So about a month ago, Mac came out with the Superglasses. They were essentially advertised as the Uber Dazzleglass… more product, bigger glitter, more glossy. The most exciting part for me would definitely be the additional product you get vs. the Dazzleglasses. The Dazzleglasses are 0.06 oz for $18, whereas the Superglasses are 0.15 oz for the same price. BIG DIFFERENCE.
The Superglasses are fairly sticky but all Mac lipglosses are stickier than the average lipgloss so really, not a big surprise. Still has the same vanilla scent. They stay on fairly long, slightly longer than the Dazzleglasses and Lip Gelees. It was slightly drying though, and when it did dry up on my lips, the big flakes of glitter were left and well it wasn’t flattering at all.
The glitters in the Superglasses are much bigger flakes as well, like in nail polish when you get flakes of glitter instead of little tiny squares. So really, when it’s left on your lips? Not flattering.
There are are 9 different shades ranging from neutral to bold, and can be purchased here on Mac’s website or in Mac stores and counters.
The two Superglasses I purchased were Sweet Tart and Sugar Overload. They’re both on the neutral side, one being a light warm pink, and one being a close to nude light peach. When applied they’re not too opaque, and go one quite sheer.

All of them come with a brush applicator like the Dazzleglasses do, which I don’t actually prefer when it comes to lip gloss applicators. I think the doe-foot ones fit better on my lips and gets a nicer coat of gloss on my lips. I feel like with brush applicators it’s easier to pile on the gloss and with the doe-foot I have a little more control.

Overall I do like them, and I might purchase a more bold color since none of them are sold out online yet. These seem like they were meant to be and are more fun in bolder colors, so when I have extra money I might consider getting another one. It’s not a must purchase for me though.

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