Photos and swatches from my most recent haul from Sephora and Mac (Nordstrom)
Face Products:
– Mac Cremeblend Blush: Joie de Vivre
Read a full review of this product in my Mac in Lillyland post.

– Nars Blushes: Orgasm, Deep Throat

Much deeper color than “Deep Throat”. It’s a pretty rosy color with a warm gold highlight built in. It’s super pigmented, so a little goes a long way with this blush. A combination that I have been liking is lightly dusting it over the “Joie de Vivre” Cremeblend Blush by Mac, which is what I do when I really want to emphasize my cheeks. I typically use this with a SS168 brush by Sigma, which is just an angled blush brush. Sometimes I’ll use the Mac 129 if I want a heavier coverage, more concentrated onto the apple of the cheek. The 168 is better for sweeping across and up the cheek bone, giving more of a glow.

Much softer of a pink than “Orgasm” is. It’s more of a baby pink with a gold shimmer in it. I use this one more as an everyday blush, instead of a blush to emphasize the cheeks with. The gold shimmer gives a gentle glow to the skin which I love. Again, I use the 168 with this to do the sheer glow over the cheek bone, instead of concentrate the color on the apple of the cheek.

(Top: Swatches without flash, Joie De Vivre on top, Orgasm on left, Deep Throat on right. Bottom: Swatches with flash)
Eye Products:
– Mac Greasepaint Sticks: Greengrease, Charred Mauve, Uniformly Blue… From the Mac Art Supplies Collection. Go here to see Temptalia’s roundup of the collection, including prices, a full list of products and more photos!
• Greengrease Greasepaint Stick
These are my first 3 Greasepaint Sticks by Mac. The formula on these are creamy and soft… they blend pretty well and would make a nice base for a smokey look, or would be nice as a liner. Since it’s a thick (width wise) product, you’d have to brush some of the product on with an angle brush or liner brush. I was particularly looking forward to using this one because it’s such a rich green color. It takes about 3 layers to get a good strong green. When blended out it’s more of a black with green shimmer instead of a thin green, which is kind of a bummer considering it’s so pretty when it’s at its strongest. Another plus is that it twists up and so I know it won’t be a hassle to sharpen/get more product out of it.
• Uniformly Blue Greasepaint Stick
This one is more of a black base with a blue shimmer in it. It’s a dark and bright blue, kind of like Contrast eye shadow by Mac. This one also gets to it’s full potential with three coats of the product. Also, with one coat, it’s a sheer black with a blue shimmers in it.
• Charred Mauve Greasepaint Stick
A pretty eggplanty purple shimmer, on a black base as well. This one is the color that I gravitated towards the most because it’s the color that I would work with the most. My soft spot in all of makeup is Teal, then purples, because I love the way purples look on me. Blues are tricky to work with, as are more yellow based greens. I can easily see myself using this as the base of a purple smokey eye, or using this as a liner. I can use Greengrease and Uniformly Blue for those tasks as well, but I’d use them less often because of the fact that I don’t like greens and blues on me as much.
– Mac Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner: Super smooth liners… literally glide on like butter. They do have potential for not staying put all day. The go on super pigmented, and the glitter is very bright as well. Love these liners, except I wouldn’t use them everyday, but as an accent of color once in a while.
• Petrol Blue
Navy blue base with a bright blue glitter. Gorgeous. It makes me sad that I can’t work with blues as well as others, but I still intend on using this a color pop. It’s definitely not going to be the main product or color in any of my looks, but as an accent once in a while would be nice.
• Undercurrent
GORGEOUS teal with a light green glitter. It’s the color that just took my breath away when I first saw it. I bought it as an impulsive “SO PRETTY” item, and then when it came, it just proved to be super usable. As mentioned before, teal is a soft spot for me so anything teal, I must have. I can easily use this as a color pop, as well as any teal and black looks for Sharks games. This is probably one of my favorite recent purchases.
– Mac Powerpoint Eye Pencil: “Tealo” is a matte dark green color. Bought it to have a matte green color, and because it was called “Tealo”. These are waterproof and smudge proof liners, and are waterline safe. It applied pretty smoothly, like the Kohl Power liners by Mac. Not buttery like the Pearlglide liners, but smooth. Very pigmented.
– Lip Products
• Mac Liberty of London Cremesheen Lipstick “Ever Hip”
The lipstick itself goes on smoothly, and has a slight sheen to it (hence “Cremesheen”). It’s a coral, which is perfect for spring. This is limited edition because it was promoted with the Liberty of London Collection by Mac. It’s already sold out on the Mac websites, but could still be found on the Nordstrom website. This is a good everyday lipstick, and paired with a tinted gloss or a shimmery gloss, it can really look great with a bold look. With one swipe of the lipstick, you get the pigmentation on the photo swatch. With multiple layers, it can build to a very pretty, bright coral.
• Dior Addict Lip Glow
This is a product I first saw on Pixiwoo and ever since I had been DYING to try it. It reacts with your skin to create a color unique to you, so it looks different on everybody. It comes in the form of a light pink balm that goes on transparent at first. Then it slowly starts to generate color. On me, it ends up being a soft berry pink color. The swatch of my lips is about 50% of the color that appears on me. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to fully appear. This is a balm, so it moisturizes the lips and conditions them. It’s a great product for an everyday quick pick me up for the lips. It also has SPF 10. It is pricey though, and retails for $28. It can be purchased on Sephora’s website, in Sephora stores and anywhere Dior cosmetics are sold.
• Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss “10 – Golden Peony”

