– Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast “Onyx Smoke”, $7.99

Thought I’d try this because the ads online and the commercials on TV were tempting. That and it’s a cheap product so really, nothing much to lose. Turns out there’s a reason it’s cheap… it’s super greasy and creases easily. That isn’t to say that this product has no use. With an eye shadow base, and shadow to set it, it works pretty well as a normal black and pearly silver base. The other colors might not be as useful, but since this is just black and white, it’s easy to use.

I guess what you’re supposed to do is take the product and put step 1 all over your lid, and then take step 2 and put it in the crease and under the eye to make a smokey eye. I get that it’s creamy so that it blends more easily. It just creases like crazy.

That’s what the colors look like on their own… the black side has little silver glitters on them. The silver is actually more of a pearly white. I can see myself using this once in a while but not often.

– L’Oréal Colour Riche Lipstick, “Tender Pink”, “Fairest Nude”, $8.99
I’ve been in the search for a cheap, satin finish neutral lipstick and a satin finish lipstick that’s pretty much the same color of my lips, just better. I tried looking at Youtube videos but I figured it’d be better if I just searched in CVS on my own. I decided to stray away from the non-drugstore brands for this because if I didn’t like the color, it’d be a cheaper buy than a higher end brand would be.
I picked up the two L’Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks because these colors were the most pretty to me. I tried them both on when I got home, and the formula for both were really nice. Some drugstore products can vary in formula, even within the same line of products. The smell for the L’Oreal lipsticks is… I want to say good but it’s really specific. It’s got a powdery smell. It’s really just a drugstore lipstick smell. Nothing harmful.
• 114, Tender Pink

The color for this one is a sort of browny pink, but very close to nude. It’s essentially the color of my lips, maybe a little pinker. I do how richly this goes on, but how natural it looks on my lips. It’s probably one of my favorite lipsticks at the moment.

• 800, “Fairest Nude”

This is one of those classic nude colors, it’s one of the L’Oreal lipsticks that everybody has. It’s a little light for me, but it’s a perfect nude lipstick. I’ll probably use this under another neutral lipgloss with a bold eye look. Like normal. It also has a slightly pink tint to it. Below is the swatch (top swatch).

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