This week I had a lot of nail problems. One of them broke. The nail color chipped because I had to use my hands a bunch at school and work. My hands got really dry and then another nail broke. Really… just a bad week. What ended up happening though was that I painted my nails twice in 3 days. First was “Dressmaker” by Milani, next was “Alegra” by Zoya.
Both of them applied smoothly and were treu to color in 3 coats. They both have a coating of Seche Vite on top (as always).

Dressmaker is supposed to be a dupe for Chanel’s Jade, one of the most sought after colors ever. Amazingly of all the greens I have, it isn’t like any other one. It’s not as minty as one would think, it leans more on the fresh side of greens. There is also a subtle shimmer in the polish that you can see if you click on the pic and make it larger.
Zoya’s “Alegra” came from my favorite nail polish collection of the year, the Sparkle collection. The whole collection is absolutely fantastic… just the most gorgeously glittery colors ever. Also very saturated in color, for all the shades. I’ve talked about these before.. but my favorite is looking at the color under sunlit water, like in a pool. That’s when they’re truly magnificent. I just love these in general though. Alegra is a rich magenta color. Very feminine and fun.

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