Zoya Sparkle Collection

I'm fully aware that this is late. But in an effort to again, organize my collection and have some sort of database of swatches for collections I decided to start posting full collections on my blog with photos of the products as well...Here are all the polishes from the Zoya Sparkle Collection, which came out … Continue reading Zoya Sparkle Collection

NHL #2: Atlanta Thrashers

This is the completed Atlanta Thrashers look, which I mentioned in a FOTD a while back. I actually loved the way this one came out... I thought it was very fall, with still a pop of color and made having a rainbow eye extremely wearable.Atlanta's team colors are Atlanta Midnight Blue, Thrasher Ice Blue, Georgia … Continue reading NHL #2: Atlanta Thrashers

NOTW: "Zombie Zest" by China Glaze

This is from the new China Glaze Halloween collection called Awakening. It comes with 3 polishes, and this is my faaaavorite :DI chose a pic where my fingers were all in different positions so you guys could see the different components to the shade.It's basically a really murky jelly-ish base with lime green and gold … Continue reading NOTW: "Zombie Zest" by China Glaze

Review: Sigma Premium Professional Brush Kit With Roll – Black

A while ago I purchased the original Sigma Brush set, and I thought it was a great deal, especially for those that didn't want to spend the money to get a set of brushes, if they were just starting out with makeup. Honestly, if you aren't a makeup artist, I don't think it's necessary for … Continue reading Review: Sigma Premium Professional Brush Kit With Roll – Black

New Series – NHL #1: Anaheim Ducks

Today (well when I first filmed this) I started to embark in a new series. I briefly talked about this in my FOTD post for 8/31 but I'll just recap those who didn't read that.I have a few series of tutorials going right now... Flowers, Birthstones and Celebrities. I've decided that Flowers are going to be … Continue reading New Series – NHL #1: Anaheim Ducks

NOTW: Double post – "Dressmaker" by Milani, "Alegra" by Zoya

This week I had a lot of nail problems. One of them broke. The nail color chipped because I had to use my hands a bunch at school and work. My hands got really dry and then another nail broke. Really... just a bad week. What ended up happening though was that I painted my … Continue reading NOTW: Double post – "Dressmaker" by Milani, "Alegra" by Zoya