This week I started off with one gold nail, then amped it up midway through and made it SUPER gold, glittery, shiney and metallic.

Part 1:

“Luxe” by Orly
Part of their Foil FX Collection…. Loved this in the beginning, but i’m having super nail ADD so I wanted to change it up a bit, without redoing everything. This was 3 coats, with one coat of Seche Vite on top.
Part 2:

2 coats of “Cleopatra” by China Glaze on top of the “Luxe”. This warmed up the color a bit (which you can obviously see in the difference of the photos) because of the warm gold glitters inside the polish. “Cleopatra” on it’s own is just a clear base with a TON of warm gold glitters, and a few blue and green (maybe it’s rainbow but I only see the blue and green) glitters mixed in.

I’ve been playing around with “Cleopatra” for a while now, seeing what it looks like on top of different colors. This is by far the best though. So much gold!
It’s just so glittery, shiny and pretty 😀
This is one of my favorite NOTW that I’ve done in a while.

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