Being a bath lover, when I first saw the review of this company on Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21 ‘s channels, I instantly wanted to try the products. I’m a total sucker for comfort items, whether it be food, candles or bath stuff so this totally was down my alley. The Belle Ame site has mostly bath bombs, but they also have soaps, shower gels, bath scrubs, candles, stuff for kids, men and pets. If you compare it to Lush, which still holds my top spot for bath products, it doesn’t have as many items, but it does regulate the price of their products. It’s because most of their products are all the same size, where as the Lush products are different sizes there for different prices.

Shipping wise, Belle Ame took quite a while to get my products to me, and although they promised free shipping for over $50, I didn’t get free shipping. You were supposed to enter a code for it, but that wasn’t clear on the site, and unlike 95% of the sites that do promise free shipping after a certain amount of items purchased, it didn’t automatically deduct the shipping costs. Lush also has new shipping rates, which includes $8 2 day shipping for orders under 6 pounds, which if you’ve ordered from Lush, is quite a bit of product. When I emailed the Belle Ame store about getting my shipping fee back, they said they would reimburse me but that has yet to happen, and I ordered about 3 months ago.
It took a while for Belle Ame to get my products to me because they were making a new batch of one of the bath bombs I ordered, which was a comforting reason to not get my products as fast as I had anticipated. I assume it’s also the same with Lush, because sometimes my products get to me must faster than other times.
Their website is cute, organized and easy to navigate (besides having to find the shipping code), so that wasn’t an issue at all.
First product I used was the Foaming Body Scrub in “Honey Almond”. It’s kind of a watery scrub… definitely not a solid, salt mass like a lot of body scrubs. It lathers quite nicely and the scent stays on the skin all day, which doesn’t happen often with body washes and scrubs by other companies. This was $14.95 on the website. They currently don’t have any available online, probably because it’s out of stock, but it might be updated soon.
Next product is the “Honey Almond” Shower Gel, which is $9.95. They have 6 different scents for this. This one also lathers really well and the scent lingers on the skin. It’s a quick way to feel clean and refreshed as well as pampered without having to take a long bath.
Then I purchased 7 bath bombs, which are $4.95 each. They’re the same size as the Lush “Butterball” bath bombs, and are also the same price. These are more cutely packaged though, and have small details like dried flowers in them that make them a little more individual. In terms of how they lasted in the water, it was exactly the same as the Lush bath bomb. The fizz time was the same, and the scent lasted the same amount of time in the water, which was about as long as the water stayed warm.
I did find that the Lush bath bombs had different properties to them… “Butterball” is very moisturizing and soothing to the skin where as “Avobath” is a little more refreshing because the individual and specific oils inside each of the products. I feel like the Belle Ame products did moisturize and scent my skin but the different products didn’t have different functions. The scents helped in either pepping me up or calming me down, but it didn’t have se same overall calming effect like the Lush ones did.
– Wild Honeysuckle
Very summery, fresh and true to honeysuckle. Some hints of other fragrances underneath, but overall just a true honeysuckle scent.
– Honey Almond
It smells exactly like almond paste that you would find in a pastry. The almond is the first overwhelming smell, then comes the hints of honey underneath. Very comforting.
– Juicylicious
It’s both flowery and fruity. Not at all sweet like I thought it was going to be. The little candy stars probably made me think that. It’s very fresh and peppy. Cute, and appropriate for the kid’s section on the website.
– Buttercream Icing
More close to Icing than Buttercream. The Candles By Victoria Buttercream scents are always heavier on butter, whereas this is more heavy on the icing department. Smells very yummy.
– Stop and Smell The Roses
Pure roses. No artificial smell at all by mixing in other flowery scents. It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite perfumes, the L’Occitane 4 princesses rose scent. It’s very luxurious.
– Lush Lavender
Another pure flower scent. It doesn’t have any undertones of any other flowers. Classic bath product scent.
– Sassy Sugar
It’s very sugary. In a good way. I hate sugar perfume scents, but when it comes to bath and candle scents it doesn’t bother me at all. This one is purely sugar, but not at all sickly. Very cute as well.

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