I have my fall nail polish picks for you guys! It has been a while since I have posted a video or blog post… my school just started on Monday and before that all of the summer scheduling for work ended so things have been super hectic for the last week and a half. I settled my whole schedule for the fall though so I can now start focusing back on trying to get posts up for you guys!
I do have one quick complaint before I get into everything though… this new outlining system for blogger is SO confusing. It’s frustrating! I just can figure stuff out and align things and it was much simpler before… the only handy thing about it is there is now a break button so the rest of the post can be seen under a link. But that’s about it.
Anyways… before the fall polishes, I have just a few polishes I hauled but hadn’t photographed yet so that’s in there too. This is just one giant polish post so enjoy!

Hauled Nail Polishes:
Left over polishes from the spring and summer

Sally Hansen HD Nail Color “DVD”

One of my favorite drugstore nail polishes at the moment. It’s beautifully unique in the sense that it has the shimmer quality of the Zoya’s Sparkles, the smoothness of China Glaze and the unique multicolor shimmer that I love in Zoya’s “Adina” or “OPI Inc” by OPI (duh). It’s a purple-blue base with turquoise, blue and purple sparkles. It does take about 4 coats to get a good color, and already (after using it once on my nails) there was quite a bit missing from the bottle. These really need to be seen in person to appreciate these polishes to the fullest. These can be found at all drugstores and are between $5 and $7.
Sally Hansen HD Color “Laser”

Another from the new HD line. This one is definitely bluer and much more opaque. It has pink, purple and blue shimmers so it’s definitely not turquoise-y in the slightest. I have another from the collection called “Spectrum” but it’s very similar to Zoya’s “Charla” and OPI’s “Catch Me In Your Net” so if you don’t want to spend as much for those higher end brands and then on top of that pay for shipping or whatever, that’d be a good option for you. Its photo is missing and I’ve lent it out to a friend so I couldn’t post it :/

Essie “Haute as Hello”

This came from the Essie Summer Collection (…that’s what it was called.). I first saw it on Khloe Kardashian’s blog and it looked great on her. It photographed oddly like the other ones she posts so when I got it in the mail, the polish was a completely different color than what she had in the photo. That’s what you get for camera phone quality though. Nonetheless, I do love it. It’s similar to Essie’s “Tart Deco”, which is a creme version of OPI’s “Melon of Troy”. “Haute as Hello” is a bit brighter and I guess has some neon particles in it which is why it dries sort of matte. It has the same finish as some of the Orly Plastix in fact. Formula was lovely as with all Essie polishes… on the thicker side and opaque, but not sticky or goopy.

OPI “Cajun Shrimp”

I actually had somebody ask me a couple of months ago if I thought OPI’s “Cajun Shrimp” was a dupe for Mac’s “Scorcher” which was released with the To The Beach Collection. I hadn’t had it then so I had no idea. I did purchase it recently though and am glad to say that yes, it is a reasonably good dupe for “Scorcher”. This applied a quite a bit less sheerly than the Mac polish and is a bit more red. It is a coral though. Another color that “Scorcher” is similar to is “Coral” by Barry M, which is below. “Coral” is closer in consistency and color, although a bit more orange than “Scorcher”. These are all pretty similar to “California Coral” and “Chubby Cheeks” by Essie as well (which will be swatched in a later blog post).
Barry M Coral

Mac Scorcher

OPI “Hot & Spicy”
This was from OPI’s Spring Hong Kong Collection. I wasn’t interested in it at all actually when it first came out. Then obviously at the end of the summer I had this giant orange/coral nail polish kick and suddenly it was beautiful to me. Oh Well. That’s how it always is, right? Anyways, this is a… hot sauce orange/red color. It leans more on the orange side which is why it made my Cora/Orange/Yellow/Gold nail wheel. It’s a little on the cool side. Only a tiny bit though. I found that it makes it easier for me to wear. Super warm oranges can look weird on me sometimes. It applied nicely and there was no fuss to it. It’s SUPER similar to Orly’s “Retro Red” from their Plasitx collection. If you just put a top coat on the Orly color then they’d be pretty interchangeable. “Hot & Spicy” is just a bit lighter.

