Here are the photos, swatches and brief explanations I have for all the products I just recently (well over the last month) got from Mac 😀 Enjoy!

I actually didn’t photograph the foundation I got since it’s the one I’ve been using all year and it’s just a replacement. It’s the Studio Fix Fluid SPF15, I’m the shade NC25.

– Mineralize Skin Finish: Petticoat (Mac In The Groove)
Mac came out with 4 Mineralize Skin Finishes in the In The Groove collection. 2 of them I talk about all the time… Comfort and By Candelight. I bought the other 2 in the collection which were Petticoat and Stereo Rose. Both of them were difficult to get as they sold out pretty quickly… Petticoat, which is this one, I got in the second shipment on the Nordstrom site so it took about a month after the original release for Nordstrom to send to me. The wait was worth it though because it’s beautiful!
It’s a light pink base with a raspberry-ish red and gold veining in it. It swatches pretty dark for having a light pink base… the darker berry color definitely comes through.
It’s a little bit more… crumbly? than the other 2 MSF’s I have from Warm and Cozy (Comfort and By Candelight). Those two are more densely packed I feel like than this one and even Stereo Rose. It makes it easy to use too much though so just the lightest tap on a brush suffices enough for me with Petticoat.
I use it mostly as a blush. On darker skin tones I think it would still work as a blush but just have a slightly more highlighting property to it. On lighter skin tones it would be a pretty dark blush color.
Here’s a closer look of it:
– Stereo Rose Mineralize Skin Finish (Mac In The Groove)

I ended up getting my hands on one of the most anticipated products I’ve read/seen/heard about all year. It’s the Stereo Rose Mineralize Skin Finish. The original release of it was some… 5 years ago? in a collection that I hadn’t heard of since I hadn’t gotten into makeup until this year. But everybody was buzzing about it so clearly I had to get one lol.
Honestly speaking, I think the biggest reason I feel like I had to get it was because everybody was dying to have it. Yes, I like the color and MSF’s in general but the anticipation of it’s release just made it so much more of a “I MUST HAVE IT.” Because of that, yeah I feel a little guilty for purchasing it because somebody else that actually wanted it for the color etc could have gotten it… but I do like it.
It was completely sold out the first time around it was on Mac and Nordstrom, within 3 hours of it being on the site. About a month later, when I was purchasing my Dare To Wear stuff, it was restocked on the Mac site so I put one in my shopping cart thinking perhaps I’d get it? I purchased it and after it shipped I actually knew that I got it.
It’s a romantic slightly dark rose color, very warm though. It has some tan/brown and gold veining in it, but the color comes out that dark warm rose. It’s much lighter than I thought it would be. It’s pretty pigmented so again, just a light tap will do for this one as well. It’s also the slightly crumbly press like Petticoat.
Here’s a closer look:
Here are swatches of the two:
Stereo Rose (R), Petticoat (L)
Lip Products from Dare To Wear and In The Groove
– Right Image Cremesheen Glass (Mac In The Groove)
I loved the first Cremesheen Glass that I got (Partial to Pink)… the formula was great, the color was pretty, the buildability of the color was nice so I decided to get some of the Cremesheen Glasses that were to be released with the In The Groove collection. There were 6 colors released and I got 3 of them. This one is “Right Image” and it’s a warm pink with a gold microshimmer in it.
I noticed that all the Cremesheen Glass shades pretty much coincided with the lipstick colors released with the collection.
There were two pinks, a warm and a cool, and I decided to get the warm pink Cremesheen Glass. There was no particular reason why… I guess because I got the cooler pink lipstick?
Anyways like the other Cremesheen Glasses I have this one isn’t sticky at all, goes on pretty sheer but can build up to a nice warm pink. The shimmer in it is so slight that you’d barely see it on the lip.
I really do love the formula and the wear of these lip glosses… they last pretty long in the day. Obviously not through eating or something because it’s not as sticky as say the Dazzleglasses. If you’re not eating or drinking too much these will pretty much last past half of a work day. I only needed to reapply once when I was at work and it was fine for the rest of the day.
– Fashion Whim Cremesheen Glass (Mac In The Groove)
This is the second Cremesheen Glass I got from In The Groove. It’s pretty much my skin tone, just pinker. It also has a slight golden shimmer in it. I use it to either tone down bright lip colors or to just use it as a gloss. It’s great for a neutral lip or for nude lips.
I don’t know if you’d enjoy it as much as I would if you have a darker skin tone since it is pretty light.
Here is a swatch of them:
Right Image (R), Fashion Whim (L)
– You’ve Got It Cremesheen Glass (Mac In The Groove)
This is the third Cremesheen Glass I got and my favorite. It’s a cool taupey brown with that slight shimmer. But the shimmer in this one is a turquoise/teal color. It’s slight but definitely appears on the lips.
It is slightly darker than my natural lip color so I use it alone when I want a slight tint to my lips and a nice gloss. I also use it to help tone down and slightly darken some lipsticks. I definitely am glad that I purchased this one.
– Sparklicious Dazzleglass Creme (Mac Alice & Olivia)
I personally don’t know what the difference between a Dazzleglass and a Dazzleglass Creme is but I do like it. All of my Dazzleglasses appear on the lip pretty true to color so it isn’t like the Dazzleglass Creme is any creamier or like…. creamier? I don’t know. Whatever.
I was super bummed when most of the stuff from Alice & Olivia were already sold out when I went to purchase them because I really did want the pigments. This was also on my want list though so I was glad I was able to purchase it.
It’s just a white base with white gold, pink and blue sparkles.
It’s just as sticky, sparkly and longish wearing as the normal Dazzleglasses.
I’m probably going to use this more in the winter because it gives sort of an icy and frosty look to the lips.
– Infused With Glam Dazzle Lipstick (Nordstrom Digi-Pops, Mac Digi Dazzle)
This was a lipstick I sort of stabbed in the dark with in terms of color but luckily I ended up loving it. It’s a bronze and copper super shimmery lipstick.
It’s definitely unique in that sense because the last time I had anything like this was a long time ago with a lipstick from Clinique where you had to apply the color then sort of wipe the sides of the lipstick on the lips as well to get the shimmer.
This is shimmery all the way through. I can sometimes feel a grittiness with it on my lips but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.
The color definitely come through very true to the color in the tube, just a nice, warm bronze and copper mix.
There are a bunch of colors to choose from from very light pale golds to more bold colors.
I had though it was just exclusive to Nordstrom but I guess it isn’t since it is now on the Mac site. They were only on Nordstrom for a while though.
I think I’m going to order a few more colors since I do like how unique these lipsticks are.
Here are swatches of Sparklicious, Infused With Glam, and You’ve Got It:
Sparklicious (Top Left), Infused with Glam (Top Middle), You’ve Got It (Bottom left, horizontal)
– Faux Lipstick, Satin (Permanent Collection)

