US Launch Date: January 7th, 2010

This is the first post of an organizational thing I’m doing, which is compiling all my Mac products from a certain collection, and posting photos and swatches and writing up little paragraphs on them. It’s so that I can find things much easier, and hopefully you can too. I’m eventually going to do this with my nail polishes… I’m going to start with the late 2009 collections because I have so many products that are single products from a collection before then, and there would be nothing to “compile”.
Mac in Lillyland was designed by Mac Cosmetics and Lilly Pulitzer. It came with 4 Lipgelées, 1 Pearlmatte Eyeshadow (with 3 shades in a flower pattern), 1 Pearlmatte Face Powder (with 3 shades as well), 4 Cremeblend Blushes and 2 Nail Polishes. Of these products, I bought the 4 Lipgelées, and 1 of the Cremeblend Blushes.
To see the rest of the collection, go here to Temptalia’s post on it.

• Lipgelées – Resort Life, Shift to Pink, Preppy, Lush & Bright: I didn’t catch on to the lipgelées when this collection first came out. It was definitely not on my list of things that I wanted. In fact, this entire collection was something I was willing to overlook because I was scared of cream blushes, didn’t really want the lipgelées and there wasn’t a range of eyeshadows or lipsticks that attracted me. There was one eyeshadow, which was larger than the normal shadows and had 3 colors in it. I wasn’t at all attracted to it. So, as time went on, people RAVED about the lipgelées and the creamblend blushes and naturally I was curious. I purchased the two pink lipgelées first on Nordstrom, because they were long gone from Mac when I thought about getting them, but held off on the cream blushes. When they came in the mail, I tried them on and was not at all impressed with them. They were way too glittery and it felt a little drying to me. It was like pink foil on my lips. I then ignored them for a couple of weeks and didn’t think about them at all, besides posting somewhat disappointing reactions to them on here as well as my YouTube channel. I re-introduced them to myself a few weeks ago, and have found a way to use them where I actually like them and then suddenly fell IN LOVE with them. Instead of just swiping them across the lips heavily (as seen in the swatches) I lightly dot them on my bottom lip, over any lipstick. It adds enough glitter with no stickiness, like the Dazzlegasses do. If I want my lips to be glossier, I then go over it in a clear or tinted gloss, and the glitteryness doesn’t go away. So when it came to purchasing the other ones, I was able to find Lush & Bright on the Mac website, then I had to track down Resort Life on eBay. It took a while to have the set, but I finally do and I’m loving it :]

(Left to Right: Resort Life, Shift to Pink, Preppy, Lush & Bright)
– Resort Life: neutral base, with silver and pink glitters

– Shift to Pink: fuschia base, silver glitters.

– Preppy: bright pink base, pink and silver glitters.

– Lush & Bright: orange base, silver and gold glitters.

• Cremeblend Blush – Joie de Vivre: pretty and bright corally pink. This is actually a recent purchase because they were something that everybody raved about, but not enough for me to really want it. I finally gave in and got this one because it was still available on Nordstrom, and I thought that I actually would regret not trying it out because I knew I’d like it. This is the color that almost everybody recommended, and thankfully it was still available on Nordstrom. It’s my first cream blush and it’s very bright. This should last FOREVER. It has a nice consistency… not sticky or thick. Very smooth. Applies well with a brush as well as with my finger, and can easily be built up to be very bright on the cheek.

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