So I finally ordered a whole set of Konad stuff to amp up how I do my nails… I love my standard creme finish nail polishes, and a classically good looking manicure will always look amazing but in order to make things more fun and pretty and just taken to the next level I decided to get a set of Konad stuff.
I ordered everything from which is where SayAnythingBr00ke and xSparkage both order their Konad supplies from.

First, some positives: their shipping is great and everything is pretty decently priced. Every order is free shipping if you order more than $20, which is easy considering that the stamper/scraper packet is $5, each plate is $6.99 and each special polish (which is highly suggested that you buy to stamp with) is $6.99. Considering that the plates are detailed and etched and the polishes you buy are actually thicker than your standard nail polishes, then you really are paying for all that you’re purchasing. That and it’s so easy to get over $20 that free shipping is practically handed to you.
From there, your items are actually shipped within a more than reasonable amount of time and are brought to you within an even more reasonable amount of time. I ordered this lot on a Friday morning and it was at my doorstep on a Tuesday. That’s a package getting to me in 2-3 business days.
Now, some iffy bits. They could package some of the items better… I ordered a Blue Pearl Special Polish in my lot and it came to me cracked. Considering all the positives I just listed, this was really not even a big deal for me. After I found this, I emailed them and they got back to me within that business day and said they’d just ship me a new one… no hoops to jump through, no “if you get it back to us then we’ll ship you a new one” just… “Oh, ok, we’ll give you a new one”.
Another thing that sort of bummed me out (which again, I couldn’t even be bothered with because I was so thrilled about everything else) was that originally the M57 plate was sold out so they had to sen me another when they got them back in stock, which was within another few days.
They were polite and courteous when they were in contact with me and it was easy to communicate with them.
Even when the first package of the M57 plate and Blue Pearl Polish didn’t get to me because it got lost in the mail, there was no hint of annoyance or anything in their emails when I requested another one because the one they sent had not gotten to me at all. There are some companies that don’t take that much time to deal with their customers and answer all their questions and you can just hear the annoyance in their emails.
There was absolutely no feel of that at all when I was in contact with them and it’s comforting to know that they want to really just make you happy.
Here are a chunk of photos of the plates and the materials (stamper, scraper, special polishes) so that you guys can all see what plate comes with what.
Although the site does have pictures of what the plates look like, I feel like it’s easier to buy something after seeing what the plate ACTUALLY looks like.
Same goes with the special polishes.

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