SO. Basically these are photos and swatches of all the nail polish I purchased in March, April and May. I promised there would be photos and swatches of all of them when I posted videos of them, but I hadn’t been able to post the photos or swatches that go with them because I didn’t have the time.
Finally, I have all the photos lined up, so here they are! Enjoy!!! There’s a lot of them so be prepared.
– “Lilacism” by Essie

Gorgeous pastel, light purple. Formula, as always with Essie, was thick but not clumpy, not streaky and not hard to deal with. 2 coats of this did a fine job and was perfectly opaque.

Compared to “Agent Lavender” and “Light as Air” by China Glaze (Left, top to bottom) “Lilacism” (right) is not as dusty and the formula is easier to deal with.

– “Zara” by Zoya

Pretty midtoned blue-purple with a gold shimmer in it. As with most of the Zoya colors, it’s a little thin, so to get a full color payoff, 3 coats is needed. The formula isn’t streaky though and dries quickly. Very easy to deal with. It’s one of my favorite polishes because it’s so pretty and looks good on a lot of different skin tones.
– “Yasmeen” by Zoya

Dark warm purple with red and gold shimmers in it. Close to “Black Cherry Chutney” by OPI but lighter. Another that needs 3 coats, and with no problem with the formula. I generally didn’t like the shimmery, duochromed purples until recently (now I have a bunch). I felt like I could get them anywhere like at the drugstore and it wasn’t appealing to me at all. That and I just liked the way flat, cream purples looked on my nails. Then I found some very pretty ones by OPI and Zoya and I finally found some that I liked. This is another one of my favorite polishes because it’s a purple that looks good on most skin tones, and is a good dark color that’s an alternative for black.

– “Van d’Go” by Essie

Part of their Spring 2010 Collection. Pretty peach color. Cream, not fussy, standard Essie formula (as were the rest in this post so I won’t be commenting on the formula anymore). Sorry for the nick in the swatch, but you can see the true color of the polish. It’s a very versatile color – great for work, great for spring and summer, goes with most outfits, looks good on most people. I think the salmony pinks, peaches, light oranges and light corals tend to look a little funny on me so this isn’t a color I forsee myself using a lot, but it’s nice to have in my collection. My mom loves it, especially on her toes because she can’t wear nail polish at work (she works at Starbucks), and she’ll put it on her nails when going to lunch with friends and such. I did wear it once and I got a lot of compliments on how pretty the color is, even though I don’t really fancy it on my nails.
– “Tart Deco” by Essie

Also part of the Essie 2010 Spring Collection, it’s a darker, more salmony pink version of “Van d’Go”. It’s like OPI’s “Melon of Troy” just not shimmery. It’s another color that I don’t really like on my nails because of the tone… this range of pinky orange looks odd against my skin tone. It’s just as versatile as “Van d’Go” is though. If I were paler, and had different undertones I think it’d be very pretty. It’s just not quite for me.
– “Suvi” by Zoya

I first saw this color on sayanythingbr00ke’s channel and I was very intrigued by it. It’s a black with green shimmer in it. It looks like dark green but it’s not. It’s like the green version of “Kotori” by Zoya, which has blue shimmers in it. It’s very unique. I love Zoya because it has the most unique colors and they aren’t afraid to be unique. It’s another great alternative to black.

– “Black Cherry Chutney” by OPI

I have so many photos of this one because it’s hard to capture the true color in the bottle. It’s a dark brownish purple with red, gold, and purple shimmers in it. It’s very hard to describe unless you have it or have seen it. I tried getting the shimmers to show in sunlight without it being reflective so you can kind of see it in some of the photos. It’s a gorgeous color though. Took 3 good coats to get a thick color on it. The formula wasn’t fussy at all though so it was easy to use. One of my favorite OPIs.
– “Lincoln Park At Midnight” by OPI

Another polish with multiple photos because it was hard to capture the shimmers in it without it being reflective. The base color itself is a dark dark purple, like the famous “Lincoln Park at Dark”. This one though has silver shimmers in it which give it another dimension. Very pretty, but I prefer “Lincoln Park at Dark” because I like the deepness of it without any shimmer. Another wonderful OPI with no fussiness in the formula. 2 to 3 coats gives you a good color. This one is being discontinued so if you’re interested go pick one up before they’re gone!
– “Funky Dunkey” by OPI

