This is one the most anticipated collections by me, and the rest of the general public, that Mac will be releasing this Summer. It’s all beach themed, which I LOVE. A lot of the products have been sold out already online and at Nordstrom but some of the things here are still available. I’ll be updating this post as I get more of the stuff I ordered online, so this is not everything I have from this collection.

Anyways, let’s get started!
– Eye Shadows, “Firecracker” and “Sweet & Punchy”

“Firecracker” is a Veluxe Pearl… so it’s quite soft and smooth, but still pretty thick. It’s a strong brick red/coral. It’s closer to red. It also has a very faint pink sheen to it. It goes on pretty strong. It’s definitely not a color that I have in anything other than my Coastal Scents palettes, but this is much less likely to create fall-out and has a better staying power. Gorgeous and rich summer color.

The other eye shadow I purchased is “Sweet & Punchy” which is like a lime-y yellow color. It’s also a Veluxe Pearl.
This one has quite a bit more frostiness in the shadow than “Firecracker” did. It’s shimmer just makes it much prettier though. In natural light it looks much more yellow than it actually does in room light. In room lighting it looks more green. Either way it’s in-between yellow and green. It reminds me of “Fiercely Fiona” by OPI.
– Lipglasses “Splashing”, “Easy Lounger” and “Flurry of Fun”
I purchased “Splashing” and “Easy Lounger” first. All of the lipglasses come with a doe-foot applicator which I prefer. I don’t really like the brush applicators because sometimes the hairs on the brush get caught when putting back into the tup and then they look all funny. Stupid complaint but still valid because when you apply it just gets in the way.
Anyways, “Splashing” is an opaque, cool, midtoned blue with a slight gold shimmer in it. It’s a cool toned blue but just barely has a warmth in it as well. It’s gorgeous on it’s own but can also be layered to give lipsticks a pretty pinkness to it. It’s just as pigmented as the Liberty of London lipglasses.
“Easy Lounger” (bottom, in the swatch above) is a sheer shimmer. The base color is a corally orange, but doesn’t show up orange at all. It just barely tints your lips that color. The gorgeous part of this lipglass is the shimmer. It’s gold, silver and has some slight orange in it. The shimmer isn’t intense like the lipgelees from Lilly Pulitzer but flattering. It’s great paired with a nude or gold lip.

“Flurry of Fun” is the most recent one I purchased. It’s base color is much more orange than “Easy Lounger” and also goes on sheer. The cool part of this lipglass is the blue shimmers in it. It also has silver and gold, but the blue makes it really unique. On the lips the blue doesn’t make the color unflattering but makes it look… special :]

– “Lazy Day” Lustre Lipstick, “Beachbound” Glaze Lipstick
The first lipstick is “Lazy Day”, and like all glazes, it goes on fairly sheer and gives the lip a nice sheen. Almost a gloss… it’s like when you put a balm on your lips. It looks orangey gold but on the lips just the gold shows up. I’ve paired it with “Easy Lounger” lipglass and it gives the most gorgeous, but neutral shimmer. It’s very beachy.
The second lipstick is “Beachbound” and it’s a cooler pink that’s just off of nude. The only other lustre lipsticks I’ve used were the Viva Glam Cyndi and Gaga lipsticks. They’re pretty much the same in consistency. It goes on pretty thick but also gives the lips a slight glazed look.

(L to R: Lazy Day, Beachbound)

“Refined Golden” Bronzing Powder

Probably has my favorite packaging. I loved all of the beach themed packaging, but this one was the prettiest. It’s in compact form so it comes with a mirror, not a clear top like the powder blushes, creme blushes, creme bronzers and such.
The color is a standard bronzing powder color. Just a warm brown. It has a gold shimmer in it, but it doesn’t show up that much on the skin. It’s much more matte than I thought it would be. It’s not as shimmery as I thought. With one layer, the color is already pretty thick, but the shimmer doesn’t show up. With 2 and 3 layers, the shimmer shows up much better.

– Creme Bronzer in “Beach Bronze”
This one I used before photographing, so I’m sorry it looks like that, but I realized it’s actually easier to see the gold shimmer in it after I used part of the product. Unlike the creme blush I have from Mac, which was from the Lilly Pulizter collection from early in the year, this one doesn’t go on very pigmented. On the cheek, when applied with fingers, it goes on pretty sheer. The gold shimmer really shows up with this product.
With one layer, the color doesn’t show up as much, but the shimmer really shows up. Both bronzing products, are pretty much the same base color. Just one really shows the shimmer, and the other really shows the bronzer itself. With 2 and 3 layers, the color shows up much better.
– “Scorcher” nail polish
This is my first Mac nail polish. I’ve definitely strayed from them because they don’t have the best reputation when it comes to nail polish. This particular polish had pretty good reviews though, so I decided to get it.
The first thing I noticed was that it was small. I guess because it was the same shape as the foundation bottles Mac makes, I thought it was going to be the same size but none of the photos I had seen of it really had any signifiers as to it’s size. In my NOTW for this week I show the bottle in my had so you see how big it actually is.
Another reason I thought it was going to be bigger was because it’s $12. Since a normal OPI color is $8-9 I though this was probably bigger. In truth, the Mac polish comes with 0.34 oz and is $12. All OPI colors come with 0.5 oz and are between $8-9. In reference, China Glaze colors are 0.5 oz for between $3-5, although I have found that the staying power and formula for OPI are better.
Anyways, besides that this Mac polish is quite nice. It applied beautifully: no clumps, not streaks, formula was just right in terms of thickness. The brush is short but slightly thicker than the standard nail polish brush. It also dries fairly quickly and is pretty shiney on its own.
Since it’s a cream, it has no shimmer at all.
It is quite sheer though. On the nail swatch I did, the most opaque is 4 coats. On my NOTW I have 3 coats, but you can still see where my nail starts growing out and where my finger starts.
The best part though is that this color is absolutely beautiful. It’s a wonderful coral red. Inside, it’s not as bright as it is outside. In natural/day light it’s quite bright. It’s a great summer color that I am betting that I will pull out in the summer every year.

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