China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”

This is the one I posted a picture on Twitter (follow me! @yukiesano) about. I can tell you right now, that this is nowhere near as vibrant, glowy and addicting to look at in the photo as it is in real life. Honestly, you’d have to go look at it before you get it to get a real sense of what it looks like. I got mine at Sally’s. It’s part of the summer “Pool Party” collection, which featured all neon colors. Like all neons, this one dries with a matte finish (left side of the swatch, but you can barely see). In the Twitter photo I used a top coat so it’d look more vibrant and just plain fun. I absolutely love this color… which I realize I didn’t even talk about yet! It’s a neon, coralled pink. It was also the inspiration for my coral/bright nail polish kick this past month!

China Glaze “Pool Party”

This is the neon pink component to the “Pool Party” collection. It’s your classic bright, neon, shocking pink. Think “Shocking Pink” or “Wild Watermelon” crayons by Crayola. As with the one just above, this one applied quite sheer so 3-4 coats is needed. It can also streak a little if you’re not patient with it. Adding a top coat with this one also makes it pop even more because it dries sort of matte.


Fall Nail Polishes:
Observed, Hauled, Recommended

First, I’ll start with polishes from certain collections (China Glaze “Vintage Vixen” and OPI “Swiss”), then I’ll go through some more classic fall colors that are always useable and never go out of style. Some of them are complete musts for me, some of them can be found in drugstore duplicates :]
Overall, I basically noticed that not only were the popular dark, vampy, shimmery reds re-introduced, as well as the sort of grayed out creme versions of the bright colors we had seen in the spring, but there were a lot of what I call “Gunmetalled” colors. OPI and China Glaze both had colors in their collection that were colors that were popular in the spring, just mixed with a dark, smokey gray color, making it a dark, smokey, shimmery version of those formerly popular colors. Teal turned into a shimmery, deep bottle green/teal mix, purples and reds followed suit.
There is also much more emphasis on green this fall than there was last year. Last year there were a lot of purples being thrown around. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE purple. I DIE for purple. But this year there is a ton of green and it compliments all those purples nicely. 
Cremes will always be nice in the fall since ultra glittery or shimmery polishes will always be fun for the spring, and when the sun is out to make them super reflective. There are quite a bit of glittery/micro glittery polishes being brought out though so that is exciting. Again, in tones not so bright that they scream “LOOK AT ME!” but in a smokey and almost sultry fashion.
Those sort of ashy, almost washed out browns are always popular in the fall as well.
As mentioned before, those dark reds and wine colors are being introduced again, so if you love those don’t worry about having to find another. They always stay in the same range anyways.
Now, enough of the talk, let’s get to the swatches!
China Glaze “Vintage Vixen” Collection, Fall 2010
China Glaze came out with a fall collection consisting of 12 colors. They’re all either shimmery or micro glittery. There were 2 reds, 2 plums, a purple, a blue, a teal, 3 browny coppery shades, a dark gray and a light yellow/gold. Go to the Temptalia or Scrangie post for a more in-depth look at the collection.

China Glaze “Bogie”

This one is my favorite of the collection. I only purchased 3 because I knew that I’d be getting the OPI colors and well, not that many stood out to me. This one did and has become my favorite though. It’s a dark, gunmettaled purple/plum. It has the shimmer, the smokey, the purple. What more could I ask for. It was pretty opaque. 2 coats completely sufficed. 

China Glaze “Ingrid”

This one is my second favorite (of the three lol) and it’s a classic fall taupe, spiced up (mmmmmm apple cider spices just jolted through my brain. I CAN’T WAIT FOR FALL) with a gorgeous and slight golden micro glitter in it. It actually reminds me a fair amount of the Mac Cremesheen Glass in “You’ve Got It” from “In The Groove”. Except with a gold shimmer, not a teal one. Anyways… I expect to use this one a lot in the fall. Especially in the deep fall, right around Thanksgiving. It applied well, another 2-coater.

