I completely underestimated how difficult it was going to be to photograph this NOTW. Not only do those in-between purple/blue colors photograph so differently than their actual color, there’s also the slight gold shimmer that has to be photographed. The top photo really shows the gold… it’s in indoor/night time lighting. I took it in my hallway, so the purple just really isn’t showing up.

This was in natural lighting. The color is closer to the actual color but still, in real life the color is more vibrant, and more purple.
These two are the bottle and swatch of “Gaia” by Zoya on it’s own. Like all my nail swatches, the swatch is one coat closest to the nail bed of the nail wheel (next to my handwriting, in other words) and then 2 coats in the middle, and 3 coats on the nail tip. I should have actually photographed it on a different colored paper…

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