This is probably one of my favorite new nail polishes… It’s from Mac’s new F/W Nail Trend 2010 Collection. I bought 3 from that collection, this being the one I was most excited for and was my favorite, right from the written descriptions were up on Temptalia.
Then the promo shots came out, and swatches and it made me even more excited!
“Jade Dragon” is a deep, kelp like blue-ish green with a bright teal shimmer in it. It’s quite opaque and applied evenly within 2 coats.

The shimmer comes out quite clearly with even 1 coat and the color is even pretty opaque within one coat. I chose to do 3 just to see what it was like, and keep some consistency and it was totally unnecessary. I used a coat of Seche Vite on top as well.
Honestly, I’m sure that Mac nail polishes were awful in the past because of the reputation they have amongst beauty gurus and YouTubers but I don’t see what all the fuss is about. This was fine, the To The Beach polish was fine, and the other 2 from the same F/W collection were fine as well when I swatched them.
There wasn’t any sort of fussiness with the application, even though the colors were thick and opaque.
With this particular color, I had heard it stained so I used both OPI’s Ridge Filler as well as the Seche Base Coat and when I took it off, there was no staining at all. Granted, I also removed it weh the CVS Professional Polish Removie, which is “100% Pure Acetone, Maximum Strength”, which I normally use to clean my Konad stuff and to remove glitters. So, I was definitely hoping that it would remove without any staining, and it did. It’s definitely not very good for your nails, because it’s pretty harsh and drying but I figured, I don’t use it everyday or every time I remove my polish so it’s not that big of a deal.
Here is a closer picture so you can see the shimmer:

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