sports on tv. Depending on if there’s a hockey game, I’ll be watching that, or the Giants game (since they made the world series) if there isn’t a sharks game on. We’ll see.

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