Part of the new Shrek OPI collection, this is the darker of the 2 purples released with the collection. The collection came with 2 greens, 2 purples and 2 blues. I bought both of the greens and purples, and one of the blues. I like this one more than the other… the other is a lighter purple, which is almost an exact dupe for “Lilacism” by OPI. This is a midtoned blue purple, with no shimmer at all. The formula was a little thick and hard to deal with, especially when it came down to the third coat. This does need three coats to get the true color, so it was a little hard to deal with when getting the third coat on. It’s very pretty though.
– “Significant Other Color” by OPI

It’s a very sheer, pinkish lavender with a gold shimmer in it. It’s very sheer so 3 coats and you’d still be able to see your natural nail underneath. The sheerness makes it super easy to apply and it’s not streaky at all. It’s a great color to wear to work if you’re tired of the standard beige, nude, peach colors. This sort of tints your nail so you can have a very light, purpley pinky shimmery warm tone on your nails without it looking outrageous. It’s also very nice for summer because of that.

– “Lucky Lucky Lavender” by OPI
Another new OPI color from the Hong Kong Collection. It’s similar to “Panda-monium Pink” which is also from that collection. Interestingly, this color is more pink, and Panda is more purple. Anyways, this is very cute. It’s a slightly darker-than-baby pink. Not a warm pink, but a cool one. It’s very similar to “Make Love…”, “Pink of Hearts 2” and all of the colors in the OPI Soft Pinks collection (which all look the same). Formula was pretty standard OPI, very easy to use, and gets to full color potential in 3 coats.
– “Rumple’s Wiggin” by OPI
Light purple from the OPI Shrek Collection. Pretty much and EXACT dupe for Essie’s “Lilacism” color-wise. Formula-wise it’s like the other Shrek colors in that it gets kinda hard to deal with at coat 3, but you need coat 3 to get full color with it. I like the color nonetheless though. The wider brush in the OPI polish makes it easier to apply, so I’m going to end up using this one over “Lilacism”.
– “Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ” by OPI
Standard wine red/brown. I guess it’s supposed to be the color of BBQ sauce? It’s not really but it’s still a pretty color. It’s close to “We’ll Always Have Paris” from OPI’s France Collection. It’s a pretty standard fall color so I’m sure OPI will come out with another color like this in the fall so if you can’t find this one, don’t fret. It also standard in the formula, so it doesn’t goop, chunk or become fussy. Pretty but not very special.
– “Suzi Says Da!” by OPI

From OPI’s Russian collection. It’s a flat, brown. I don’t own any flat dark-ish browns. Not quite chocolate… it’s a little more red and a little lighter. I do love this color because it has the good OPI formula and it’s a good color for the fall. Not much else to say about it though.
– “MIdnight in Moscow” by OPI

Another hard to photograph photo. Another from the Russian Collection. It’s sort of like “Black Cherry Chutney” but not purple, and brown instead. It’s another one of those colors that I didn’t think I’d like because it sort of looked weird on me and it was a color that is available everywhere. I did unexpectedly like this one because of it’s unique duochrome. I didn’t really think I’d like it, but in person it’s much prettier.

