This is probably one of the most interesting, complex nail polishes in my collection (which is growing so nicely every week :D).
“Space Cadet”, part of the new Cosmic FX collection by Orly, is a sheer jungle green base, with an extremely dense gold, pink and green microshimmer in it. The extremely dense shimmer thus makes it look duochrome-y when really it’s… well multi-chromed and the dense shimmer actually gives it a chrome like finish. That’s really the best I could do with the description. It’s so complex and beautiful that no picture really does it justice. It’s a definite must-see… CVS has the Orly Cosmic FX collection so you can see all of them there.
The formula is great… with one coat it’s a sheer jungle green with a shimmer in it. When adding coats, the shimmer really intensifies and the base color just disappears. The polish doesn’t get chunky at all when applying the extra coats and dries decently quickly.
More photos after the jump!

The photo on the left, you can see the gold really well and the right you can see the pink really well. In both, it goes from 1, 2 to 3 coats and the green base is really easy to see.
Below are nail swatches at different angles where the different shades of glitter are really visible. You can also see how SUPER shiny the polish gets… it ends up looking like chrome, or as close as possible in a non-chrome nail polish.
This was the color that I wore in my Venomous Villains Haul Video, and the low quality camera picks up on how shiny it is there as well. 

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