Part of my drugstore haul from a while back… Here are all the Milani products! If you can’t find any of these in your local drugstore, you can find them here at Milani’s Website.

– Infinite Liquid Eye Liner, $5.99

I got 2 liquid liners from Milani… a blue and a purple. Both are very pigmented and stay on FOREVER. What they say on the packaging about long lasting is super true. The formula is pretty creamy and thick and dries quickly. Both liners have a slight pearliness to them so they’re not a straight blue or straight purple.

– Mechanical Glitter Eye Liner “Purple Quartz”, $5.99
Creamy and smooth liner with silver glitters in it. It stays pretty well and doesn’t smudge which is nice for a creamy liner. It sort of reminds me of the Pearlglide Liners by Mac, but these stay on a little more. And the glitters are silver instead.

– Retractable Easyliner for Eyes “Blue Eyes”, $4.99

The color (bottom right swatch) is just a flat blue, and essentially the same color as the blue liquid liner, just a little more green. It’s nice that both of these non-liquid liners are both retractable because it doesn’t risk breaking when sharpening, which happens with pencil liners and is always so sad. The consistency of this one was a little more hard or waxy and stays better.
– Black Magic Liner & Eye Glimmer, $6.49

These were interesting when I saw them. They were advertised as black pencils with tints of different colors. I thought these two were the most interesting… the Pink and Teal ones. These come with an eye liner pencil on one side, and a “glimmer” on the other which is like a greasy glitter stick. The eye liner pencils are the more worth it sides of the pencils and are very nice products. The liners are creamy and have a fair amount of staying power. They’re both rich colors and are gorgeous when used with colored smokey eyes. The other sides are sort of greasy glittery pencil products that don’t appeal to me at all, especially the pink one. I don’t really see how to use it because if used over an eye shadow, it would just smear the shadow, but used alone wouldn’t really do anything. That and the pink one is just not a pretty color. The teal glimmer is pretty but so far useless.
– Crystal Eyez, $6.49

On their own, they don’t do much. They are sheer gels with glitters in them. The sheerness of the green is too sheer that it wouldn’t show up at all on its own, the black has a bit more pigmentation that works but would look awkward on its on. When layered over a dark base though, they give the dark base a whole new dimension:

On my had are bars of different dark bases I have: Side 2 of the Cover Girl Smokey Blast Smokey Onyx duo, “Charred Mauve” greasepaint stick by Mac, “Uniformly Blue” greasepaint stick, “Greengrease” greasepaint stick, L’Oreal HIP blue gel liner, “Strut” Creaseless Cream Liner by Benefit. On the left side is the green Crystal Eyez, in the middle is nothing, and on the right is the black Crystal Eyez. On the far right on top is the Black Crystal Eyez on it’s own, and then underneath is the green Crystal Eyez on it’s own. This was taken while the gel was still wet, and it was quite lovely just looking at it. The rainbow sparkles in the black gel was gorgeous. The green and gold sparkles inside the green gel was pretty but the most pretty on the green greasepaint stick.

This is what the gel looks like after it dried. As I had expected it did start to flake a little, slightly resembling when Elmer’s glue dries on your hand. Slightly off putting since you’re supposed to put this on your eyes. I’m still looking for an opportunity to wear these out but I haven’t found an excuse yet.

– Liquif’Eye Metallic Liners “Silver”, $5.49

Probably my favorite of the bunch… the metallic foil looking liner is absolutely gorgeous. It’s smooth, and stays on extremely well. I’ve been mostly using this as a bright inner corner highlight. It’s somewhat waterproof… it rained once and this didn’t go anywhere. It doesn’t smudge at all and isn’t greasy. This is an absolute recommendation for this product.

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