This month’s samples are all perfume samples. I have A TON of them so I decided to use 5 different ones this month to venture out into other scents.

– “J’adore” by Dior

This is something I categorize into a “classic” perfume scent. Like when you walk into a department store, into the beauty section, and that very pretty smell in the air. It’s floral, sweet, feminine, flirty and slightly fruity. It’s not heavy with musk, so it’s on the cleaner side. They’re definitely elegant florals, not fresh or springy florals, which would lead me to recommend it to an older crowd, or for really nice occasions if you’re younger like me. This is for sure not going to be an everyday scent for me.
It lasted all day, and clung to my clothes and skin all day without turning “sour” or changing it’s scent. The full size is $59 for 1 oz and can be purchased here, on the Sephora site, or at department stores.
– “Be Delicious Fresh Blossom” by DKNY

Unlike “J’adore” this one is fruity, clean, fresh and perky. There are definite notes of apple in there, and notes of florals, but fruity florals, not the big and soft elegant florals. This scent is much sharper than the Dior, which I think makes it more appropriate for younger people. This would be a good everyday perfume because it’s not so grand. It has a nice simplicity to it which can be great for spring and summer during the day time.
Of all the “Be Delicious” scents I’ve smelled, this is definitely my favorite.
The full size can be purchased here on Sephora’s site. $40 for 1 oz.
– “Very Hollywood” by Michael Kors

This one is another grander, more soft and floral scent. It’s very vintage Hollywood, (obv) instead of a more modern Hollywood. It’s floral and musky. It’s another scent that is in the “department store beauty section” category. I prefer the Dior one to this, because these florals remind me of what my grandmother would wear, prompting me to suggest it again to a more mature audience, or for super formal occasions were a younger person to wear it. It’s definitely very beautiful, with gardenia in it, which makes it luxurious, but not something I would wear often because it has a slight muskiness to it. Gardenia on it’s own would not be a problem, just the layers in the scent make it too much for somebody my age to wear often. Full size can be purchased here, on Sephora’s website, or at department stores. It’s $45 for 1 oz.

– “Hot Couture” by Givenchy
This is one of those sugary sweet scents that I would normally not gravitate to at all. I HATE the pink sugar perfume. I think it smells awful, childish and like a cavity. This one has definite notes of sugar in it, which at times can be overwhelming for me. It’s backed up by sharp florals and some fruitiness which can tame the sweetness but the majority of the smell is sugar. It does make for a good spring/summer scent though because the sweetness and fruitiness give it a fresh scent that florals don’t provide.
Full size can be purchased here, or at department stores. $64 for 1.7 oz.
– “Flower by Kenzo Essentielle” by Kenzo
First off, I’m confused whether it’s called “Flower” or “essentielle” and from searching on the Kenzo site, I could only find “Flower” so I’m going to assume that’s it.
This actually doesn’t smell like flowers to me at all. It smells like baby powder. There’s a sweet, slight floral to it, but definitely not enough for me to understand why it meritted the name “Flower”. Saying all that, I’m not a huge fan. It’s too powdery and flowery for me to enjoy and makes me feel like I’m in a nursery. It’s definitely the least favorite of the group and a let down because my all time favorite fragrance is Kenzo’s “Eau de Fleur, de Soie Silk”. That one is GORGEOUS and perfection. This one was… not. Full size can be purchased online at Kenzo’s website, and is $52 or 1.7 oz.

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