I can’t tell you how excited I am that June is over…. July means I get my iPhone 4 (our cell phone update starts now and my parents are giving me an early birthday present) and the Nordstrom sale, August means school starts and my birthday, September means I get to start another job along with the one I have now = more money = more makeup, and October means hockey is back!

Since these last 6 months went by so fast, I’m going to assume all of this will come in no time then it will be Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!!!!
Here are all of my June favorites:
– Vera Wang “Princess” and Bath and Body Works “Wild Honeysuckle” perfumes
Together they make the most beautiful, soft, romantic but fresh scent that I just can’t get enough of this summer. The freshness in the Wild Honeysuckle counteracts the slight heaviness in the Vera Wang, which is a vanilla-y floral scent. I just can’t get enough of it together!
– Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (NC25) and Nars Sheer Matte (Punjab)
Together, the texture of this is perfect for me, especially in the summer. I have super oily skin in the summer and the matte formula of both of these combined is perfect. The color is also good for me too because separately they’re not quite a good enough color match for me. On the days my skin looks slightly darker, I mix it in with Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer (Sand) or I just bronze up a little bit more with my MSF.
– Sleek iDivine Eye Shadow Palettes
I have 2 of them (The Original on the left and Storm on the right) and I absolutely love them. They’re only available to buy in person in the UK but can also be purchased online here and here. I have a review and a tutorial using just the Sleek palettes so go check them out! Nonetheless, I absolutely love these palettes because they travel well, are super pigmented, blend well, last a long time, and are inexpensive ( 4.99 pounds for 12 shadows!).

– Sigma SS224

This one I’ve been using to blend cream shadows. The bristles are much more coarse than the Mac 224 and I found that they are more effective when trying to blend cream products like Mac Paint Pots and Benefit Creaseless/Cream Shadows. The Mac 224 is super soft, longer, and more narrow and so it’s great for powder shadows. I love this brush though for the specific reason of blending cream shadows.

– YSL Golden Gloss (10 – Golden Peony) and Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer (Waterlily)

These 2 glosses are abnormally higher end than I would usually wear. I love the Golden Gloss because it’s super shimmery with real gold flecks and the pink is the perfect summer pink. On the lips it comes off super shimmery and beautiful! The Chanel gloss is not sticky, the perfect amount of pigmentation and also a wonderful pink with a gold sheen. They’re both expensive so I’m not going to push buying them unless they’re in your budget to buy them. If they are, they’re gorgeous so do it!

– Mac Mineralize Skin Finish, “Comfort” and “By Candelight”

Comfort is my bronzer that I usually wear and By Candelight is a light pink/gold sheen highlight that I used everyday this month. They’re being re-released with the Mac In The Groove collection, which is available on July 8th. They were originally available with the winter Mac Warm and Cozy collection. I’m so glad that I bought them when I did because I literally use them everyday. I wasn’t originally planning on buying them but honestly, it was totally worth it! I don’t know if Comfort is going to be great for cooler toned, pale skinned people because it’s fairly orange and tan and was definitely not a color that I used in the winter. By Candelight looks great on every skin tone I’ve seen though. The gold shimmer looks different on all skin tones but looks beautiful regardless.
– Orly Foil FX
These are probably my favorite new nail polishes because they’re unlike almost all of the nail polishes I normally gravitate towards. I love cream finishes. I’m iffy on the shimmery or metallic ones because I feel like I can get those anywhere. A good cream finished nail polish is more difficult to find in colors outside of the neutral or pink zone, hence my love of China Glaze and OPI. These colors just intrigued me because they were foil finishes in silver, white gold and a pink bronze, which (well at least the latter 2) were not colors that I would expect. I did a NOTW post earlier with the gold, and it was probably one of the most fantastical nail looks I’ve done.
– Long Necklaces, Flower accessories

I’ve talked about the mustache necklace before and how much I love it. Because it’s a long, cute necklace, I didn’t wear it much in the winter. I wore mostly short less “fun” jewelry in the fall/winter. Now that it’s summer I feel like I can wear more fun pieces, especially when i’m not at work. The mustache necklace is an absolute favorite of mine, and can be purchased here. Each one is hand made, and are available on my friend’s wife’s Etsy site.
The Flower hair clip is also available on Etsy on my friend Darcy’s site. I had it pinned in my hair for a while and got a lot of compliments on it and I thought I would share it with all of you guys. I think it’s cute, great for summer and can be dressed up or down depending how everything else you wear.
The other 2 necklaces are just long necklaces that I’ve been liking, the sea shell one from H&M and the leaf one from Ruche.

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