I’m fully aware that this is late. But in an effort to again, organize my collection and have some sort of database of swatches for collections I decided to start posting full collections on my blog with photos of the products as well…
Here are all the polishes from the Zoya Sparkle Collection, which came out in the summer. I absolutely LOVED this collection and have always been reaching for them, regardless of the season or what I’m wearing. I just can’t get enough of them!
For me it was also the start of seeing the uber shimmery/sparkly/glittery shades that are so popular now (Orly, Mac, Sally Hansen all have sparkly shades like this now). Although these aren’t as multi-dimensional as the new ones, they are still fabulous.
Photos, names and swatches are after the jump :]

Ivanka is a blueish green with tons of gold and light green sparkles in it. It needs about 4 coats to really get opaque, but the formula doesn’t clump, drag or goop with all those coats. It’s smooth and the brush is on the shorter, stiffer side. I really like this sort of green because it leans on blue. Some of the more yellow greens look a little odd on my skin tone. 

Charla is my favorite of the collection because of it’s bright aqua/coral reef water colored blue with teal and white goldish shimmers in it. I’m completely in love with it. It gets opaque in three coats but a fourth doesn’t hurt. This one just looks magical under the water in a pool because the blue around you in the pool accents the blue in the polish and then the light effects in the water on the polish just looks amazing. This is easily one of my top nail polishes. Ever. There are dupes of this in the new Orly Cosmix collection as well as that OPI summer color, Catch Me In Your Net… colors like this are now really common so if you don’t like Zoya (I don’t know why you wouldn’t they’re great products) or if you don’t want to buy online, then you can get the Orly Cosmix ones which some have been able to find in CVS.
Mimi is a rich royal purple color with purple, gold and slightly magenta shimmers in it. Out of all the purple polishes I have, this is one that I reach for the most. This is another that is opaque in three, but wouldn’t hurt with a fourth. It does look somewhat similar to C-C-Courage by China Glaze (below) but Mimi is much more sparkly and the purple is a little warmer and a little lighter. I do like this one but of the collection, this falls after Charla, Ivanka, Alegra and Gilda.

Alegra is a light magenta with gold and pink shimmer in it. This is one of the more opaque colors, being completely opaque in three coats. A fourth really isn’t needed. I haven’t ever liked a pink nail polish as much as I like this one. I think the base color is perfect and the shimmers layer so perfectly to make it seem glow-y and shimmery from within.

Nidhi is probably my least favorite of the collection… I love it still but since the other 5 are so pretty this one was sort of just meh. It’s an orangey red with gold shimmer in it. It doesn’t have quite the same amount of shimmer and sort of more sheer base that the others do. I feel like Zoya could have gone the route of Smitten with Mittens by OPI or Ruby Pumps by China Glaze and go with a more sheer, blueish red with red shimmers within it. Instead they went orange-y red and gold shimmer and then the finish is slightly more dull than the others. I still do like it though as a more spring/summer red color.

Gilda is a Barbie pink with light pink and gold shimmers in it. This one is just so happy and girly and wonderful. It’s clearly lighter than Alegra, and really just is the pink Barbie was covered in when I was little. Now it’s more of a pastelly pink but when I was little is was this sort of light magenta, bright pink without a hint of pastel in it. This is another spring/summer favorite, and is again especially pretty under water. 

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