Joe Pavelski
Here are my favorites for the month of April!

This month went by faster than March and it’s sort of scary…!
I’m super excited for summer though (I’m so over school) so I’m sort of welcoming the speed in which this first 1/3 of the month went by.
First, some pics, then the list is just underneath:
– Mac Utterly Discrete Tinted Lipglass, Raven Kohl Power Eye Pencil (center swatch)

– Zoya Charla (teal) & Alegra (pink) from the 2010 Summer Sparkle Collection

– Bare Escentuals BareVitamins I.D. Skin Rever Upper

– Mac Cremeblend Blush, Joie-De-Vivre
– Dior Lip Glow
– Mac Tinted Lipglass, Utterly Discrete
– Mac Kohl Power Eye Pencil, Raven
– Glass Nail File
– Zoya Charla & Alegra
– Kenzo Eau De Soie Silk Perfume
– Lush “So White” Perfume
– Candles By Victoria “Pearberry Delicious” Candle
– Joe Pavelski
– Playoff Beards
Sidney Crosby’s Sad Playoff Beard:
I love the guy, but his “beard”, which is just a sad greasy mustache and… stuff going on around the chin, just aren’t cute. Or manly. Hopefully his career will be long enough for him to be able to truly grow an awesome beard. Until then, though, let’s just admire those who have beards, like Max Talbot (also from the Pittsburgh Penguins) and Joe Thornton.

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