Here are my favorite things from August!
August was a good month for me (as always) because it was my birthday on the 23rd and summer is ending/school is starting and although it can get hectic, I’m never stressed out. 
Because things were hectic, I ended up reverting back to things that I know were reliable and super easy for me to use… hence alllllll the Benefit products.
A lot of the rest of it is drugstore/easy to find and inexpensive alternatives to the non-drugstore things that people always want.
I didn’t really have a non-beauty related products as a favorite this month because…I guess hi-lighters seemed really lame lol.
Anyways, here are my favorites, I hope you guys had a great August as well!

Benefit Box of Powders
(Clockwise from top left: Dandelion, Coralista, Georgia, Hoola)
I love these. I just really do. They stack easily, they’re all adorable, they have great pigmentation, they smell like flowers, they’re not overwhelming when it comes to their pigmentation and I’m pretty sure there’s enough colors in their line of powders that everybody will be happy. Dandelion reminds me of Nars Deep Throat and Coralista reminds me of Nars Orgasm. Georgia is a very sheer and pretty peach powder which can be built up to give a nice peach finish if you have pale enough skin. Otherwise it gives the skin a very soft, very peach skin like finish to the skin. Hoola is my newest one and is a matte, fairly light bronzer. Less orange than most bronzers, more on the brown/blue side of things. This one can go on sheer as well but then can build up.
Benefit Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15
This I have been using everyday on my lips. It stains the lips a gorgeous rose color (it also smells gorgeous and exactly like roses… no purfumey hints just roses). It also conditions and has a bit of a gloss to it. It’s not as slick as some balms are, which I figure is because there’s less petroleum (like vaseline) and more of… other stuff lol. It’s quite sticky in my opnion for a balm so it’s more like a lipgloss in a jar. It definitely gives a very healthy, juicy sort of look to the lips though. It also lasts quite a long time. An added bonus is that it has SPF in it and since it has been SO HOT all of a sudden where I live, putting SPF on the lips is important (and something people, including myself, always forget) and it’s like a quadruple whammie (protection/condition, gloss, color, smells like roses).
Left: Benefit Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow “RSVP”
Right: Maybelline Eye Shadow Quad “Chai Latte”
What I’ve been doing this month with my eyes has been putting the RSVP as a base and then putting the Maybelline on top. I especially love the bronzey shimmery color (“Crease” is what it used to be labelled) as an all over lid color. It’s much more shimmery than my other eye shadows… much like the Sleek Palettes. It gives off a shiney/wet look instead of a frosty look. I also really like the highlight (“brow”) color in the quad as an all over lid color. For both I would just use one color and blend out to do super quick eyes that can flatter anybody. As long as that line is blended out so it’s not just a weird semi circle of color on the lid, these super neutral colors will look great on their own and the natural dimensions of your eyes will do the contouring on their own. The Maybelline colors are all pretty pigmented and blend easily, with very little fall-out. See my original review here: Drugstore Eye Shadows Part 1
Loew-Cornell Maxine’s Mops 1/4, 3/8, 1/2
Looking for a great Mac dupe in terms of brushes? Well the most popular dupe for the Mac 239 are the Loew-Cornell Maxine’s Mops 3/8 brushes. Same bristles, same dome, same everything. Just like… $20 cheaper. Yeah. That much cheaper. These (all three) are available at Michaels. If your Michaels doesn’t have the 3/8 (like mine didn’t… at all. And it seemed like they were never going to get them either) then you can get them at and they’re $2.77. I bought 5, and with shipping the total was $13.85, which is about half the amount of one Mac 239 (including tax if you buy it in a store and not online. Online it would then be less than half). I totally recommend getting them at Hofcraft because they’re cheaper than they are at Michaels, and they ship pretty quickly. You can also order as many as you’d like. I use the 3/8 to pack color, the 1/4 to precisely add color to the crease, or to run color under the eyes, and the 1/2 as a quick lid color brush or similar to the Mac 227 as a highlighting brush.
Left to Right: Sinful Colors “San Francisco”, Mac “Jade Dragon”, Sinful Colors “Call You Later”, Orly “Viridian Vinyl”
Left to Right: Color Club “Twiggie”, Milani “Dressmaker”, Sally Hansen “Lime Lights”, Sinful Colors “Mint Apple”
Sooooooo I went from green eye shadow to green nail polish. These are all the greens I purchased/wore this month. All different greens, all unique, all different from any green that I have. I am happy to say that none of these gave me fussiness, stubbornness, annoyingness or any bad qualities. None. That’s quite a feat considering that’s a bunch of different brands and a lot of different finishes. Obviously some are more recent than others (like the Mac). These will all soon be swatched in my NOTW :]
Left To Right: Mustache Necklace, H&M, Forever 21, Forever 21
Super easy to accessorize with, and can tie an outfit together really easily. I love long necklaces… and they go with anything. A white t and jeans can instantly be made exciting with one of these. I love Forever 21 because they have the best selection of accessories to choose from… The Mustache Necklace I got from one of my classmate’s wife, who has an etsy site: Bunny Madden Designs. She make a lot of great, cute stuff that’s all hand made, and affordable!
Candles By Victoria Fudge Brownie (just a brown candle)
I could not be happier with Candles By Victoria and all the products I have gotten from them. They’re super friendly, respond to emails very promptly, the prices are great and the shipping is great. The candles are super fragranced and Fudge Brownie is one of my all time faves. I have a lot of chocolatey and bakery scents and Fudge Brownie always ends up next to my bed, where I can smell it as I go to sleep. It’s fantastic! I recommend getting a tart warmer and some tarts first, so you can try out and mix scents without being tied down with a full candle. If you want a bunch of different candles, then go for the 6 packs that come in small, medium sized and larger (all by ounce) sizes… they come out cheaper than buying 6 individually. 

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