One word before the rest: EXPENSIVE. This gloss is $30, and it took a very long time for me to convince myself to finally try it. I had always seen it in Sephora and had always wanted to try more of their products. The problem is that it’s so expensive! So when I finally convinced myself to get it, it had to be the right shade. I swatched a bunch in Sephora, and then went home and then looked through many many many posts about them and finally decided “Golden Peony” was my favorite. It’s a “light strawberry pink” with gold shimmers. All of the glosses in this line of YSL glosses have gold shimmers. And I mean actual 24 carat gold flecks (which probably add to the price). The smell is interesting… people say it’s super fruity and smells good, to me yes it’s fruity but also kind of “vegetably”? It wasn’t like pure fruit like other glosses are. It’s much more sharp than other fruit scents I guess. It’s not very sticky and lasts a while. It also moisturizes the lips so your lips are left feeling very nice. It’s a great gloss but it hurts to spend so much on it! It can be bought in Sephora stores, online, and wherever YSL is sold.
– Purfume:
• Fresh “Strawberry Flowers” eau de parfum
It’s rare that I buy perfumes without testing them, but this one, based on the description, was a perfume that I was willing to try without testing it. I love strawberry scents and I was looking for another floral perfume for the spring time. This was originally $38, but I was able to buy it for $24.50 since it was on sale. That also helped to convince me to buy it without trying. Fresh is a good company, and good perfumes are rarely under $40. It’d definitely heavy on the floral, and it’s a sharp floral, not a soft floral. The Sephora site says it has notes of Mandarin, Yuzu, White peach, Mountain Strawberries, Freesia, Orange Blossom, Osmanthus, Orris, Musk, and White woods. It’s very pretty and earthy, as well as “sparkling” and “invigorating”. It’s definitely a must for my spring scents. It can be bought online at Sephora or in Sephora stores.

2 thoughts on “Sephora + Mac Haul

  1. YSL's Golden Gloss in Golden Peony has been on my wish list for ages, it's gorgeous!

    The Golden Gloss I have is really sticky though? Maybe they've changed the formula?

    Anyway, I think you made the perfect choice!

    Great post 🙂


  2. Oh my godness,
    i find your website for fresh strawberry flowers parfum..
    dear you are such a beautiful and cute girl, but why you dont remove your moustaches? this is not naturalness.
    seems repulse for all men.
    Personal care important than make up or parfume..You must remove all hair on your face
    warm regards fromTurkey


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