This week (I’m not sure when it ends…) Urban Decay is having a sale on their site called “$5 Deals”. Stating the obvious, this sale features products on sale for $5. They also have 50% off of their vintage brush line. Personally, I had been holding off from buying some of their products because of how expensive some of them can be (not unreasonable when compared to Mac in certain areas, but fairly unreasonable in others), but when I saw that the Ultraglides and the Pigments were on sale, I had to give in and purchase them!

I got 4 Ultraglide Lip Glosses and 6 Loose Pigments.
The pigments are originally $20 for 0.04 oz which is sort of ridiculous considering how much product you get, even when you compare it to the downsized Mac pigments ( $19.50 for 0.15 oz, almost 4 times the product for 50 cents less). So, when the $5 sale for the pigments came along it was a completely reasonable purchase!
I think the Ultraglides are being discontinued, because Urban Decay is releasing a new line of lip glosses and some of the glosses I have now are already unavailable on the site.
Anyways, here are photos and swatches and a brief review/first impression of the products:
– Samples:
Each order from Urban Decay is free shipping after $50 and then you get a sample. On my receipt it said “July Sample” and “July Sample 2” which I guess means July (in particular) has two samples. Last time I ordered from them I only got 1 sample. Not that this matters very much lol.

Stardust Shadow Sample, UDPP Sample
– Ultraglide Lip Gloss
I got 4 glosses, 2 creme (non shimmer) and 2 shimmer. They’re fairly pigmented for a gloss, and are really not sticky. They stay on pretty well and don’t bunch, separate, bleed or slide at least for a couple of hours. They all smell differently depending on the gloss.
They come in very thin, slightly longer tubes and are great for throwing in a clutch because they’ll fit, are compact but aren’t difficult to find in a purse.
I really do like these glosses and seeing how much I like these, I’m excited for their new line of glosses.
– Deep: Dusty, rose pink. Creme. Smells like cinnamon. My favorite of the 4, since it’s a good more slightly bold everyday color.
– Lust: Slightly redder, gold shimmer filled version of Deep. Smells like strawberry cake.
– O: Darker, redder berry color (compared to Deep). Creme. Smells like chocolate cherry cake.
– Heat: Again, a slightly redder, gold shimmer filled version of O. Smells like “Sugar Pop” (via Urban Decay’s website) but to me it smells like fruits and flowers.

(L [flash] to R [natural light]: Deep, Lust, O, Heat)
– Loose Pigments
Yeyo, Asphyxia, Graffiti, Shattered, Goddess, Rockstar
Now, I just have to say, this brush? Awful idea. It sheds pigment off of it before you even get to using it, and then trying to apply it straight to the face leads to MONDO fallout. Just not a good idea at all.
The packaging itself is pretty, and very easy to see the color etc, but for such a large package, you get so little products and some of it gets wasted every time you try and open it and use it.
Left Photo: Flash. Left to right, Top to bottom.
Yeyo (white silver shimmer), Asphyxia (Pink with lilac and purple flashes), Graffiti (slightly dark bright green with gold shimmer), Shattered (turquoise with green and gold flashes), Goddess (black with light blue microglitter and silver microglitter), Rockstar (dark purple with purple and silver microglitter)
Right Photo: Natural Light. Left to right, Top to bottom.
Yeyo, Asphyxia, Graffiti, Shattered, Goddess, Rockstar

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