This is a color that I first saw on Jazziebabycakes on YouTube. I absolutely loved the color on her, and she’s part asian so I pretty much was sold that it was going to work for me. It does too so that’s always good.

It’s a nice nude pink brown. Lol… that’s pretty much what it is though. It’s close to my natural lip color, just a little more pink.
This is my first satin lipstick and like the satin eye shadows, it’s not quite matte but has a little bit of a shine to it.
I do like the satin finish. It’s not drying at all and isn’t slippery like the glaze lipsticks can be. It is pretty pigmented as well.
– Jazzed Cremesheen Lipstick (Mac In The Groove)
There were 6 lipsticks from In The Groove and I bought three of these as well.
They were all Cremesheen finishes so they’re creamy and slightly less pigmented than the satins and other pigmented finishes. This one is Jazzed and it’s just a bright coral color.
It has a slight shine to it (the Sheen in Cremesheen) so on it’s own it’d be pretty but can be more glossy with a gloss on top.
It’s a great summer/spring color, especially this year since those corals were super popular.
It’s warm and a little too orange for me to wear a lot. I think it would look prettier on somebody that doesn’t have as much of a yellow undertone in their skin like I do as well as somebody lighter.
Here is a swatch of Faux and Jazzed:
Faux (L), Jazzed (R)
– I Like It Like That Cremesheen Lipstick (Mac In The Groove)
“I Like It Like That” is lipstick #2 that I got from In The Groove. It’s a cooler midtone pink. There were two pinks to choose from, I just chose the cooler pink (versus the warmer…). They were pretty much the same color just one was warmer one was cooler.
– Call My Bluff Cremesheen Lipstick (Mac In The Groove)
Like I was saying before, the lipsticks and lip glosses coincided pretty well in this collection. This lipstick is pretty much the same color as “You’ve Got It” Cremesheen Glass, maybe just slightly warmer.
It’s a taupey brown, with no shimmer. Very smooth, slight sheen, pretty moisturizing. It’s great for a slightly tinted nude lip for my skin tone. It’s more sultry on me than just a plain nude lip would be because it’s slightly darker.
Here is a swatch of I Like It Like That and Call My Bluff:
I Like It Like That (L), Call My Bluff (R)
– So Bad Dare To Wear Lipglass (Mac Dare To Wear)
These are super pigmented, super sparkly, pretty thick, skinny tubed lipglasses. They’re more sparkly than the Dazzleglasses and since the formula is pretty thick and the color is pretty pigmented on the lips it’s not as glossy just super bold and sparkly.
And by super sparkly I mean you can wipe it off with a makeup wipe but the glitter will just get everywhere. It’s slightly gritty on the lips because of that.
This is a very nice orange with a slight coral hint and lots of gold, orange and pink sparkles. It’s like a mix of Euro Beat and Jingle Jangle Dazzleglasses color/sparkle wise.
The non-glitter color is just a bold orange color.
It’s interesting… not a color that I’d wear everyday at all. I don’t really know what to do with it. I initially bought it because I have absolutely nothing like it. Normally that’d be good because I would get something that I would be able to wear but with this one I’m kind of still unsure what I’m going to do with it.
It’s a nice option to have though (I guess… lol).
– Bold & Brash Dare To Wear Lipglass (Mac Dare To Wear)
This one is absolutely bold, gorgeous and exciting. I don’t have a pigmented red lipgloss, and the fact that it’s sparkly just makes it so much more lovely to me. It reminds me a lot of Ruby Slippers nail polish by China Glaze.
It’s just a pure warm red with a ton of red sparkles in it.
I just had a vision of putting it over the NSFW Lip Tar by OCC and having this bold, red sparkly lip when I put it in my shopping cart when I went to purchase it.
I am probably going to do it for my next birthstone look (diamonds). Just looking at it makes me feel excited and just jazzed to use it.
Here are swatches of them:
So Bad (L), Bold & Brash (R)
Now for the eye shadows!
I got one “goodbye list” product then a bunch from Dare To Wear.
– Dreammaker Eye Shadow, starflash (Going Going Gone listed eyeshadow)
From the Starflash collection. It’s super shimmery but also pigmented. It’s pretty soft as you can see it’s glitter particles are just flaking away on the top.