– “My Private Jet” by OPI
I LOVE this color. It’s the MOST unique OPI color I have. It’s a dusty, slightly grey, slightly brown gunmetal color as a base. On top are rainbow glitters. It’s gorgeous, disco-y, exciting, and just AMAZING. The formula is easy, smooth, not chunky one of the good OPI formulas. Nothing bad to say at all about this nail polish. It’s just perfect. I LOVE It. Go get one right now!!!
– “You Don’t Know Jacques!” by OPI
From the France collection. It’s a dusty, sort of clay color. Perfect for fall. Not much else to say about it either. Good formula, good neutral when you want it not to be so boring.
– “Mod About You” by OPI
Pastel pink, similar to “Lucky Lucky Lavender” although a straight pink, with no hints of purple at all. This is also very similar to “Pink of Hearts 2” and “Make Love…” it’s a great Spring/Summer pink, and it goes on the nail very bright and creamy. It’s like sidewalk-chalk pink. Formula was so-so, got a little goopy at 3 coats, although you didn’t actually need 3 coats. You can already see at 1 coat (closest to the nail wheel) is already quite opaque. It was slightly streaky so at 1 coat it wouldn’t suffice but it’s still very pretty.
– “What’s With The Cattitude?” by OPI
Another from the Shrek collection. The other blue is a darker blue. Not something I was really interested in because “Dating a Royal” is a color that I have and it looked somewhat similar. This one is somewhat goopy at 3 coats again, but is a pretty, pastel sky blue.
– “Alpine Snow” by OPI
White nail polish. What is there to say?
– “Fiercely Fiona” by OPI
Of the 2 greens from the Shrek collection, this is the more yellow one. It reminds me of like tropical fruit or a tropical beverage. It’s gorgeous and an unexpected color choice for me. It’s also almost the same color as Reagan’s puke from “The Exorcist”. It’s definitely one of the more unique OPI colors though.
– “Who The Shrek Are You?” by OPI
My absolute favorite from the OPI Shrek Collection. It’s literally the exact color of Shrek. It’s more of a murky green than “Gargantuan Green Grape” by OPI (swatches below) but still bright enough to be like a lime green. Shocking in a very non-normal polish way.
– “Comet Loves Cupid” by OPI
Very Santa-y red, but also a red I could wear in the summer because it’s orangey. Good formula, not difficult. It’s fiery and a red that is unexpectedly able to be worn during Christmas and summer.
– “Canadian Maple Leaf” by OPI
This one is interesting on the nail and in the bottle. It’s a more brown based red in the bottle, but on the nail it’s more red. There’s a brown gold iridescence to it which makes it interesting. It has a skinny brush and a sheer formula which could be annoying but this one is no problem at all. It doesn’t go on streaky at all. I think I’d wear this color more in the fall… it’s not a very spring or summer color but at the same time not a Christmas-y red. So… for now only in the fall. Reminds me of the red right before the leaves actually die and go brown.
– “Something Sweet” by China Glaze
From the China Glaze “Up, Up and Away” Spring 2010 Collection. It’s another color similar to “Mod About You”, “Pink of Hearts 2”. It’s actually almost exactly the same as “Mod About You” by OPI. Formula wise it applies well, it’s pretty opaque so 2 to 3 coats could sometimes be too much. After I applied my Seche Vite Top Coat and a drop of OPI Drip Dry, it didn’t dry as fast as I had wanted… I then wondered if the OPI colors dry and work better with the Seche Vite and Drip Dry than other brands. This color didn’t set on the nail as quickly and it was sort of a let down because I went to work and they were just… destroyed. This wouldn’t have happened with my OPI colors, at least they hadn’t ever before. I do love this color though and I’ll probably wear it a lot. It’s very cute.
– “Frostbite” by China Glaze
So this also goes into the category of “I’d find it anywhere in a drugstore… not that interested”. In fact I used to have a color exactly like this from Revlon or L’Oreal when I was 9. It was my favorite color. It died though… it got goopy, sticky and impossible to work with. This might have to do with my total reluctance to use drugstore nail polishes. Anyways, I was totally not planning on getting this when I realized I needed one more polish to get free shipping. So I browsed Scrangie for a while and found this. It was sort of nostalgic and I decided “Why not?” because I have no colors like this and it had been a LONG time since I had a midtoned, pure, pearly blue. Formula wise, it was on the thin side, and didn’t goop which was a total relief for me. Because it’s on the thin side, 3 to 4 coats are needed to get the pure and beautiful blue color.
– “Four Leaf Clover” by China Glaze

This is probably my favorite from the China Glaze Spring 2010 collection. It’s an exact dupe for the Crayola color “Jungle Green” (at least the jungle green I have had since I was 5…). It’s a bright, middle toned green with blue in it. It’s not aqua or turquoise at all, just has a slight blueness to it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. 2 to 3 coats is perfect for it. Formula was great. It looks slightly teal in the photo but it’s not at all it’s definitely green. It’s definitely one of my favorite green polishes.
– “Shine” by Orly

These three are all from Orly’s “Foil FX” collection (there are only 3 in the group). They’re foiled, metallic nail polishes and they’re really pretty! This one is “Shine” which is just purely a silver. It’s not at all like the Minx nails which are like… a shiny non foiled metallic nail color. These are all like textured metallics. I’m planning on getting a Konad system and using this over a matte black and Konading for the next year lol. Formula is thin, for all of these, so to get a pure, foiled metallic color you have to get 3 to 4 coats. It doesn’t get fussy at all though.
– “Luxe” by Orly

A gold tinted foil from the Foil FX by Orly. This one is probably my favorite of the 3. I love that it’s gold without being too gold or overwhelming.

– “Rage” by Orly
It’s a gorgeous bronze tinted foil. It’s also very pretty. I’m probably going to wear this more in the fall when I want something exciting but still a more fall color.
– “Fantasea” by Orly
This one is a fascinating color. Reminds me of Zoya “Adina” just with a red, gold and pink pearl instead of green. It looks different from every angle. It’s the exact same purple as “Adina”, but the pearly part is totally different. Thin but not streaky. 4 coats gets the true color. It dries fairly quickly though.

