Preview for my new NHL series of tutorials… going to try and make all of the NHL teams colors/logos/jerseys or whatever wearable and fun :]

My flowers tutorials will be the more bold looks, and then the birthstone ones will be sort of in between. Female celebrities will be on-going and ranging from bold to neutral so I’m not going to focus on that one as much… and I’m not going to have a regular schedule for them… just sort of how I feel that day! (If I feel like bold makeup, it’ll be flowers, if I feel like super frosty it’ll be birthstones, if I feel like whatever is next on the NHL list that’ll be it). 
This is for the Atlanta Thrashers, and I already filmed Anaheim. 2 done, 28 to go!

I actually really liked how this one ended up… more details when the tutorial goes up because I don’t want to give this one all away!
Video should be up within the week, hopefully.
My hair was being very cooperative today as well.
I have cut down to only washing my hair 2 times a week, the other days I use dry shampoo. That isn’t to say I don’t take showers… I just don’t wash my hair in the shower. I either keep it up in a super high bun so it doesn’t get wet at all or I use a shower cap. Inevitably part of my hair will get wet but not all of it will and it doesn’t soak or anything.
Now what I do, since I get super oily hair, is that at night, I put in some dry shampoo in the places that get most oily, so in the top and on the sides, a little in the back so that over night it sort of soaks up the oil. I found that in the morning it is much less oily and I have to do much less to it.
A dry shampoo review will be up soon as well… filmed a short one this morning on the Tres Semme one.

Hmmmmm what else?
I’m at school waiting for class at 9:40… I have about an hour.

Oh what female celebrity looks should I do soon? I have a lot more of those than I do the other tutorials so I’ve been holding back on them. But I have started watching Pretty Little Liars, which I’m not totally wrapped up in, and I love Aria’s makeup in the opening credits thing but I think that mostly has to do with the lighting of the sequence. I also love Emily’s always warm but shimmery lids. Maybe I’ll do one of them?
Who’s your favorite character if you watch? I like Emily… I can relate because I also swam and because I also have conservative parents. And I have friends who have struggled with their orientation so I can’t directly relate to it but I sort of know what she’s going through? I also guess I like Aria? But you’re supposed to. I’m not totally in love with any of the characters yet… it wasn’t as easy as it was in Gossip Girl. Even though you were meant to hate blair in the first season I fell in love with her because she was so honest lol and she had the best clothes. Blair will always be my favorite teen drama character. Unless you count Glee as a teen drama then Blair and Sue will be tied.
I feel like I should start watching Vampire Diaries. I’ve definitely held off because I HATE Twilight (poorly written, poor acting, poor directing, poor everything, and yeah I’ve read all the books, seen all the movies… I hate when people dislike something for no reason at all) and I LOVE True Blood and after those two Vampire Diaries just seemed like a “jump on the bandwagon” obligatory teenage version of True Blood show for CW. Apparently it’s pretty good though. And it has Mia from Degrassi and Boone from Lost. What more could I ask for lol.

I’ll have a new NOTW up today when I get home from school just so I can catch up on those… There are three S’s when you start college: School, Social Life, Sleep. I have been choosing School and Sleep (for obvious reasons) so YouTube, Blog, Facebook, the works have been taking the back seat. I have been able to see my friends before they leave but not as much as I’d liked… I worked everyday the whole summer and was only able to do the YouTube/Blog thing because I could do that at home while I was in bed or whatever :/ Lame, but it has to be done like this.

I’m sure this is enough of an update for you all lol. I hope everything is going well and I’ll see you guys soon! (like this afternoon with the NOTW).

❤ Yukie

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