NHL #7: Carolina Hurricanes / Halloween Makeup

I'm on a roll this week. 3 Tutorials in one week? It's unheard of lol.Anyways, this is #7 in the NHL tutorials and it also serves as a great Halloween look since it's BOLD. I mean red, black and smokey. Definitely not an everyday thing (at least for me).The team is the Carolina Hurricanes, team … Continue reading NHL #7: Carolina Hurricanes / Halloween Makeup

NOTW: "Bad Fairy" by Mac from Venomous Villains

Mac's "Bad Fairy" was one of the 3 nail polishes released with the Mac Venomous Villains collection (swatches coming soon I swear!).The other 2 had exact dupes in the Orly Cosmic FX collections, and you might as well get those because they're cheaper.This one though, is stunning. It's a cool red base, with a pink, … Continue reading NOTW: "Bad Fairy" by Mac from Venomous Villains

September Favorites!

I.... well I have no explanation for this super late blog post but here it is! My September favorites!• Bold Lips:- Ultra Glossy: Tarte Double Dose Lip Gloss- Ultra Glittery: YSL Golden Gloss, Mac To The Beach Lipglasses, Mac Superglasses, Mac Dazzleglasses, Mac Resort Life Lip Gelee, Benefit Back To The Fuschia- Super colored: Plum, … Continue reading September Favorites!