Index, Middle, Pinky: “Ski Teal We Drop” by OPI
Ring: “Charla Covered In Diamonds” by Zoya and Color Club
These are the nails I had during the Sharks game this past weekend… I have so many shades of teal that I couldn’t decide where I wanted to go.
But I ended up choosing the newest addition to the teal collection from OPI’s Swiss collection and then accent it with my favorite of the lighter teals.
The camera picked up more on the red than the green, as seen by my overly red fingers and hand. So, the colors in real life have more green to them. Especially “Ski Teal We Drop” as in these photos it looks like a dark navy color.

Here’s a close up photo of “Charla Covered In Diamonds”:

What I did here was do alternating coats of “Charla” by Zoya (from Zoya Sparkle) and “Covered In Diamonds” by Color Club. I did 5 coats in total, starting and ending with “Charla”. That seems like a lot, but “Charla” is relatively thin for a polish, with it’s very fine milled glitter and jelly like base. “Covered In Diamonds” is basically flakes of opalescent plastic suspended in a thin, clear base. So, 5 coats really isn’t a lot.
There was a nice amount of texture because of the flakeys. The flakes also added a gorgeous depth and reflection to the already super shimmery and relatively deep.
It was a pain to remove though, since the flakes stuck to the nails like no other.

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