China Glaze “Emerald Fitzgerald”

Now obviously if you’ve done the math (that oh so difficult math… not) then this is my “third” favorite of the 3 I purchased. Nothing is wrong with it. Besides the fact that I made the SILLY and absentminded double purchase of this color. Not 2 bottles of this, but I got this AND “Cuckoo For This Color” by OPI (swatched below) without even realizing how exactly the same they are. Don’t get me wrong, I love teals. I love dark colors. I just guess the fact that I have so much of this color makes it less… “special” and therefore my third favorite. Getting on with it, this is another gunmettaled color… it’s a nice dark teal, taken a step darker, smoked out and infused with shimmer to make it a very sexy dark green-blue. This one did need 3 coats to get it as deep of a color as possible but wasn’t fussy at all. I got a lot of compliments on this color at work.

OPI “Swiss” Collection, Fall 2010
I’m not going to lie, I rather enjoy the country themed collections OPI comes out with. I like them more than the movie or tv show based ones because I feel like the country based ones pull from the culture and artifacts and important objects within the culture that define a country. Yes, it’s just nail polish, but a standard dark purple then comes with a story and a character to it.
The OPI “Swiss” collection came with 12 colors, 6 cremes, 6 non cremes. Within the 6 cremes are 4 red/berry/plum/wine colors, 1 teal, and 1 dark purple. In the 6 non cremes are 1 foiled glitter gold, 1 ultra shimmer gunmetal, 1 dark shimmered teal, 1 shimmery blue, 1 shimmery purple plum, and 1 duochrome shimmer lilac. Go to Scrangie’s post for more in-depth information and more swatches of the collection.

OPI “Ski Teal We Drop”

This was the creme color I was most excited about. First of all, it has the word Teal in the name. SOLD. Second of all, it’s a darker teal that I don’t have. SOLD. Third, I mean look at it. It’s gorgeous (if you’re in to teals…). It’s a much deeper… pacific teal. It’s like what I imagine the depths of the ocean to be, say where the whales and such swim, specifically in deep winter ocean. It’s basically what I consider to be a closer San Jose Sharks teal than any of the colors I own. It is a bit dark but there’s more green in it than let’s say “Suzi Says Feng Shui” (below) or any other teals I have. If it were like a shade lighter it’d be perfect for SJ Sharks. It applies thickly, but not goopy. 2 coats was more than enough with this color. 

OPI “Suzi Says Feng Shui”

OPI “Yodel Me On My Cell”
This is a darker, slightly greener version of “Teal The Cows Come Home” by OPI (Below). It’s got very similar shimmer color-wise, although this one has 2 different types of shimmer in it. There’s the micro shimmer that’s a sort of warm silver, then there are bigger (but not big) glitter particles in it. It could almost be classified a teal in real life, if it had a bit more green in it. It photographed bluer than it looks in real life.

OPI “Teal The Cows Come Home”

OPI “I’m Suzi & I’m A Chocoholic”
I’m going to be honest and say I bought this one for the name. It’s so cute! It is a creamy midtone brown with a hint of raspberry in it. Thus, it’s a raspberry cream truffle, in nail polish form. 3 coats is needed for full color potential.

OPI “Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous”
This one is super exciting because it’s a gunmetal, with super shimmer, and a slight warmth to it. Definitely not something I expected to see at all this fall, although China Glaze also released a sort of shimmery dark gray as well. With one coat, a pretty sort of gray shimmer is achieved. With 3, it’s that smokey, deep gray that isn’t too dark. I’m definitely in love with this one.

OPI “Glitzerland”
This one I wasn’t completely sold on until I saw the swatches for it on Scrangie’s post. It just looked so familiar and it’s because Orly released a sort of foiled, shimmery gold with their Foil FX collection called “Luxe” (below). Scrangie did rave about it (briefly) so I decided to get it but when I got it, yeah, I wasn’t as impressed. They’re essentially the same gold. “Luxe” may be a tad warmer (even though it doesn’t look like that in the photos… in real life it is). It’s also more opaque than “Glizterland”. Is this a must purchase? No. If you only like OPI then yes, it’s an OPI dupe for Orly’s Luxe. “Glizterland” needs 3 coats to get to that bright gold. Maybe even 4. “Luxe” only needed 2-3. Therefore, Orly’s “Luxe” comes out the winner for me.
Orly “Luxe”

OPI “The Color To Watch”
This color is very special. It has the same duochrome as “Venus di Violet” by OPI, but the same base color as “Sahara Sapphire” by OPI, just withought the metallicness of sahara. There is also a slight silver glitter in it. It’s quite sheer so 4-5 coats may be needed to really get a strong color. In the swatch photo it almost looks like it has a brown/mauve base to it. It really doesn’t but I think that adds to the complexity of the color.

