There has been a lot of hype this past year about Argan Oil/Morrocan Oil and the benefits it has for skin, hair and nails.
So, I had been dying to try it and wasn’t sure which brand to choose since there had been so many! I went to my local Sephora and they recommended this one to me (probably because they didn’t have that many other choices…).
I loved that all of the Josie Maran products are 100% made of recycled materials. The box, the bottle, the cap – everything.
For the price, which was $30, I thought it wasn’t that bad at all. I originally bought it in May and have yet to have finished the bottle.

I use it every time I wash my hair. After I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair then run three pumps of this through my hair. I first warm it up in my palms, then rub it into the ponytail section of my hair towards the ends, focusing on the ends because they’re always the driest. I never run it through my roots because it would definitely get too oily. On the back of my hair, the lowest layer, it definitely gets the driest, that is the only part of the hair that gets really dry and wouldn’t be affected by the oils near my roots.
I definitely noticed a great difference in the health of my hair after using it. I have noticeably shinier and stronger hair. It’s also softer, and I feel like after I put it in, my hair dries faster than without the oil in my hair.
My split ends don’t come about as quickly as before and there aren’t as many of them.
I do want to try another brand’s Argan Oil product but want to finish this bottle first.
This is probably the one hair product that I consistently use day to day (or when I wash my hair). Foundation changes, eye products change, deoderant changes, but I always have to use the oil in my hair.
It can be purchased here on Sephora’s site, and is $30.

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