I recently got a haul from OCC which included 8 of their famous Lip Tars and their Matte Top Coat Nail Polish called “Flatline”.
As far as price and shipping goes, it was standard… Considering how long the Lip Tars last, $12.50 (which falls pretty average among the non-drugstore lip product price range) is a great deal. As everybody says, you don’t need a lot at all and they last all day. The nail polish was $8 and comes with the standard 0.05 oz. That’s on par with OPI, Essie and other higher end brands.
They send out an email receipt but don’t send out an email when your items have been shipped so you don’t really know when the products are coming. They did come after the standard amount of time, so after about a week (from the time of purchase), the products were at my house. Standard shipping is just $7.50, like most online sites.
– “Flatline” Matte Top Coat
OCC offers a whole bunch of nail polishes, and the colors all coincide with the other colored products they have… there’s a NSFW polish that’s the same color as the lip tar.
I didn’t really gravitate towards the nail polish because let’s face it… I have my favorite brands and unless I hear tons and tons of things about a different brand I don’t tend to branch out (I have a zillion OPI’s and my China Glaze, Essie, Orly and Zoya just add up to the same amount as my OPI).
This one did catch my eye though because I had been in the search or a matte top coat, instead of searching for matte colors from different brands. I had been thinking about the Essie one, but I didn’t want to just by 1 polish off a site and I guess it wasn’t really an urgent purchase. Pursebuzz did talk about this one though and since I was ordering from OCC I thought I might as well just try it.
It’s not as matte as I thought it would be… there’s sort of a soft quality about it that the 2 Orly matte colors I own don’t have. It’s like there’s a squishy, velvety matte-ness to this where as the Orly ones are more of a chalk-board matte.
It only takes 1 coat to get the polish to be matte, and it also doesn’t dry as quickly as I thought it would.
I do like it but I can’t compare it to anything so I can’t really rave about it in terms of the quality of the product. I mean I do like it, I just have nothing to base a “better than others buy it!” statement around.
The nail polishes can be found here on OCC’s website.
“Flatline” over China Glaze “Re-Fresh Mint”

– OCC Lip Tars

I got 8 lip tars, all sort of in a range of colors I deemed not too outrageous for me to have (no neon pinks, orange, blue or green or black in other words).
I got most of the neutral colors and then ventured into the purples.
As far as these go, I’m going to completely sound like a broken record but it’s exactly as everybody who has them and has reviewed them says: you don’t need very much product and they last forever and they’re SUPER pigmented. I only needed a dot to fill about half the size of a lip brush to cover my whole lip. Anymore than that (as if to use it like a normal lipgloss) and you’d just have product all over your face.
They’re scented in a nice mint so there isn’t a weird residue that can happen with fragrance, as I’ve seen with some lip products (especially of the drugstore variety).
The finish is a nice matte… they can be drying so if you have a lip conditioner or balm underneath it might feel nicer for those who don’t like the matte, dry feeling on their lips. Glosses also will help with that. They do transfer but the color will still remain on the lips as well.
Saying that, the color stays really well on lip brushes so better to clean them immediately than wait until you usually clean them (end of day, end of week etc.)
They can feather out from the boundaries of your lips, and it’s especially more obvious with the brighter colors so again, using a gloss or balm underneath helps.
The most fun I had was mixing colors to get new variations of pink/purple/red. You can purchase the blue, yellow, green, orange, white, black etc to mix which is what they’re originally for, I just don’t realistically see myself needing them, so I have a range of pinks to purples.
Having stated all of this, the fact that they’re $12.50 is just super because I don’t foresee myself ever running out of them.
They can be purchased here, on the OCC Lip Tar page for $12.50 individually or $337.50 for all 27 of them.
L to R (natural light): Grandma, Melange, Memento, Demure, Hoochie, Plum, Vintage, NSFW
Below are photos of the tubes… the swatches are a more accurate representation of what the colors look like. The site also provides a written description of what each color is like and the photos of the products aren’t actually bad representations either.

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