OPI “Cuckoo For This Color”
So this is that identical twin of China Glaze’s “Emerald Fitzgerald” I was talking about. See? Exactly the same. As in, in photos, in real life, in sun, in artificial light, in a pool, under running water, in the dark with just the glow from my computer screen, in every circumstance imaginable, I could not tell a major difference for me to say that they’re individual enough from each other to say they aren’t an exact dupe. My dad, who’s an illustrator, and has been doing art, mixing his own paints an such for 40+ years, can’t even tell between the two. Maybe the OPI has the tiniest amount more of glitter, but that’s stretching it. That was probably because they sit at different angles to the light. At 1, 2 and 3 coats they are the same. Same opacity, same formula. It’s sort of weird. Obviously though, this means that this is going to be the real color to watch (get it, because the other one was called “Color to Watch”…) because 2 competing brands made the exact same color. Scrangie apparently says there is more blue in the OPI, but I disagree. Completely. Seeing them side to side on my nail wheel and on different colored backgrounds, there is really no more blue in the OPI than in the China Glaze.


Go-To Fall Nail Polishes
The rest of these polishes are my go-to, always going to be popular, colors for fall. Lots of muted purples, plums and vampy reds. These are also just color ideas… many brands make colors similar to these. These are just the ones I have. I’m therefore not going to have a description of the formula or anything, just a description of the color and other options if I have any.

Essie “Angora Cardi”
Plummy- Mauve

OPI “Crêpes Suziette”
Slightly orangey red-brown. Like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, changing leaves.

OPI “Krème De La Kremlin”
Cool sort of sienna color. Good neutral.

Color Club “Charity Ball”
Another orangey brick red-brown. More orange, thus slightly warmer.

Zoya “Isla”
Metallic blackened red.

Zoya “Blair”
Vampy mettalic red. Vampy instead of blackened because this has a slight purple undertone to it. Tons of brands make this metallic, vampy red color.

OPI “We’ll Always Have Paris”
Classic wine red color. Has that dark purple tone in it that makes it more of a wine than a regular dark red.

OPI “Black Cherry Chutney”
Dark purple/red. Not vampy because it’s truly a dark purple, that has red, and gold shimmers in it. A lot of brands make a color similar to this too.

OPI “Midnight In Moscow”
Super dark brown/black with a red shimmer in it, making it look like a dark red. Great alternative for black if you like shimmery as well.

Color Club “Best Dressed List”
Reddened creamy mushroom color. Think cream of mushroom soup, with a hint of red in it. Another great neutral.

Color Club “Who Are You Wearing?”
Off white cream of mushroom. Slightly lighter and pinker than “Tickle My France-y” by OPI (which for some reason isn’t here). “Tickle My France-y” is and excellent neutral, skin toned color though which would also be great for fall.

Essie “Playa Del Platinum”
Slightly browned light gray.

Color Club “High Society”
Lighter version of “You Don’t Know Jacques” by OPI (below). It’s a light browned gray. Or grayed brown. Whichever you prefer. It’s mousy and taupey.

OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques”
Taupey and mousy brown. Gray hues. Good dark neutral color without being harsh like black, dark purple, dark greens, and dark blues.

OPI “At Your Quebec and Call”
Stunning iridescent olive green. Very Thanksgiving-y to me for those who don’t like browns and reds but prefer greens and blues. Good green for those who don’t want to go all out in green.

OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark”
Obviously I’m going to include this. Dark dark dark purple. Like an eggplant. My favorite alternative to black.

OPI “Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow”

Dark, inky, seaweed green. Another great black alternative.

Orly “Blue Suede”

Matte but can be transformed into a creme with a top coat. I do like matte colors in the fall, especially dark ones. Essie, Obsessive Compulsive and a few other brands make a matte top coat, so you can easily transform your most bold shades into a bit more fall appropriate shades by muting them down and making them matte.
This is just a nice navy blue. It’s that sort of grayed out dark blue that is a classic cold weather blue. 

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