So… new season, new project?

Not really…. But the reason I’m starting a new project is because my samples project is much harder than I had anticipated. I mean, it isn’t difficult for me to just use them and then post about them but honestly, I’ve been busy and have had to crunch in the mornings for makeup. Some days, there have been no makeup at all. So in the mornings, makeup takes a back seat and I just do a quick foundation and mascara and go. Which means, that I don’t have time to pick out a product, try it out, remember to set it aside to use again the next day etc.
This doesn’t mean that I won’t be using the rest of my samples. I definitely will be. Today I used a new face wash for example. But it won’t be a monthly update. I will still be using them, photographing them, reviewing them and such just not 3 at a time every month. It’ll be when I use them (face wash review will be up soon).
I am excited to start a new, more realistic project though….
I always have NOTW (Nails of the Weeks) and I post about them quite a bit. I mean… I paint my nails A LOT. Sometimes daily. Usually twice a week, hence nails of the week not day.
In this past week, Amarixe, one of my favorite YouTube and Blogging beauty Gurus, tweeted that she was going to inventory all her nail polish and do a different Nail Of The Day on her blog so she doesn’t have any repeats. And it just clicked. I need/should do that. I really do. I really do because I have SO many polishes, and I have yet to use some of them and it’ll force me to use all of them at least once!
So, from now on, my project is to use every single nail polish I have and do a NOTW at least once for each of them before I repeat any of them. That means that until I finish the rest of them, I will not use “Cute As A Button” by Essie or “Ruby Pumps” by China Glaze.
And this way, you guys will eventually see every single nail polish in my collection. Every. Single. One.
Granted, as this project goes on, I will absolutely get more in my collection and there will be swatches but you guys will also get to see how it looks on my skin tone etc.
So, with that whole explanation… here it goes!

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