Here are pics from my Mac Haul.
I got not a bunch but a few things from the 2 Mac collections that just came out: Fabulous Felines and F/W Nail Trend 2010. What are you guys excited about??
I looked through a lot of stuff and decided to save my money for the Venomous Villains stuff coming out this month… regardless, here are the things I bought, photos and swatches!

F/W Nail Trend 2010
R to L: Rain of Flowers, Ming Blue, Jade Dragon

Rain of flowers reminds me of “OPI Ink” a lot. It’s a dark purple with a blue, teal and purple shimmer in it. Very interesting. Very thick formula, 2 coats was enough. Ming Blue is a lot like “Dating a Royal” by OPI with a blue shimmer in it as well. Doesn’t stain after wearing it, also very thick formula wise. Jade Dragon is the thickest, with only 1 coat being necessary for an opaque color. It’s a dark green with a teal and blue shimmer making it look like a dark turquoise. Gorgeous but stains!
Jade Dragon bottle, index finger is swatch… pinky is comparison to Zoya Sparkle (one of the pinks) in terms of glitteriness.
Rain of Flowers bottle, ring finger swatch
Ming Blue bottle, middle finger swatch
Fabulous Felines Pigments
R to L: Antique Green, Bloodline, Lithe, Mauvement
Lithe Pigment
Swatch: Dry/Wet
Mauvement Pigment, Antique Green Pigment
Antique Green Dry/Wet, Mauvement Dry/Wet
Bloodline Pigment, Swatch dry/wet
Leopard Luxe Eye Shadow Quad
Swatched in Clockwise order, from top left.

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