Here is a list of all of my favorites from July, and a brief description/review of them all :] Happy August, and let’s get started!

– iPhone 4

For my birthday my parents decided to go along with my plan and partially pay for a new phone, specifically the new iPhone. I am now going to pay for the monthly data plan and am so excited about it! I absolutely love my phone and have not had any problems with it. I have been obsessed with it and have been using it for everything… email, filming, pictures, twitter, facebook… EVERYTHING. I just am in love with it. ūüėÄ

– Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask
As I said in the video, I have started to get really dry hair because of the heat and the chlorine has caught up to me from this past swim season. I really love the weight of the product itself: it definitely isn’t runny at all and so you really only need a quarter size amount of the product when you use it. For the amount of hair that I have, it’s remarkable that that amount would suffice with my hair. It’s got a great smell to it and it for sure works really well because my hair feels stronger, more moisturized and healthier. I just leave it in for 3-5 minutes when I’m in the shower and rinse it before using another conditioner with it as well. I can tell you now that hair washing days are my favorite because my hair just feels and looks so good afterwards! This can be found at any drugstore, and I got it for $7.50.
– John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Conditioner
This is another hair product that I love because I don’t have to use a lot of it. I don’t generally get frizzy hair but it helps smooth it out and make it look shiny and healthy. It definitely helps hydrate which is a super plush because of how dry my hair has gotten now that it’s the end of summer. It smells wonderful and is really creamy… like a really high quality yogurt. These are available at drugstores (I got mine at Safeway) for $5.99.
– Baby Hair Clips
I’ve just been loving how easy it is to put my hair back and how I don’t have to be scared of it falling out. Bobby pins cause problems some times because they just don’t hold my hair up as well as I’d like unless I use like 5 or six of them… and to just hold back a small section of hair I don’t want to have to use 5 or 6 bobby pins. Now that I’m more frequently working in Kidswatch, which is like the day care room at the building I lifeguard in, I’m always scared that a bobby pin will fall out of my hair and a baby or a toddler would come over, put it in their mouth and then choke on it. So with these baby hair clips I know that they’re going to stay in and that They do a great job with only 1 product. I got these at CVS, 30 for $4.
– Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF45 (Won’t Clog Pores!)
Sun care has been really important to me this year because I’ve just become FED UP with peeling, with blotchy skin, with the threat of skin cancer and with the fact that my skin gets freckles/beauty marks really easily from the sun. It’s something I’m really self-conscious about because I love having my skin look healthy. I always try to use products with SPF, especially for my face, and I always have sun screen with me for my body. At the beginning of the summer I went to CVS and bought this Neutrogena Face sunscreen because it said “won’t clog pores”. There were so many options from Oil Free to different SPF’s and to their Helioplex line but this one seems like a great deal for the price. Neutrogena can get pricey and I’m not complaining at all because sun protection is so important but it’s always nice to know that you can be safe and budget friendly. This sun screen has a nice fresh lemon/sunscreen scent to it that’s fairly light but still there. It’s pretty thick and does have an obvious oil residue that’s left behind that isn’t as bad as regular sun screens but is still there. I normally apply this under my primer so that my primer can help the oiliniess of it all. It definitely doesn’t clog my pores. It also worked great… I sat outside all day under direct sunlight for my brother’s graduation and I came away from it with happy and protected skin. This is available at all drugstores and is between $5 to $10.
– Bright, Holographic and Neutral Nails
I just recently purchased a bunch of bright colored nail polish (as in like last week) but I loved them SO MUCH that they made my favorites list! I have been loving the coral tinted reds and pinks, as well as the neon colored ones from China Glaze’s summer collection.
I also purchased some polishes from Sally Hansen’s new HD collection and absolutely am enchanted by them. I love how dynamic they are and how they look different in different lights, and angles.
Then as a total opposite of both of these categories, I wore really neutral nails this month as well. I wore really nude as well as grayed out colors a lot and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was refreshing after all the crazy nail stuff!
– Green Eye Shadow
I’ve just been gravitating towards green all the time this month! And not just one type of green but both frosty and matte, bright and deep, and pigments (pressed) or just regular eyeshadows. I love the Mac ones, obviously, but I also reached for the green in my Urban Decay Alice palette named Absolem (real name is Homegrown) which is a cooler sort of grass green and a much softer frost and all the greens in my Coastal Scents palette! I love the accessibility and affordability of the colors in the CS palettes especially when I don’t want to commit to a color like a bright green from a higher end brand… I usually use my CS palettes and testing products for when I want to try out certain colors. If I end up really liking the brighter colors on my face, then I start browsing the higher end brands to see if I can find them there. It may seem like a waste of money to some people but the CS palettes do have quite a bit of fall out and don’t stay vibrant for as long as some of my Mac or MUFE ones and also aren’t as big. So, I use them to test out colors on my face. Nonetheless, I’ve been loving green eye looks and have become more confident with bright colors!
– Mac 130
This small short duo fibred brush has been the one I reached for the most when applying my foundation this month! It does take quite a bit of effort and time because it’s so small but by spending the time to really buff it in well I get a great natural, soft finish that I’ve been in love with. It lets my natural skin show through and the makeup doesn’t look to heavy on my skin at all. It was limited edition so you can’t get it anymore but if you do have it, it’s a great brush to apply foundation with if you are committed enough or have enough time to really apply the foundation every morning.
– Mac Cremesheen Glass
Love these lip glasses! And as far as I can tell Mac has permanent shades! I love how the pigmentation is pretty good so you can build it or have a sheer wash of color. I love how creamy it is and how glossy it is without being sticky. I use the more nude colors to neutralize brighter lipsticks or just as a gloss on my lips when I want a really “no makeup” makeup look. I love the pinks how they can warm up my lips and brighten my face without going overboard. I’ve just been in love with these glosses all month. They’re $18 and can be found at Mac, Nordstrom and Macy’s online as well as in store.
– Nars Orgasm
This is probably the most amazing blush I own. It’s perfect for summer because it has a warm, golden, glowy look and it’s peachy, pinky and gorgeous. It’s perfection and it can look good on anybody. It’s quite pigmented so for lighter skin tones a light hand is strongly suggested. On lighter skin tones a warm peachy coral glow will happen and for darker a very flattering golden glow will happen. I’m just in love with the color and it’s no wonder that it’s so popular, not just in the Nars line but in the beauty community. LOVE IT!

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