The reason I first bought this was because Juicystar07. She raved about it, and I believed her.
Did it work out for me? Not so much. I don’t get how it worked out for her either, since she claims to have oily skin. I guess my oily skin is worse? I don’t know.
Regardless, I bought this hoping that it really was the awesome product she advertised it to be. Not so much. Right off the bat, the creaminess of the product said “I WILL CREASE ON YOU”. It didn’t set very quickly either. If you have drier lids, it’ll probably work fine for you, but for me, it just seemed like not a good time. And I was right. The day that I tested this was the hottest day of the year so far. It was also the day that I walked to school and worked at the pool. The indoor pool that’s super humid and gross. I guess if there were ever a day and place to test it it would be there. So, yeah. Didn’t work out for me at all. 
The color itself is a very light, sheer skintone color. If you have pale skin, it’d be nice if you used it as a skin tone base underneath a neutral look. Only if you have dry eye lids though.
On me, it looked really pale and blended out pretty well, not all the way so there was still a lighter tint on my skin.

They can be purchased here: at Cliche Cosmetic’s website and cost $12.50. The packaging has changed since I purchased it (obviously by comparing my pics and their websites) so maybe the product has as well. For now though, I can’t really use it unless I use another primer underneath. The pigmentation also fades out so quickly that it’d be kind of pointless to use it as a skin toned color base.
The shipping wasn’t too bad, as I remember. It was standardly priced and arrived at a standard time, so that wasn’t any big deal. And to be honest, it’s not the most expensive item on the market so I wasn’t too upset that it didn’t work. Obviously it’s a bummer, but still. $20 total to try something new isn’t really that bad when you look at in a beauty standpoint.
Creasing after 3 hours:
Close up w/ Flash:

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