– “At First Sight” by OPI

Very pretty neutral. It’s like an off-ivory. It has a pearl to it, which makes it elegant and easy to wear. Great for work, weddings, everyday wear. Probably my favorite neutral color. I like that it’s a soft color but not pinky in tone at all (which is normally what all my softer colors are). It’s one of the good OPI colors so not too thin or thick. Doesn’t streak or goop. Very easy to use, and really pretty.
– “Breathe Life” by OPI

This color was originally released to support Lung Cancer. Like “Pink of Hearts 2” the proceeds to all the sales of this color goes to Lung Cancer research. It always makes me feel good when I buy something and it’s going towards a good cause, like the Viva Glam line from Mac. This is a very sheer, pearly light blue. It can be slightly streaky, with 1 or 2 coats. But at 3 or 4 it’s totally gone. It’s another color I would recommend, at 1 or 2 coats, for a work look because it can be very sheer and pretty but gives off a flash of color without being outrageous.

– “Suzi Says Feng Shui” by OPI

From the Hong Kong Collection by OPI. It’s an almost teal blue, but it’s too blue to make me say it’s teal. I got this out of recommendation from a friend on twitter. It’s a very deep, sort of pacific blue because of the slight green-ness in it. Formula was on the thicker side, but not clumpy. Its sort of right up my alley though in terms of blues. I have so many teal/blue/turquoise colors because I love them so much. I even made a whole wheel of them and I labelled it “San Jose Sharks” (There’s black and silver on there too).
– “Gargantuan Green Grape” by OPI

A bright, lime green. It’s definitely not the color of green grapes… it’s actually the color of the green braces I had when I was 13. It’s a great spring/summer color because it’s so bright and colorful. The formula was perfect because it’s consistency and drying time were the best of the OPIs I’ve used. I definitely wore this color for a solid 2 weeks, which is rare for me because I only do that if I have acrylics/gels and because those stay on for a long time. I love this color though. It’s much more bright than the Shrek greens and not at all yellow or swampy.

– “Isla” by Zoya
At first glance it’s really similar to “Blair” by Zoya and “Glove You So Much” by OPI (swatches below), but if you look closer, “Blair” and “Glove You So Much” are much closer to each other. “Isla” is more black than it is purple… meaning it doesn’t have a wine base like the other two, which you can see in the 1 coat swatches of all 3 colors. “Isla” is just much more of a pure red metallic. 2 to 3 coats is perfect. The formula is standard Zoya, which is slightly thin, but no streaks and dries quickly.

(L to R: Blair, Isla)

(Glove You So Much)
– “Nova” by Zoya

Probably the sparkliest nail polish I own. The polish itself is a sheer magenta with a TON of silver and magenta glitter bits in it. It doesn’t clump at all which is fabulous for a glitter nail polish. It takes about 2 coats for a good glitter, and 3 for an intense one. It’s absolutely fantastic… it’s a pink disco ball on the nail! I had this on my toes at a swim meet and underwater it was even more fantastic. I just died and fell in love watching it underwater. Because it’s a glitter, it’s really hard to remove though. On it’s own it flakes off in sort of jagged, large pieces, which is the easiest way to get it off. With remover, it just takes forever because the glitter really likes to stick.
– “Midori” by Zoya

First off, “Midori” means “Green” in Japanese. Anyways, this color reminds me of a green polish I used to have from Old Navy. Another sad story because the way the Old Navy bottles were redesigned (they went from being tiny but standardly shaped to bigger but with a huge opening on top), the polishes dried out SUPER fast and after like 2 uses, they were horrendously goopy. But I was in love with the color way back when and was heartbroken when I was finally forced to throw it away. This color is not exactly the same, but close. The Old Navy one had the same green base, but didnt have a gold pearl just a slight gold/silver metallic to it. It was awesome. Nonetheless, when I found this one by Zoya, I fell in love with it… even through online pictures. I bought it and it came and it was even better in person. It’s a yellow toned grass green with a gold pearl to it. It’s slightly thicker than the other Zoya polishes I have, which doesn’t make it gooey at all but makes it easier to get to a full color potential. 2 to 3 coats is all you need for it. I love the way the color looks in the bottle and it translates really well onto the nail.

9 thoughts on “Nail Polish Haul – March, April, May


    are the ones I use most… OPI isn't being sold on these sites anymore though so I go to my local beauty supply store (not sally's) to get my OPI. CVS has an extremely small selection of OPI too. As in like… 8 or 9 polishes and they completely depend on the day.
    on those four sites though you can get China Glaze (also at Sally's), Essie, Orly, Color Club and on the last one only you can get Zoya. Most of the time though I get Zoya from their website because it's cheaper and you can get products like a free Remove+ with a certain amount of purchases.


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