It’s a buttery light yellow with a pearly shimmer finish to it. Great lid color… what I use when I just want a slight shimmery lid in a “no makeup” look.
– Going Bananas Eye Shadow, frost (Mac Dare To Wear)
It’s a frost, amongst a bunch of matte colors! I love me some frosty eye shadow. This one is more of a sunflowery yellow than a banana yellow in my opinion. It’s just a happy color. It’s smooth like most frost eyeshadows are and decently pigmented. Another nice lid color for when I want something a little more substantial than just some shimmer.
– Sassy Grass Eye Shadow, matte (Mac Dare To Wear)
Pretty much a grass green. Maybe a little darker. Actually yeah. Darker. If you ever go sea glass hunting at the beach, it’s like that dark slightly lighted bottle green color. It’s pretty smooth, not as chalky as some matte colors can be. Very bold, something that I’m going to have to plan out a look around instead.
– Zingy Eye Shadow, matte (Mac Dare To Wear)
I remember when I was little, walking into Nordstrom, and seeing the Mac counter and their giant display of eye shadows. I would always just be drawn to the blues. Specifically those bright, matte blues. I don’t know if they got rid of colors like this or if my brain kind of made up those colors but this is one of those colors that I just was in love with when I was little. I still am. But I know not to buy them because I can’t really wear them. When I saw this one though, I was just drawn back to it because of all of those childhood memories of just yearning to have it and being so attracted to makeup because of it.
It’s a very deep sky blue. Like during the middle of summer, when you look up at the sky in the middle of just a beautiful, cloudless, hot day. It’s very bright, not at all fogged up by any hints of gray or silver. It isn’t chalky either. It’s just beautiful.
– Crazy Cool Eye Shadow, veluxe pearl (Mac Dare To Wear)
In the pot, it looks a lot like Beautiful Iris (permanent) eye shadow. When swatched it looks alarmingly a lot like Crystal. It’s also very similar to Digit, although Digit is a couple of shades lighter. Clearly, this color isn’t very unique. Although I can see a difference in all four of those colors, it’s not a must have, especially because there are three different permanent options. I will admit that I have a soft spot for purple eye shadows and so that’s why I bought it.
It’s pretty pigmented and smooth. I honestly couldn’t tell you the difference between some frosts and veluxe pearls. There are some frosts that are very much like a veluxe pearl and vise-versa.
– Shock-a-Holic eye Shadow, matte (Mac Dare To Wear)
Again, I’ll admit that the reason I bought this was because it was purple. It didn’t even occur to me that I have a purple very similar to that that I absolutely love by MUFE which is their famous 92. I saw it on Temptalia and thought “huh that looks like Funkey Dunky” which was a purple nail polish from OPI’s Shrek collection. Obviously when I was buying all of this I didn’t even reflect on the fact that I have two very similar purples to the two purples I was purchasing. Oh well. Too late.
It is very smooth and not chalky but again, similar to 92. It’s not as bright or vibrant as the MUFE color. It’s a little softer and a little darker. It’ll be good to travel with so I don’t have to travel with that big MUFE palette although I could just put the pan back in the original packaging since it’s magnetized… anyways it is unique color when you only look within Mac. So if you like having all Mac products go and get your hands on it while you can.
Comparisons with MUFE’s Purple 92 (on the left) and Mac’s Shock-a-Holic (right) in two different types of lighting… that way you can see that no matter the lighting they are still similar.
– Louder, Please Eye Shadow, matte (Mac Dare To Wear)
This was probably the one I was most excited about. It’s a very bright magenta/red color that’s matte and very bold. I still have no clue what I’m going to do with it but sometimes I just sit and look at it. It’s kind of intimidating because it’s such a pretty but dangerous color. I might end up using it on my lips more than my eyes. I can foresee myself doing a bright flower tutorial with it though.
Like all the other mattes in the collection this wasn’t very chalky and very pigmented.
Here are swatches of all the colors:
Left to right: MUFE 92, Shock-a-holic, Crazy Cool, Zingy, Sassy Grass, Going Banans, Louder Please, Dreammaker

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