soooooo like a month ago? on facebook, the san jose sharks page was letting fans ask questions to devin setoguchi, and the best… 10 or so questions would be published in the san jose sharks magazine.

i submitted a question, just because i was curious and had no thoughts whatsoever that it would be published.
i kind of forgot about it until recently because i was won
dering where i could buy one and so i emailed the site for the san jose sharks publications and they didn’t get back to me. then i forgot again.
it crossed my mind again because i was browsing the sharks website and though “huh, i wonder if they got my email?”
so i emailed them again, and this time i got a response!
the guy told me they’re only given out on game days, but that he’d send me the 2 playoffs editions of the magazines. i was totally thrilled because i wasn’t really expecting a response, let alone a response saying i’d get free stuff :p
so that was yesterday.
in the mail today, i got both of them in an envelope, and i was reading through them and i found the devin setoguchi questions.
totally unexpected. and then i thought, “maybe that’s why they sent it to me?”. it was cool though. i’m sure that had nothing to do with why they sent me both magazines, and that they’re just devoted to fans and have great customer service.
nonetheless i’m SUPER EXCITED!
****i’m not affiliated with the san jose sharks and they’re not paying me for anything. technically i don’t own the rights to photograph and post this. i’m just suuuuper happy and excited yo.***

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