So, I figured you guys wouldn’t need pictures of the candles since well… they’re candles and they can’t be swatched and there isn’t a way for me to transfer smells through the computer.
I will provide the link HERE though so you can go check them out on Bath and Body Works’ website and read through descriptions to see if you find any you like. I will put in a warning though: I read through the descriptions first before I went in and smelled them and the ones I thought I would like (Caramel Apple, Creamy Pumpkin, Spiced Apple Cider, Leaves) were the ones I ended up just totally disliking in the store. The ones that I didn’t even bother to read ended up being the ones I bought (and the ones I recently bought backups of just in case). Therefore, I do totally suggest that you go in and smell them instead of just purchasing them online, no matter how many people you see on YouTube or on blogs preach and praise about a certain product – at the end of the day, it’s your money and what you should like that should be purchased with your money.

That being said, again I totally LOVE Autumn and Kitchen Spice. They’re non-offensive in terms of strength and smell. For me, the others were just waaaaay too sweet and this is coming from the girl that has like 20 Bakery themed scents from Candles By Victoria. 
As for the Pocket Bacs, I was just on BBW’s site today and they had the apple scented Halloween scent, Bat Bite, back in stock. Click here for that. They also had Candy Corn, so Click Here if you’re interested in that. They still have the Plum one, Vampire Blood as well.
Now the stuff that can actually be photographed for a good reason.
First is the Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara, which I use as a brow set. It’s dirty in the pic, but the product is still the same. I just use the wand and brush the clear gel into the brows to keep it clean and in place. The brush is just a non-specific spooley so I just took a pic of the product. This can be found at any drugstore and depending on the place, won’t go over $6.

This is the Color Club nail polish I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond. This is called Covered in Diamonds and it’s really quite beautiful.
It is a flakey clear polish. The flakes are opally and reflect different colors at different angles. Unlike most product pics I do, I chose to do this one up close so you can really see the flakes inside and what they look like.

 Swatch, just 3 coats of the product on the nail wheel, which is sitting on top of a white piece of paper.

 This is what the swatch looked like after it had dried. It does dry to a dull finish so a top coat is needed. I’m most excited to layer this on top of other colors so I’d use a top coat anyways but if you do choose to wear it alone, I highly advise a top coat, unless you like that dull finish.

The Color Club nail polishes at Bed, Bath and Beyond are $3.30 and they have a whole range of their colors. Not the entire brand’s collection but a fair amount of the recent releases.

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