So a while back, I purchased the Mini-Mergency kit from Glitzy-Glam, which is Blair and Elle (Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21 ‘s website). It’s a great idea… carry one of all the essentials so that you’re always prepared no matter what happens.

The problem is that you only carry one of everything.
And it was actually a problem for me because I had used my nail polish remover pad at school and I needed another one. I typically carry around nail polish with me because if I get bored, I then paint my nails. That happened once and I used it and was happy. Until the next time I was bored.
So what I did was I tracked down the company that makes them and websites that sell refills.
Blair and Elle have both said their site would supply refills, but they don’t and haven’t yet supplied them.
So here’s the good news! I have found them!
The original site I bought them from is here: Ave You Beauty, but the company that actually makes the survival kit, Ms. & Mrs. also has a site and sells them. The refill boxes come with 6 refills, and both sites sell them for $3. The shipping for Ave You was very fast, and not costly at all. They also gave me a free tote bag and a coupon. I ordered 3 extra boxes, and so for now, I’m set :]
Nonetheless, I’m glad that I finally found a site that sells refills!

One thought on “Looking for Refills for your Mini-Mergency Kit?

  1. Hi! I was just wondering where I could buy the Mini-Mergency kit. I can't find it anywhere on Glitzy Glam. Do you have the link? Thanks so much 🙂


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